50% of Egyptian Women Say Sexual Harassment Increased After Arab Spring


The Arab Spring is wonderful. It can destroy your economy, trash the rule of law and destroy whatever rights women had in the region. Is there anything it can’t do?

Sexual violence against women in Egypt has increased in the post-revolutionary Islamist rule, according to official reports and rights activists.

The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality said in a report published on May 23 that 99.3 percent of Egyptian women have experienced some form of sexual violence.

Nearly 50 percent of women reported more harassment after the revolution; 44 percent said the level of harassment remained the same before and after the revolution. Meanwhile, more than 58 percent of men surveyed said harassment increased after the revolution.

Salafist preacher Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah said earlier this year that women protesting in Tahrir Square are “no red line” because they “have no shame and want to be raped,” a statement which was perceived as a sanctioning of violence against women.

That Cairo speech sure worked out well. I think O deserves another Nobel Peace Prize for his work.

  • Anonymous

    It is no wonder why Islamic men are truly phonies, hypocrites, and very evil beasts. Allah, the satanic pagan moon god, told those evil Islamic male beasts to rape when they want to. Allah is NOT the true God from Heaven. Allah is the deady pagan moon god who is satan the devil. I truly want to see people leave Islam, so that it can be a very peaceful world.

  • Questions

    It's not just Islam that's the problem. These are Arabs. And predatory behavior such as this is ingrained in Arab culture. Egyptian Christian men, like Egyptian Islamic men, are a piece of work. Either way, it's ugly. Ask Lara Logan about it. She knows first-hand.

  • RUI

    Miraculous! The gift that keeps on taking! Taking lives, liberty, rights, dignity, and especially taking Egypt back to pre-medieval Islam.

  • Andrew Sanders

    To blame “All Muslim Men” for the “Reverend Phelps” level nutcases that the West props-up in Afghanistan (1979->June, 2001), Fmr Yugoslavia (90s), Saudi Arabia (~100 years), Bahrain, Qatar, and Egypt (grassroots revolution, indeed – with Soros fingerprints all over it) is hardly fair. As in all cultures, there are a tiny-few willing to sell-out their own people for a cut of the money and power – and these are those actors, using fanatical-religion as a cover.
    To put this in context, the Muslim Brotherhood were the Nazi’s arm in the middle-east who were brought into the Allies tool-kit along with the Nazi’s Eastern-Intelligence network and all those “Operation Paper Clip” jewels which formed the core of what Eisenhower termed, the “Military Industrial Complex” danger to democracy.