300 Western Converts to Islam Captured Fighting in Syria


Experts worry that there will now be a shortage of converts to Islam to do important work like beheading British soldiers in London and writing books about their time working as guards at Gitmo before they saw the dark.

Damascus, 18 June (AKI) – Damascus, 18 June (AKI) – Several hundred westerners including Italians have been captured fighting alongside rebels seeking to overthrow president Bashar al-Assad, government sources told Adnkronos on Tuesday.

“We are holding 300 westerners, of whom six or seven are Italian, according to the information I have. They are all converts to Islam,” the source said.

Converts to Islam are particularly dangerous because they are eager to prove their loyalty and have nothing but Islam in their life anymore.

One of the good things about the Syrian Civil War is that it is diverting the sort of people who would otherwise be killing Westerners.

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  • OfficialPro

    Funny how it’s always the “new converts” that suddenly find out what the Koran wants them to do to “infidels”, while Muslims who have been Muslim forever just sit on their couches in front of their TVs not going to Mosque because of all the hate the Imam preaches.

    You never get a sense that these new converts are self-aware enough to know hate speech when they see it.

  • Drakken

    Hopefully Assad and company take them out to the courtyard where they are being held and executes very bloody one of them. We don’t want them back, period!

  • chan chan

    “Converts to Islam are particularly dangerous because they are eager to prove their loyalty and have nothing but Islam in their life anymore.”

    A fact not missed by Al Qaeda’s ‘Inspire’ PDFs, published in English for that very reason. The most common language among converts in the west, wherever they’re from.

  • JK

    There is no better feeling than being a muslim and I’m sunni muslim from Europe. Don’t think al muslims are arab people they only make 14% of muslim population. Those converts are people that Allah ( God ) make them to go the wright way and not being lost in other religions as Christianity and being Atheist or other lost religions! You can hates us but I’m not hating you,that is what i have being learn in my religion. Its sad to see in what Christian people believe and they wont accept Jesus pbuh as Gods messenger. Every one have their ownBbible and i got only one Noble Quran that will never be changed, not even one letter till the end of the world, because Allah ( God ) have protect it.

    • nicknirm

      There is no better feeling than watching Muslims killing each other and leaving the rest of us alone.

  • nicknirm

    As a brown Third World origin and now a proudly naturalized citizen of the USA, I cannot fathom why a white European would convert to Islam, other than for reasons related to severe mental illness and retardation. Can anybody enlighten me?

  • JK

    :))) I personaly not in favor of shias they are the one that cut them self and do all the wrong things that has nothing to do with Islam. They are oposite of Islam. And as u Americans trying to be world police to every country and there is no need for that. That is why most people don’t like that! I would never harm anyone as long as you don’t try to harm my family. In Islam is called eye for eye. And 9/11 is all planed by Jews and they are the ones that trying to put America to fight anyone that they wanna to fight.
    And it’s easy to fight the people with that reply with stones and rocks but why not to attack N.Korea? You all just went silent on that one….but if it was Afghanistan or any other weak country,than immediately sent troops there.