74% of French and 76% of Brits Think Islam is Not Compatible With Their Way of Life

They’re ahead of America in this, but Americans haven’t had to live with Islamic Imperialism moving into high gear as its European colonization programhas begun producing results.

74% of the people polled by Ipsos think that Islam is an “intolerant” religion, incompatible with the values of French society. An even more radical figure, 8 out of 10 French people think that the Muslim religion seeks “to impose its way of life on others”.

Now where could they have gotten that idea?

Fewer than one in four British voters believes Islam is compatible with the British way of life, the UK’s first Muslim woman Cabinet Minister reveals today. The Minister for Faith and Communities reveals stark polling conducted by YouGov which found that just 24 per cent of voters think Islam is compatible with being British, while more than half disagree. Only 23 per cent say Islam is not a threat to Western civilisation.

The poll hasn’t been made public so we just have Warsi’s negative figures, which she has no doubt chosen to selectively reveal, but even if there’s a lot of wavering, it would seem like there’s very little confidence in an Islamic future in Europe.

  • http://twitter.com/ThisIsPalestine @ThisIsPalestine

    Let me guess: They are ALL just "Islamophobic."

    • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

      Seems clear they are learning some valuable lessons. Hence, without an Islamic reformation they will need to be sent packing – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/10/12/calling-for-a

      Adina kutnicki, Israel – http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

    • haroon

      Islamophobic??? i think this term is staled, and a defensive cover up for Muslims. if i don't call a murder a murder what should i call him? so if i see something wrong happening and at a large scale by a same group of people who think that they are better than others, have no decency to accept their wrong behavior that is intolerant towards other religions and minorities, no regard for justice and law of other countries where they live ( i am talking about European countries). i would speak and tell those dim wits that they are wrong. FYI i live in one of your beloved Muslim country and let me tell you one thing you guys are very very very intolerant and ignorant. i have never seen a any priest to call upon Christians to kill all Muslims just because they are threaten by them. but i have heard a lot of times your mullahs from Iran to Egypt to Saudi Arabia to kill the infidels or non Muslims. this is NOT i say again NOT Islam phobia this West opening its shut eyes and realizing what you people really are from inside.

    • gloribeago34

      The first paragraph in this article says "They’re ahead of America in this, but Americans haven’t had to live with Islamic Imperialism". I say they are not ahead of America in this. The difference between America and Europe is that the American people are the largest armed militia in the world. Islam has to be very careful here not to push too many buttons because every redneck in the south, every cowboy in the west, every surfer in the east and every yankee in the north owns a gun and can go home and lock and load.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    Okay, now that they realize Islam is not compatible with the French/British way of life and that Islam seeks to impose their culture on the rest of French and British society, the question is: Are the French and the British willing to do anything about it? I suspect the answer, at this time at least, is no.

    • Bright Knight

      In most European countries the people, who have to live with the violence of the Muslims every day, know that Islam and Western civilization are not compatible but on election day they vote for the parties who tell them that Islam belongs to France, Britain, Germany (or whatever country…). So, they see the threat but ask for more of the sh**. Stupidity at its best.

      • gloribeago45

        How do you know they are voting that way? Look what happened in America with this last election. Voter fraud was rampant. It will take a great uprising to change France but they will rise to the challenge and then you will see every Muslim run into their rat holes shaking. Don't forget about the French Revolution. I'm surprised the politicians don't remember old Louis XVI. How long do the current leaders think they can pocket Saudi money to look the other way while their country falls? Soon, real soon the French people will put an end to the madness. They will have to or they will fall into a darkness so wretched (Islam) they will choose death over it. And they know that.

    • BS77

      maybe the phrase should have read, "not compatible with life" period.

  • JacksonPearson

    WOW. now that's staggering.
    So who is making the decisions for the 74% and 76% that don't want to do a death knell to Islamic multiculturalism? One would just have to read past history to realize how vile Islam is, and that under no circumstances will they ever change their evil ways, because the Qur'an says so.

    To any knowledgeable Brit or French Fry, they know it's going to eventually be Muhammad's way, or the highway, (convert or else). Yet some liberal, low informed fool[s], are still selling their country's sovereignty and future away.

  • john spielman

    perhaps the tide is turning!

    • Parenthetical Phrase

      For the tide to turn, the Brits and French are going to have to start reproducing themselves — and fast! In Europe today, they facing a demographic winter to such an extreme that entire villages and towns are disappearing. There's a video on Youtube about this. Watch it — it's scary. Even in the US, our population is growing or remains stable not because Americans are having babies but because of immigration. Out of those Americans who are having babies, the ones who are having the most are those who are on welfare or who are raising them in poor, single-parent families in the inner cities and who are at high risk for anti-social behavior. Even that group, many analysts believe, is shrinking. There is a decrease in violent crime because certain groups are having more abortions and fewer babies.

      I agree that Europeans are finally waking up about the threat of Islam on their culture and way of life but whether or not they are willing to do anything about it is highly doubtful. Their response to intimidation from Muslim gangs and threats from Imams is to retreat. There are entire areas in major cities where the police simply will not go and where even the Fire Departments can only enter with police protection.

      • Gus

        France is not in a demographic decline, far from it. Its populations is expanding contrary to all the other European countries and the input of migrants in that matter is rather marginal. Just check the statistics of the french demographic institute called INSEE.

  • david olds

    The Left envisions Christians imposing there tenants on non-Christian’s freedoms and so hates them.
    But Islam is OPENLY attempting to impose itself on non-Muslims all over the world and Its tenants are frighteningly backward, cruel and legalistic.
    Why do they defend Islam?
    The Left does has hatred of Christians in common with Islam but that can’t explain such a huge double standard.
    To me it seems obvious something supernatural is at work here, blinding people to the danger of Islam.
    What would the world look like if there were a powerful, intelligent supernatural evil in the world working at its destruction.
    Call me crazy but it might look something like the worlds present situation.


    • Indio Viejo

      David, I believe Islam is a Satanic Cult. Research led me to conclude that this totalitarian political ideology masked as a Religious Cult, is the embodiment of evil.

      • Angry Businessman

        I've come round to thinking that ALL religion is evil. I am tired of seeing Muslims get their way with the most petty things, all in the name of undermining anyone who isn't a Muslim. I've seen Christianity wreck people's lives too. That one does nothing but cause people to shelve their well thought out plans – just because some jumped up little scrote with a name badge says "it isn't Gods will."

        Christianity dumbs down the mind, while Islam takes over the world. Or, Islam takes over the world while Christianity 'turns the other cheek' & lets them get away with murder – then spends the next decade apologising to the world about it, while actually doing nothing about it.

        • Cat K

          I can't agree that ALL religions are evil ( evil itself is a religious concept). Yes, human nature being what it is, it manifests for the worst under Islam or other conquest and hate based systems of belief. Certainly, historically Christianity engaged in some of that. But, human nature has another " side" to it, Businessman. The side that creates art and music and medicine and scientific research and innovation. In my opinion, without a belief in consequences -beyond those administered by other men or the state -humans behave worse and not better. Spiritual belief can inspire goodness and greatness. The American founders tried to take from religion that which empowered the individual and to limit the totalitarian tendencies of human natures and states. That is what the left fights. So, I agree with you that leftism and its twin brother Islam is the most evil religion ever.

  • Indio Viejo

    Europeans have had direct contact with the Satanic Cult for 1,400 years and have failed to set a policy against this evil. Spain itself was under Islam for seven hundred years, and that is how long it took the 'Reconquest'. Do you think the Spanish understand the threat? Think again. Muslim immigration is overrunning Andalusia and some Spaniards are converting to the Satanic Cult. The same people who stopped them in the Battle of Poitiers(732 A.D.) The people of Charles Martel are now groveling at the feet of their Muslim immigrants and will probably submit without a fight.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Few people study the true facts of history with a desire to understand the salient issues of today and the future. They envision the future they want and then find someone calling him or herself a historian to support their vision.

  • rodger the dodger

    As Muslims gain more social, economic, and political power in the UK and France, non-muslim paramilitary groups will emerge to fight it. It’s virtually guaranteed…I look forward to a European future where extreme violence is an everyday occurence between Muslims and infidels. Thanks, you cowardly bast*rd politicians.

  • Andy Lewis

    Say…why don't Europeans stop Muslim immigration? Even more importantly, why don't we do it?

    • Angry Businessman

      Good luck with that. It won't happen until someone with balls is running the country – like Nigel Farage.

  • SIlver Gonzalez


    get to know Islam, build bridges, cast away your prejudices, bla bla bla,,

    This is no joke – these cowardly ba$$tard politicos have ruined the EU, and Canada and the USA are done. Canada has a chance. Lots of underground minerals.

    The future of the West will be chaos, and a mix between Clockwork Orange and Bladerunner and Rollerball.

    The first thing is to sequester all the useless politicians, senators, congresspeople and deputy ministers and their staff and feed them bananas and high fat milk. Death by diarrhea!

  • Francisco

    See below the aspects of ISLAM and tell me whether or not Islam is compatible with westener culture:


    It doesn´t seem to me Islam is alike westener culture…