$634 Million ObamaCare Website Company was Fired by Canada


So Obama took a Canadian company that Canadian officials fired for screwing up their health care website and gave it a much bigger job.

Canadian provincial health officials last year fired the parent company of CGI Federal, the prime contractor for the problem-plagued Obamacare health exchange websites, the Washington Examiner has learned.

CGI Federal’s parent company, Montreal-based CGI Group, was officially terminated in September 2012 by an Ontario government health agency after the firm missed three years of deadlines and failed to deliver the province’s flagship online medical registry.

The online registry was supposed to be up and running by June 2011.

The CMS officials refused to say if federal officials knew of its parent company’s IT failure in Canada when awarding the six contracts.

It wasn’t just those contracts. As mentioned earlier, Obama dumped huge amounts of money on CGI.

CGI Federal is a subsidiary of Montreal-based CGI Group. With offices in Fairfax, Va., the subsidiary has been a darling of the Obama administration, which since 2009 has bestowed it with $1.4 billion in federal contracts, according to USAspending.gov.

HHS is by far the single largest federal contractor of CGI, showering it with $645 million in contracts. The Defense Department pays the Canadian company $254 million, the EPA $58 million and the Justice Department $36 million.

In comparison, in 2008, under President George W. Bush, CGI contracts totaled only $16.5 million for all federal departments and agencies.

The interesting question is why Obama dumped 1.4 billion in taxpayer money on a company this incompetent and ignored all the warnings.

It’s one more thing that ought to be investigated.

  • DogmaelJones1

    But this is consistent and in step with all of Obama’s policies, domestic and foreign. It invests in failures and incompetents. From General Motors to Solyndra to Benghaz and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. To name but a few.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bryan-Schmick/100000836170959 Bryan Schmick

    Basically, pres Obama outsourced obamacare to a failed company. One has to wonder what the political kickback was.

    • glenn47

      Most likely the same kickback from all the failed green companies, including giving Solyndra another 30 million after he knew they had failed. Where did that money go. As well as half our stimulus money is unaccounted for and 167 million is missing from the Obamacare slush fund where the IRS says they have no idea where it is. And this is the same group that is suppose to oversee the AFA. What a joke

  • Zagat Tragonach

    The same reason he sent billions of dollars to the Brazilian oil industry and made every effort to undermine the American one. He doesn’t like America.

  • Bob

    Maybe it was kickback money because they voted for him.

    • drdebdrdeb

      Knowing Barry and his campaign staff, I would not be surprised if Canadians did vote in the last election.

  • The March Hare

    A little bit of knowledge is dangerous. I think this administration’s staff only possesses a little bit of knowledge and not enough to make intelligent decisions.

  • glenn47

    Does anyone still believe O is looking out for Americans? That contract should have gone to an American company and the money stay here. He constantly ships jobs and work away.

  • Happy

    Defund Obama.

  • Tired of all this crap

    obama can’t do anything right. I’d LOVE to FIRE HIM!!!!!!

  • onegrandma

    I think he owed them something They have probably been tampering with voting software and that is why how won the election. They need to investigate and see if this company is in ANY way connected with voting and elections.

  • Budgie

    Follow the money. Did CGI or some some subsidiary give millions to Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaign and/or the DNC?

    • http://www.itzyinteractive.com/ Kyle Kulyk

      Hmm. According to data at Opensecrets.org, CGI Group made big contributions to the Republicans in 2012. Whaddya make of that?

  • David Bangs

    CGI Federal is an American Subsidiary of CGI Group, which is based on
    Canada. It largely comes our Stanley Inc., a large American military IT
    contractor which CGI group bought in 2010.

    Some questions:

    1) Did the Bush administration contract with Stanley Inc. before it was acquired by CGI Group? of course.
    2) Was CGI Group fired by Canada? No. It still runs most of Canada’s vast health care system.
    Did Health and Human Services hire CGI Federal before or after a
    different subsidiary was fired by the Ontario provincial government late
    last year? I don’t know, but likely before.

    The roll-out was a disaster, but this article seems very misleading and doesn’t ask the right questions.

  • Joseph Krebs

    No way it’s Bush’s fault … or it’s Racist, no it’s the evil Republicans, or Teabaggers, or Koch Brothers …. Researchers have found early drug use impairs mental functions in later life …. Could Obama and his supporters be burned out????