11-Year-Old Yemeni Girl: “I’d Rather Die than Accept Forced Marriage”


There’s not much else to say about this. The video comes via a Memri translation. This is the reality of the Muslim world where there are smartphones and SUVs side by side with arranged marriage for little girls.

  • Elizabeth capecod

    Where’s the left with their phony crusade against the war on women and females?
    How is it they’re the biggest supporters of these despicable people?

    This child has such spirit. There’s no telling what she can accomplish if they don’t destroy her..

  • Azam Bilal Habib

    fail to understand all this fuss when in US even now the minimum age
    for a girl to go for marriage is 13 (Southern Carolina). Are all SC
    residents pedophile? Clearly no.I don’t know what is the minimum age for
    marriage is defined in Christianity but I believe
    it will also be puberty as this the way of nature to tell us that we
    are ready to reproduce The answer is that there is a difference in what
    is allowed and what is practiced.Almost all muslim countries have a
    minimum marriage age comparable to the western limits and this marriage
    must have broken the law of that country and the culprit should be
    punished according to the law..
    You can find many issues with
    Muslims in general but being pedophile and having extramarital sex is
    the least of them.