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79% of Egyptians Would Not Allow Jews to Return to Egypt

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 24, 2013 @ 10:59 pm In The Point | 8 Comments


Peace… in our time.

A poll in Akhbar El-Youm [2], Egypt’s most widely [3] circulated state owned newspaper, asked readers whether they would agree with the idea of the Egyptian Jews [4]who had been expelled from Egypt returning to the country. 79% percent stated that they disagree. 18% said that they agree. And 3% had no opinion.

That’s not surprising as in a 2011 poll, only 2% of Egyptians [5] had a positive view of Jews.

Before the war, Egypt had an estimated [6] 60,000 to 100,000 Jews. By 1976 that number had fallen to 200. Between then thousands of Jews were arrested, locked up or deported. Sustained persecution [7] wiped out the Jewish population of Egypt.

The same phenomenon has been taking place, at a slower rate, with Christians in Egypt. Meanwhile the EU will be giving Egypt [8]$6.5 dollars and Obama will be giving Egypt a [9] whole bunch of F16s and Abrams tanks.

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