100,000’s Pro-Amnesty Rally Turns Out to be Only 5,000


Apparently Nancy Pelosi and the musical stylings of Los Tigres De Norte and a chance to watch Charles Rangel be arrested were not that big of a draw.

Obama wouldn’t let veterans in, but opened up the area for what was supposed to be a massive pro-illegal alien amnesty rally. The same park cops which had been barring vets set up porta potties for the illegals.

Reform Immigration FOR America wrote that, “tomorrow in Washington, DC at 12pm, people will come out in the hundreds of thousands to the National Mall for a massive rally and march.”

Their current posts boast about 15,000 attending what was basically a concert wrapped around a rally. NHCLC, which bills itself as the largest Hispanic Evangelical group in America, posted a New York Times story claiming that tens of thousands turned out, while its headline states “Over 200,000 Pray and Rally for Reform in D.C.”

But what’s the actual number? It might even be lower than that.

USA Today and most of the wire services are sticking to “Thousands”. Southern California Public Radio station 89.3 KPCC reported hundreds. Breitbart is saying 5,000 based on crowd estimate photos.

Even worse news, most of those people showed up for the concert, not to hear Nancy Pelosi speak.

Organizers predicted that tens of thousands of people would attend the “Camino Americano: March for Immigrant Dignity and Respect” rally, featuring performances by popular Latino musicians and speeches by members of Congress as well as civil rights, religious and community leaders. But the crowd was considerably smaller, and grew even smaller after a popular singing group finished its performance.

Many in the crowd listened intently to Los Tigres Del Norte, a norteño band from San Jose, Calif., that has built a wide following with emotional ballads about life, love and survival. Some of the band’s most popular songs are about illegal immigration.

So basically this was a lame concert with an even lamer rally attached to its end.

  • popseal

    Every illegal allowed any acceptable status between the oceans is a slap in the face against my family that came to America legally, and paid terrible prices to gain the life now available to me. Every war since 1776 and now a deployed one aboard an assault ship shout “a pox upon you” who parasite off the body politic that we’ve paid so dearly to build.

  • Nous Defions

    How many were paid union members ?

  • ziggy zoggy

    Only five thousand? It must have been a slow day at the border.


    Illegal aliens are pure evil, we should destroy pure evil…

  • John Curtis

    It’s official: we’re in the twilight zone.