71% of Egyptians Oppose Muslim Brotherhood Protests


Hearts and minds. Also bullets, bombs, pellets and petrol bombs. The Muslim Brotherhood may still be popular in the White House, but not in Egypt.

The Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research-Baseera survey found that 71 percent of Egyptians opposed the Brotherhood’s protests. A year of Morsi and the Brotherhood’s rigid policies and inflexibility that failed to address Egypt’s economic crisis has left many Egyptians frustrated.

The poll found that 78 percent of men and 65 percent of women disapproved of the protests. It also found that younger people are more sympathetic to the protests then their elders.

“[T]he people right now are disenchanted with the MB that they are willing to accept anything but the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a sign of how polarized things are at the moment and how the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi made matters inside Egypt,” Eskandar said.

Makes sense that one heavily polarizing leader would stand up for another.


  • herb benty

    Isn’t it neat in a way when something that is sensed, turns out to be true. The Muslim Bro. kept the Copts away from the polls and intimidated Egyptian voters all across their country in the last “election”. The people of Egypt with help from the Military miraculously ejected the fanatics and can now start to live. A scenario that would be nice to see in America,

  • Ömer Sadık Aytaç

    an empty attempt at rationalizing a coup..

  • antioli

    I wish the 71% would come out and demonstrate in favor of the military which is taking a big risk if they do not succeed