39 Dems Defect to Vote for “Keep Your Plan” Act that Obama Vows to Veto


Obama has already warned that he will veto the Keep Your Plan Act. That lets Dems vote for it to provide political cover for themselves without expecting it to actually become the “law of the land”.

This is exactly what Obama tried to head off with his bizarre rambling press conference. It’s not a full repeal, but it begins the process of freeing Americans from ObamaCare. And so Obama is trying to scramble for a solution.

Meanwhile the bill has decisively passed in the House by 261-157 with 39 Democratic congressmen defecting to the health care freedom side.

Representative Fred Upton, Republican of Michigan and the chief sponsor of the House bill, said his legislation would fulfill a promise that Mr. Obama had made to the American people and then broken.

“In the last three years,” Mr. Upton said, “the president personally promised that if people liked their current health care plan, they could keep it ‘no matter what.’ But cancellation notices are now arriving in millions of mailboxes across the country. It’s cancellation today, sticker shock tomorrow.”

Representative Jim McGovern, Democrat of Massachusetts, said Mr. Upton’s bill was an attempt to “drag us back to the bad old days of the American health care system.”

The bad old days when people were able to easily and affordably buy health insurance. Those bad old days when you could be a 70-year-old man buying a policy that didn’t cover maternity or sex changes and cost a fraction of what it does today under ObamaCare.

Rep. Nick J. Rahall II (W.Va.), a 19-term veteran targeted in 2014 by Republicans, said ads are running against him in his district based on the president’s promise to allow Americans to keep their health-care plans.

“I’m concerned about my integrity with voters that have returned me [for] 38 years. They know me enough to know I wouldn’t purposely mislead them and that I’m an honest, straight shooter,” he said. “They have that confidence in me, and I want to continue for them to have that confidence in me. I just need to find the answers myself.”

Rahall’s answer was to vote for the Keep Your Plan Act.

“A lot of us felt there was no sense of urgency to get this done,” said Rep. Mike Doyle (Pa.), a reliable liberal vote, who had publicly threatened to back the Upton bill unless the White House and leadership responded.

Doyle remained a reliable liberal vote by voting not to let people keep their plans.

  • truebearing

    Obama’s pathetic “I feel your pain” ramblings are already discredited by his truculent vow to veto the very kind of relief he pretended to be offering to Americans who have lost their insurance. The snake is simultaneously slithering under a rock, while coiling for a strike. Needless to say, the only sincere thing he has said is that he is going to double down on Commiecare.

    In his “Obamology” (a false and deceptive non-apology) he never apologized directly to the victims of his treachery. The only apology he made was for hurting the Democrats politically! He had the gall to address the nation and apologize for hurting the political fortunes of the party that inflicted upon Americans the evil scheme of Obamacare. It is mindboggling how far Obama is from even a shred of conscience. He is a dangerous, depraved, power-obsessed sociopath.

  • unionville

    “Those bad old days when you could be a 70-year-old man buying a policy that didn’t cover maternity or sex changes and cost a fraction of what it does today under ObamaCare.”

    These are now known as “substandard plans”. In the age of Obama we must pay for stuff we don’t need so that people who don’t want to pay for stuff they want, don’t have to.

    “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.” Aristotle.

  • VHG1

    Here again the GOP leadership allowed this meaningless Fred Upton Bill to get a vote which allowed democrats cover for their re-election run! Instead of REPEALING, this constant manipulation of saving Obamacare takes place by both sides of the aisle! We are not fooled! The Repubs and Dumz are all about keeping this disaster because it gives them greater power over us! These “law makers” are intentionally supporting chaos and pushing Americans to the breaking point! And that breaking point is the violence Obama and the democrats want and the GOP also appears to support with all the maneuvering they’re doing to screw us all!

  • Biff Henderson

    It just goes to show that the American public can’t help but latch on the next mythomaniac that comes on down the pike. It’s as if society has this pathological imperative to be schmoozed right off a cliff.

  • Phil

    I’m from Massachusetts. I can’t wait for the day our politicians are told to ,”Sit down and shut up!”
    I also want Barney Frank to be called back. He and Chris Dodd are responsible for the final days that led to the housing bubble. THEY MUST PAY FOR THIS.