7-Year-Old Girl Raped to Death in South Africa

This sadly is not a unique story. In South Africa horrors like these are no longer shocking. In my article this week, South Africa’s Hell on Earth, I briefly described some of the big picture statistics about what South Africa has become.

South Africa has the most rapes per capita of anywhere in the world. 3,600 rapes happen in South Africa every day. 40% percent of South African women will be raped. In one survey, 1 in 4 men admitted to being rapists. 1 in 10 of those admitted to raping little girls. Children are believed to be the victims of 41% of the rapes in the country.

28% of the schoolgirls in one area were HIV positive and where 1 in 3 girls have been sexually assaulted before their 18th birthday. A third of pregnant women have been found to be HIV positive making it a curse that is being passed on to the next generation.

But this is the horrifying daily reality of it.

A seven-year-old girl has died in a Makhado hospital after she was raped and left for dead in a street, Limpopo police said on Sunday.

She died in the Elim Hospital on Saturday night, Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said in a statement.

Her grandmother had sent her to deliver keys to a man at his house in Hlanganani, near Malamulele. She failed to return. Two boys found her in the street, bleeding and unconscious.

“It was confirmed by the hospital that she was brutally raped. A post-mortem will be conducted soon to determine the cause of death.”

A 32-year-old man was arrested after a car chase with police. He will appear in the Hlanaganani District Court soon.

That same day brings numerous other cases like this one.

A farmer was killed and his wife assaulted on their farm outside Ventersdorp on Sunday morning, North West police said.

Two men confronted the 67-year-old farmer outside his house on the farm Sterkstroom shortly before 10am, Brigadier Thulani Ngubane said.

They hit him over the head and dragged him into the house. They found his 64-year-old wife and attacked her. It was believed that they also raped her.

Between these two poles, the abuse of African women and the murder of white farmers, you can find the entire post-Apartheid history of South Africa.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: "40% percent of South African women will be raped. "

    "A society of sheep begets a government of wolves." — Bertrand de Jouvenel In his short but profound work, The Ethics of Redistribution, the 20th Century French Philosopher Bertrand de Jouvenel uncovered the ontological core of collectivism's ideological precepts.

    Ben Bernanke is arguably the most powerful man in the world. He controls the cost of money. Bernanke &
    OBAMA's policies continue to RAPE 51% of decent Americans and their Dreams!

    The Lupine Socialist Dream! http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/01/the_lupine

    • miesha williams

      oh god this society who would even think about doing that to a little girl i know her family would not rest until the person who did this to their daughter is tout to justice and put on trial for this happening

  • UCSPanther

    Whoever raped that 7-year old girl needs to be run through with a chainsaw…

    • hrwolfe


    • Ar'nun

      and coated with acid.

    • Rita

      Fully agree, it would be a pleasure for me….

    • joanofargghh

      Reavers. Nothing that science fiction can depict that hasn't already been imagined and acted on by men. We're just not used to hearing about it in polite society.

      It's evil out there and the Left won't be happy until everyone is equally as miserable as South Africa. Heckuva legacy, Nelson Mandela.

  • JacksonPearson

    Unless corrupt nation after corrupt African nation regains law and order, the once promising continent will continue to slide down the slippery slope into hell.

  • truebearing

    Boy, it sure is wonderful that Desmond Tutu defeated apartheid. Everything is going well now….unless you are a child, woman, or white. Come to think of it, that is the same trajectory the US is on in Obama's grave new world….

    The Left would have us believe that separating evil from good is worse than evil….of course they don't have the moral clarity to differentiate between the two to begin with.

    No earthly punishment is enough for depraved filth that would do something like that. Their punishment couldn't last long enough. Eternity in hell sounds about right.

  • Mary Sue

    B-b-but, electing communists to end Apartheid was suppposed to fix everything!

  • FishEagle

    Returning to South Africa after making multiple trips to various African countries, I noticed the social tension between people at the Joburg airport was noticeably high compared to the people in the countries I left behind. South Africa is a country that is falling apart. I was raped when I was 3 and my rapist was a white male.

    • Trevor

      Hi, FishEagle. I'm saddened [but not surprised] at the lack of thumbs up your comment has received especially when you look at some of the other comments here which do have multiple thumbs up such as the idiotic 'truebearing'.

      I find myself asking why this is so and the answer is easy. It's because you were raped by a "White Man". Had you been raped by a "Black Man" you would have 20+ thumbs up, but alas, this site is infested by bigots, racists, and white supremacists.

      The only surprise left is that they don't blame you for being raped by a "White Man" because you live in, according to them, a Communist country.

      I hope you have recovered fully from your ordeal and are living a peaceful and happy life.

      • Mary Sue

        you have no idea who thumbs-downed him. I sure as hell didn't. Now he's sitting at +2.

        And your analysis of his thumbs-downing is nonsensical.

        • Trevor

          Mary Sue, Mary Sue, what are we to do with you?

          "you have no idea who thumbs-downed him"

          I made no mention of "thumbs-downed"

          I Also don't know if 'FishEagle' is a he or a she….maybe you know something i don't?

          "And your analysis of his thumbs-downing is nonsensical."

          Amazing Grace, Mary Sue, Amazing Grace.

        • hellbetty hellfire

          I agree with Mary Sue,rape is a crime that doesn't end. It lasts the rest of your life and I'm sooty for your horrible experience.It doesn't matter what color when it comes to being violated a d that's all there is to it.

  • BS77

    South Africa is going the way of Zimbabwe….down the drain. It is a nation infested with bugs, human bugs.

  • abouthadit

    Hey Jesse, hey Al, hwat say you?


  • Goemon

    Stories like this make me wonder if any people from any country can sink to this level. Is the south african level of hell what people like the weather underground dream of as their ultimate goal? I'm sure such people would say USA is far more deteriorated than that country.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Noah built the Ark and the flood came and destroyed the evil people of the World, just his
    family was left alive and it is written the World will be like the days of Noah when the end
    comes and the days of mans rule is over…………………William

  • Ghostwriter

    People who rape a seven-year-old girl should be hung. They deserve that.

    • Ar'nun

      Too quick.

  • Wanda Maier

    Guns are outlawed for the private citizen, right. Need I say more? An unarmed populace can not defend its self, good old gun control advocates!!!!!!!!! Wake up America. We lose the second amendment, we become South Africa.

    • AnalogMan

      As a South African, I can tell you you've got it backwards. You are fast becoming South Africa. After that, you lose the second amendment. Demographics is destiny.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    I wonder what the good Rev. Tutu has to say about that.

    • noToANC

      nothing – because it won't bring him any honour. He only speaks out when he thinks he can score browny points.

  • Hester

    and in our newspaper today…. A six year old girl was gang raped at her school behind a closed door by 4 boys – ranging between 8 and 12 years old!!! What hope have we got for our country when boys as young as 8 are now taking part in our national sport – rape!! My heart is breaking for this country.

    • Ar'nun

      Your country need to reject the teachings of Islam that glorify and condone this behavior.

  • Justin Otherguy

    Words fail a reasonable person, one would like to descend into animalism in dealing with an animal like this rapist… he knows that he's protected by the constitution and willl get ffree health care etc. But h'll probably also get raped in SA's malfunctioning prisons

    BTW, It's polls, not poles

    • Mary Sue

      I bet someone's word program has autocorrect!

  • Ar'nun

    Animals. Maybe Desmond Tutu can speak out about this instead of fanning the flames of anti-Semitism.

    South Africa has a large Islamic population. And as we have seen around other parts of Africa, and of course the Middle East and Asia, the Islamic Spring bought a revival of Islamic Supremacists. In Islam, the "Non-believers" are beneath them. So Muslims do not view it as rape, they just view it as taking what is owed tot hem. And in the image of their Prophet, little girls are not off limits.

    But essentially when we make up fantasy fringe elements like the Western Media has done in defense of Islam; this is what you are left with. An insurmountable problem that can't be fixed because the actual problem isn't being addressed. The problem is a Cult with membership in the Billions. And until the West at least admits there is a problem, nothing will be fixed and thanks to the Left, little girls will be raped to protect the sensitivities of an evil disgusting Cult.

  • Trevor

    "Between these two poles, the abuse of African women and the murder of white farmers, you can find the entire post-Apartheid history of South Africa."

    Ah, i get it. South Africa was a much better place to live when whites were practicing Apartheid.

    I wonder if there's a moral to this regarding Israel?

    • KathleenP

      It was definitely a better place for the whites, who ran the country and the justice and police system, and there doesn't seem to be a whole hell of a lot of evidence that for black women and children it was any WORSE than the living hell it is now. I for one would be interested in knowing what the rape statistics were back in the Apartheid years.

      Anyway, white liberals never give a f*** about black women nd children being raped unless the rapists are white men.

  • Dan

    A must have for white people…
    White people get this book and read it…VERY IMPORTANT

    White Girl Bleed a Lot ….. By Colin Flaherty

    People are starting to wake up here in the USA. Some are speaking out, educating, blogging and getting informed.

    Excellent blog:

  • Jeanette

    Are there no "men" left?? In the words of Scott Sonnon "Dear Lord, SEVEN men total contacted me overnight to "explain" to me why some women [or girls] "deserve" the rape they "put themselves in" – that they could have avoided it if they'd just done things differently, and that in some cases they "wanted" to trick men. They went on to "teach" me that by being a "man-hater" I've "sold our gender out."

    I revel in a mature masculine life, in becoming as my father and grandfather sought to be: warriors for their community – supporting both the helpful and the helpless; leaders by ethical example and courageous intent; and lovers of their family and friends, so strongly that they were willing to place the safety and growth of others above their own welfare.

    Yes, I am very willing to expose the locker-room, good-old-boy network of misogyny, and call it out for the hate it is. That doesn't make me a snitch against "boys just being boys." Rather, it is a clarion call to ADULT manhood.

    We as men have failed these lost souls. If only our strong stand can make a difference. If not, then our willingness to step toward harm's way to prevent harm to others. And until then, our diligence to educate the next generation to respectful, moral force of will.

    You've advised me that you won't be buying any of my books and videos. I'm very happy about that. When you're ready for adult manhood, for mature masculinity, then feel free to return. True male power is not OVER others, but self-empowerment FOR others. Keep your coin until your ready to be a real man.

  • nathan

    Horrible but true, after the apartheid ANC wanted a country with freedom, equality for everyone. However they forget the word “justice”.

  • True Feminist

    The Cry of a beloved country, and PROOF that the curses of The Law are on South Africa

  • sameoldrepubs

    vile savages

  • Anna

    I will never step foot in that nasty place, get all of the innocent people out of that savage land, and kill all the rapists!

  • Kevin Williams

    Q Anna – In this nasty place live people who are fighting with their lives to have things change. In this nasty place, waterfalls and rivers are found everywhere. In this nasty place, This nasty place has people that cry day and night, for this is the nastiest of crimes in the world. We are a sick nation, in need of help. And government does not seem to think so. Believe me, If I tell you this shall change.

    • Jacques

      Yes Kevin in this land full of savage cruel thugs there are humans, many too poor to run away, others have no where to run, so we are forced to endure, but soon endure will not be all we do, and the world should be ready for our backlash, they have been warned but stood by silent as we died, so they are as much at fault as the murdering, abusive thugs and their ANC leaders.

  • Frank

    Only now you see why Apartheid was necessary.

  • Nathanael

    Apartheid fucked up by not driving out ALL the blacks from South Africa when they had the chance. Instead, they took care of blacks, clothed and fed them, built them world-class hospitals. Then the animals repay them with White Genocide. Sickening.

    • lashonda ramos

      drive out all the blacks????does it belong to the whites only not all blacks are bad did blacks try to run out all the whites that was slave owners,killers,rapist,and plan out evil it goes both ways the world don’t just belong to ALL white ppl and africa is not white ppl home they stole it