9-Year-Old UK Boy Commits Suicide Over Muslim Bullying

Aaron Dugmore may be one of the youngest suicides in the UK’s history. What would drive a child to kill himself? Cool Britain. The new multicultural UK where the natives have no rights and are considered fair targets for violence with no recourse to the authorities.

Aaron’s crime was white privilege. For that crime the UK establishment sentenced him to death. For the crime of being English and Christian, the Muslim students who have overrun entire schools threatened to kill him.

Aaron’s fate is the fate of the United Kingdom and the free world. Pushed into a corner and given a choice between terror and suicide. It is a warning of what is coming.

The devastated family of a nine-year-old boy who hanged himself say he took his life after racist taunts by Asian bullies.

Aaron Dugmore — thought to be one of Britain’s youngest suicides after bullying — was found in his bedroom after months of jibes at school, they claim.

His family say that Aaron was threatened with a plastic KNIFE by one Asian pupil — who warned him: “Next time it will be a real one.”

But despite complaints to the school, where 75 per cent of pupils come from ethnic backgrounds, they claim nothing was done to stop the bullying.

Heartbroken mum Kelly-Marie Dugmore is convinced the taunts led to her son killing himself two weeks ago. She sobbed: “We are not racist people. Aaron got on with all the children at his last school, and for him to have been bullied because of the colour of his skin makes me feel sick to my stomach.”

Aaron joined Erdington Hall primary in Birmingham last September after the family moved nearby. But Kelly-Marie, 30, and stepdad Paul Jones, 43, noticed a change in him from his first day.

Paul said: “He became argumentative with his brothers and sisters, which wasn’t like him at all. Eventually he told us that he was being bullied by a group of Asian children at school and had to hide from them in the playground at lunchtime. He said one kid even said to him, ‘My dad says all the white people should be dead’.”

“I went to see head Martin Collin a few times, but he only said, ‘You didn’t have to come to this school, you chose to come here’.”

As a sign of how pervasive the cover-up is, the Sun appears to be the only paper covering the racial and Muslim angle. Even the Daily Mail doesn’t mention a single word about it.

  • http://alwaysonwatch3.blogspot.com/ alwaysonwatch

    Had an infidel tormented a Muslim kid to the point of committing suicide, that crime would be all over the news. 24/7.

    The media's agenda is Islamophilia. So is the goal of our education system.



    • Noreen

      Muslims aren't bad people those asian boys were very unkind to the boy but that doesnt mean to judje every muslim in the world because english children bully children and those children also comitt suicide so I personally think it's the asian boys family's fault because they should have tought the boy to have respect for other religions and not to be racist. But I hope you dont think Muslims are bad people because they arent in the world you will meet kind people and unkind people but that doesnt mean that one race of a people who have a certain religion are bad people it just means in every religion theyre are bad and good people like in every country theyre are good people and bad people. I am muslim and I am not a bad person

  • cxt

    If this happend in the USA the lawsuits would bury the school–entirely possible that the actual bullies would be dragged into court.

    Don't what the justice system in the UK is like however.

    • Marie

      I am not so sure. You will be correct if the kid will colored and the bullies will be whites. I am immigrant myself but to bad, I am white, so I remember when we came to USA long time ago and our old aunt took us to the welfare office, at first we were there only whites, everybody in the waiting rooms look at us as intruders and when finally we went to see the office worker she did not help us at all and she just told my aunt that they do not have any program for whites……anyway the Catholic Charity helped us and regular folks at work ( sorry to say, only whites helped again);-) to start easier our life in this beautiful country.

    • Spikey1

      • The courts would side with the "Asians".
      • The parents of the kid who committed suicide would be charged with child endangerment and their other children would be removed from the household for their own "safety".
      • The Head Master would be the new czar of diversity training for the Obama administration.
      • A mosque would be erected next door to the school in honor of the kid that committed suicide.
      • The actual rope used for the hanging would be the symbol of that Mosque and on display in a prominent location to make sure something like this "never happens again".
      • The students that were involved in the bullying would all receive scholarships for college.
      • The teachers of that school would all go on strike for higher wages and of course several will have to take paid time off due to PTSD.
      • The bullies' parents would all be given better jobs working for a Democrat PAC or the school district.

      If you have any further questions, just ask……..

      • Lilly

        Yes, You Got it Right on the Dot! And Ugh, Can't believe how "Politically Correct" THey are trying to be, They know What they did, and This is Crap

  • Michael Copeland

    This is muslim anti-kafir school jihad, fulfilling the Koran’s instructions. David Wood explains: http://www.answeringmuslims.com

    • JacksonPearson

      David Wood is usually right on target.

    • Laila

      It does not say in Quran to kill innocent people

      • Mary Sue

        that's because the Quran ONLY considers non-Apostate Muslims to be Innocent. It is very hard to be considered Innocent by the Quran. Unbelievers are most certainly NOT considered "INNOCENT" as defined by the Quran.

      • Lan Astaslem

        funny because that's what muzzies do best – kill innocents.

      • Gabrielle

        Then someone is not reading their Quran are they? And since when do Muslims consider non-believers innocent?

      • Michael Copeland

        kafirs are not innocent

    • Maryam

      Excuse me theyre are some religiouse schools and what is wrong with people following theyre own religions and having religious schools people can eighther go to a religious school or not go to a religiouse school its theyre choice. Oh just remembered arogant people like you ony think on one side not the other side

  • rpbertlane

    Don't be so sure CXT. Hate crimes are not inforced when the crimes are against whites here in the states. Not in Florida that is.

    • Marie

      Not in Massachusetts

      • Mary Sue

        not anywhere.

  • bob e

    "the poor little mite"…is what a kind uk friend said to me. admin told the parents
    'you didn't have to come here'…please email the school and thank them for their cowardice..
    when they offer up their own children to the islamic meat grinder, we can tell them,
    'you don't have to live here'
    <a href="http://www.erdhall.bham.sch.uk/” target=”_blank”>www.erdhall.bham.sch.uk/

    • Marie

      well bob e, the side you posted in not to be found. I found this very ineresting ,thumbs down to censors!!!!!

    • Gabrielle

      I tried to send a message and the site has been moved? I guess they plan to ignore concerned people much the way they ignored the plight of this little boy?

      RIP, little one and peace to your family in their grief.

    • Mohammad

      Please dont judje muslims. Theyre are lots of bad people in the world who do stupid things but english people also bully other people until they commit suicide and this is the first time I have heard of a muslim child bully a child upuntil the child killed himself but with englsih people its very common that english people bully other people until those people die but for muslim people that is very unusual and I am a muslim my self and muslims beleive in treating people kindly and respectfuly no matter what theyre colour or religion is. So what you said about the Islamic meat grinder is very unkind and offensive to me and I am Muslim but Im not a bad person infact Im a good person

  • Spikey1

    Erdington Hall Primary School
    Ryland Road, Birmingham, B24 8JJ
    Tel: 0121 464 3122

    Headmaster: Martin Collin

    Chair Of Governors: Emma Beattie,
    Area of Responsibility: Safeguarding and Protection of Children

    Vice-Chair of Governors: Claire Nankivell,
    Area of Responsibility: Children's Centre. Behaviour & Inclusion.

    I'm pretty sure they would like our support so send them an e-mail or give them a call.

    • Marie

      I definitely will let them know my opinion!

      • Spikey1

        Here is Mr Collins' LinkedIn profile: http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/martyn-collin/33/50b/2

        From the schools website:
        "The teachers, support staff and Governors of Erdington Hall are deeply saddened by the news that one of our pupils, Aaron, died on Tuesday this week. Our thoughts and prayers (towards Mecca) are with Aaron's family at this difficult time."

        I might of added the parts in the parentheses……..

  • JacksonPearson

    I read the story last night. It's another tragic course of events in the UK, that are further sinking Britain into the evil clutches of Islam. Someone, or persons in the UK, need to be held accountable, and/or than executed, for talking them into a failed multiculturalism system with Islamics. It's a lose, lose situation.

    Wherever Islam spreads, it's followed by darkness, then death and destruction.

    • Beth

      Evil.You don't even know all of the muslims out there so why do you have the right to judge. Yes there are terrorists but not everyone who is a muslim is a terrorist. Also, more aisans get bullied by white people than white people getting bullied by black.FACT. i feel sorry for Aaron's parents but i hate your comment.

      • gaborf


        • Kallum

          C'mon you know Beth is right and your wrong it is unkind to judje some ones religion.

      • guest

        thnk you beth i really appreciate u for standing up for us

    • Khan

      When you die youll wish you never judjed Islam and if you read the Quran it tells you alot about the events that would acur before judjement day and those events have already happened so dont judje islam you silly person By the way I am christian and I have converted to Islam and does that mean your against Islam for calling Islam evil I wonder how you treat the Islamic people in your community? Oh do you bully them becuse of their religion you dont need to be born again you just need to GROW UP

  • Hank Rearden

    The step-father talks about "Asian children" bullying his boy. Were those Asians Indian Hindus? Maybe militant Buddhists from Thailand? Chinese kids with their Confusionism? Persians boys insisting on Zoroastrianism? Maybe those Japanese and their Shintoism.

    I wish he had been a bit more specific, so we could understand the situation better.

    • Kris

      I am sure he WAS specific and too grieved to mince words. It is more likely you have censorship in the UK.

  • Laila

    I've just heard about this from a friend, this is discussting. How that poor child must of felt to do that to himself! The parents are to blame for raining their children in a dissing manner, I would like to add that this is NOT the teaching of Islam. This is totally discussting I can't even believe it. Truly heartbreaking.

    • Mary Sue

      Um, are you one of those Muslims that don't actually understand Arabic, so you only know the Quran by rote without understanding its language? And only know what an Imam says about it?

    • Marie

      Really, Laila?

    • Jan

      This is not the teaching of Islam. This IS Islam.

    • Lan Astaslem

      most of the world learned everything one needs to know about about islam on 9/11

    • SCE2AUX

      Oh yes it IS the teaching of Islam!

    • Gabrielle

      Laila, I am sorry but saying that this IS NOT the TEACHING OF ISLAM doesn't fly any longer. Instead of telling us how "disgusting" you find this how about condemning the people responsible ie, the parents of those little sub-humans who bullied this child to death because he is white?

      I seriously doubt that you or the parents of the "Asian" children are all that heartbroken when one father said that ALL white people should be killed.

      My faith tells me to turn the other cheek, but it also tells me that it is my obligation to restrain evil and violence in the world. In my religion it is allowable to defend one's nation and especially one's family when any person or group of people attempt to harm them. Far too many followers of Islam wish my family and my nation harm for me not to react.

  • Marie

    Could somebody answer to my, one simple question? Why all those muslims who hates whites coming to our christians countries? Why they do not stay with their own "blood" in "Asia" such is Pakistan or other Arab countries? Why our governments allow people who are come to our countries not to live with us in peace, but they come here with their souls full of arogance, ignorance and hates?

    • kikkoman

      Because we let them. And give them welfare.

    • Raymond in Dc

      Maybe because most Muslim states are failed states, rife with poverty, violence, and corruption. In the West they get housing, welfare, and a whole slew of other goodies from the same infidels they openly despise. And they’ll never get called out for it.

      As to why our governments allow such people in in such numbers, many don’t love or respect their own cultures enough to defend them, perhaps think they need to do penance for their country’s past, and may see some value in promoting a more multi-cultural society, despite the fact that some cultures are averse to integration. The left certainly believes there are votes to be gained by such immigration.

    • muman613

      They want to establish a 'global caliphate' a muslim run world. So their jihad against the west includes sending families to the west, UK and America, in the hopes that these families will over-populate (families of 8-12 little muslim dogs) and thus the world will be covered with sharia law…

      • G.H

        You've gone to far you know whos racist you you put " muslim dogs". How do you expect aisans to have respect for you if you don't have respect for them. I'm reporting you to the police. Lets see how you'll like that.

    • Miriam

      Untrue.I would just like to say you dont know every single muslim in the world and what gives you the right to say muslims hate whites I am muslim I dont hate or dislike any one because of theyre gender theyre age or theyre religion or theyre colour. And as a fact theyre are alot of whites against muslim people.So how do you think the muslim people feel?

  • Brujo Blanco

    Marie, to answer.your question.they do not settle in Muslim countries.is partly because they consider themselves to be invaders.

    • : O

      They are not invaders, they are just looking for better lives , we all want better lives for ourselves. And not all of them are bad. You people should think before you speak and judge. ( btw i am not talking about this isssue im talking about your comments)

  • aloyicious

    This reminds me of the footage of the street preachers being attacked in Deerborn MI. The adults stood back and let the kids do all their dirty work. It's only a matter of time…

  • Goemon

    This boy just did what he sees his country is doing. UK is killing itself by allowing these barbarians into it. But racist taunts alone can not likely lead to a suicide. I suspect he was raped in a bathroomby one r more of them. But the media probably would cover up such and even the police.

    • tgf6tr7fg

      Barbarians you say. YOU ARE RACIST. YOU ARE WORSE THAN THEY ARE.

  • muman613

    The time is approaching for Anti-Muslim forces to rise against the threat. Bullies only understand one thing, force and lethal force. If these mongrels cannot abide by the law of the land they and their families should be deported to a 3rd rate muslim hellhole.

    • Lucy

      Oh yeah well not all bullies are muslims in fact most of the bullies are white. so maybe it is time for Anti-whites forces to rise. Also, I was being sarcastic in that last sentence because I would never say something like that but you would. That just makes you the racist ( against aisans) bully who is a hypocrite.

      • muman613

        Lucy, nowhere did I say that all bullies are muslims. Yet 90% of the terrorists in the world are muslim, and my brother was a victim of these bullies who use their own children as bombs. Islam is a religion which has aspirations for world control, we know this because their own holy book describes a global caliphate which imposes sharia law on its inhabitants, and non-believers are given the status of dhimmis. A dhimmi is someone who a muslim can bully all he wants without any recourse for the dhimmi. Maybe you think this is racist but it is the historical truth. Close your eyes and it will all go away lucy….

  • anomtade

    As the muslim population increase as ten times as English whites, England will become a muslim country.

  • anonymous

    the profanity of the situtation is awful and how would that head teacher feel if he made the same complaint saying his 9 YEAR OLD SON had committed suicide because of some pupils in the school were bullying him and all the head teacher could say is you chose to came to this school, makes me feel sick to the stomach.

  • Patel

    I am Asian – Hindu not Muslim. I am very deeply saddened that such a beautiful little boy was pushed to this end- i fully denounce the little monstrrs who did this and confer all blame to the obviously hateful parents who raised these little deviants. Asians should not stay silent about this- i pray that aarons parents stay together as Aaron would have wanted, and that they mourn but find peace within themselves knowing Aaron is in a better place for sure. God bless that boy and his family.

    You parents who are responsible for the children who made little Aarons life miserable – i hope you feel and understand the pain that your hateful teachings have brought onto this family.

    Mrs Dugmore please try not to hate all Asians – there are some of us who see your baby and truly feel that if we did would

    • Patel

      … If we could we would have done anythig to save Aarons life.

      I will pray for Aaron and his family…

  • Philip Smeeton

    I have witnessed, in Norway, a teacher threatened with a pistol by a refugee from Afghanistan and a Norwegian pupil robbed in the schoolyard by a Somali that held a knife to the boy's throat. I have also been threatened with violence in the classroom and experienced the lack of will to receive an education that the Muslims demonstrate. European children deserved better than to have criminals forced upon them by Left-Wing theoreticians and to be denied an adequate education due to the undermining of the education system by mass-immigration.

  • lisa

    and UK worries about Eastern European immigrants. i am absolutely disgusted, they should all be dealt with the same way, as if it was a muslim kid. but lets be honest, this wont happened cause that would be racist! wake up people, everyone is talking about equal rights but that only works one way! WHY IS THIS NOT ALL OVER THE NEWS????? they're laughing in our faces cause this whole country is afraid of them!!

  • Jessica

    This isn't all over the news because it ISN'T TRUE – this is a fake story made up to make Asians and Muslim's look bad. If you google the boys name, the only reference to this story are in the Sun and the Daily Mail – no legitimate news site has any information on this story – and in the original story from the Sun, it was Asian's who are supposed to have bullied this kid. on this site it suddenly changed to Muslims. It's a disgusting fake story to whip up hatred for other races in the UK, please people, google sensational stories you hear like this. Unless you see it in legitimate news outlets, it's most likely FAKE, like this one. Don't be so easily lead, just because you read something online like this doesn't mean it's true.

    • pig

      you are a prat

    • ThatDudeEMO

      Wow, so true (I just looked it up). Thank you so much for clearing this mess up!

  • Greg

    Your an idiot Jessica. Most of the Muslims in the UK are Asians… In the UK, the term Asian typically refers to South Asians… which in the Aston district, are overwhelmingly Pakistani. Yes, they reference the story from the Sun… because the Sun was the paper that interviewed the mom and broke the story… But I am more confused as to why you would be so sure that the mom would 'fake' her story about her son's death.

    • Jas

      She is not and you have no write to call someone that you don't know an idiot. That makes you a bully, you have your opinion, but if you say this it makes you just as bad as those bullies. FACT!!!!!!!Ouch

  • erb

    Fake story????
    Are you serious??
    The reason it isnt in any of the other newspapers is because they are all as corrupt and as twisted as each other and will only let you know what they want you to know.The story is true as are the thousand and one other stories like this in the uk. My own 10 year old had exactly the same problem at school so much so that we had to pull him out of that school.I live in an area of bradford where it is 80 percent muslim, a place where my sons and wife cant walk down the street without being shouted at and spit on by gangs of muslims.You really dont have a clue how it is to live in a city where the white english people who were born and raised here are treated like second rate citizens.If my son was to do the same to any muslims he would be expelled and prosecuted.
    As in all cases in the uk racism only works one way!!!!

  • Jane

    I'm so disgusted by you, people of not so Great, when it comes to protect your children, Britain… Do you understand that your children will be next, and then all of you… Is that not your right to live safely in your own country? Do you really hope that you'll get lucky and the muslim armageddon never touch your lives? Aaron didn't have to die for your insensibility and cowardice….You all who still have any human dignity left stand up, get out of your homes, make your government undo the damage, deport muslims from UK without exceptions, make them enjoy themselves in their own countries…. and maybe you'll gain their respect… and a chance to save your nation.

  • raja

    As jessica said above, this IS a fake story and a HOAX .Im not saying that bullying etc doesnt take place ,but this story of aaron dugmore is FAKE !
    Its a very good hoax ,fooled plenty .

  • jassen sanders

    I am disturbed by stories of bullied youth who feel powerless to change their situation and who choose not to seek help from adults.So I thought of searching something that can help me to to somehow lessen this problem. Good thing, I found this mobile-based application which perfect for this kind of emergency. It has a direct routing to the nearest 911. Check this out: http://safetrec.com/

  • lalaland

    this is disgusting but just over some gang of muslims everyone makes a big deal as if we're the bad ones. well not all asians aren't as tapped up as them silly little boys and i graruntee if the situation was the opposite nobody would give a damn. #truesayingpersonally

  • Anon

    I think it is time that this situation exploded into full-scale demonstrations by people across Britain against Muslim predatory behavior (please refer to the widespread grooming and gang rape of young white girls in Britain by muslim youths AND MEN as just one other example). Come on people! If this doesn’t do it, WHAT ON EARTH WILL it take for you to do something?!! Places like Libya and Egypt blow up because of one person dying but in Britain the whites seem to have no balls anymore to show their outrage. If you don’t have BIG nationwide demonstrations that keep going as long as it takes for the dhimmified politicans to be cowed into doing something, then EACH OF YOU are condemning your future daughters and granddaughters to lives of abuse and rape under Sharia law (and grandsons to be killed). HOW can anyone stand by while they are invaded by people with such a barbarous belief system? The “moderate” muslims who come on this forum to attack people who are outraged are either in denial or are somehow ignorant of the teachings of a 6th century cut-throat caravan-raiding pedophile. Because the written teachings of this evil lunatic are specified as the literal word of allah, unlike holy books of other religions which were written by men but only inspired by God, the children of “moderate” muslims can at any time bee quickly radicalized simply by a local imam or Internet imam actually educating them on the teachings and requirements of the koran.

    In the US if something like this bullying-induced suicide were to happen to a black child the liberal press would actively stir it up and jeep it going for months if necessary in order to instigate widespread demonstrations (of course they have to search far and wide for any white-on-black violence, and end up having to settle for cases like the Travon Martin incident, in which the black “kid” was actually the aggressor and the other person wasn’t even white).

    The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and it only needs a few of you to start organizing demonstrations. It is your obligation to your fellow citizens and also to honor the sacrifices your ancestors made to build the nation you live in and keep invaders out.

  • filthykafur

    These vile people are a cancer. A poor innocent child to die like this, that poor little boy. I’m sorry I ever heard the name of Islam.

  • torrrees

    i’ve just started going to school in uk,and i am a foreigner.i am nice to everybody and don’t get in trouble .everybody is nice with me except this group who’s leader is a muslim girl.i would’ve never thought i’d end up being bullied by a child of islam

    • Marrakai

      You are being bullied by a student- the childs sex, or religion doesn’t matter. Speak up about it and get help- remember you will not be the only one this person is making feel sad! You are awesome and the world is great – speak against it – Write a letter to the principle or email the parents and student council .If your shy try not to be specific. Say things like – we have a problem with bullys at this school and there are ways we can fix this- mentor programs – there are things we can do, lets try some.

  • nevermind

    i think its a disgrace this is our country and its like our people has no rights this little boy was so young with his life ahead of him :( IF WE HAD A WAR WOULD THEY FIGHT FOR US I DONT THINK SO THEY WOULD RUN BACK TO THERE OWN COUNTRY

    • Marrakai

      Many of the “they” you speak of come from lands that were colonised and brought forcefully into the commonwealth as a group, the benefits from tax and goods and royalties has been going on for enough time to make it an interesting family of nations. The ‘they” were also probably born here or nationalised with correct visas and other legitimate recognition of right to live in this town. Its doubtfull that your ancestors are from a tiny little village with no others – no scots no viking blood no Nordic, well unless your inbred for like 200000 generations. The world is global and the “they ” are your neighbours your wives, lovers, sisters, students, teachers, taxi drivers, doctors, politicians. Skin colour is just a façade of heritage and culture is the culmination of all that has interacted upon you to create a community identity, the soul inside is all the same- human spirit is not tarnished by the ties of flesh or restricted by the fashions of opinion.

  • Gage

    @filthykafur:disqus bigot wonder why we whites are paying for what are ancestors did centuries ago. At least today, the violence isn’t as bad. I sometimes am mortified of our fellow white’s behavior and now we’re having to suffer for it.

  • Mohamed-Wasib-bin-Wahab

    I feel sorry for these kids. They are going to live their lives being brainwashed by Islam. In the name of Lord Allah. Peace be upon Aaron.

  • Spencer

    Hey dumbasses, this story is fake.

  • Isabella Josephine

    poor boy this makes me sick it gives all asians a really bad name im half white half asian just for that i hate my other race skin is skin people is people we may look different but everyone thinks alike i hope those kids get punched in the face i hope that boy found peace /: this story made me cry.

  • Fred

    These were the conclusions published by the police following their investigation …check this link:
    I guess there will always be hatred and worse amongst multi racial communities when these types of guilty before proven remarks are published.

  • Marrakai

    RIP little man. I hope your family finds peace knowing you are no longer in any pain. I find it weird thought the angle of this story is about race- The key facts of this story are that extreme bulling has caused a child to feel this hopeless and not have the support – or felt he had the support from the school and family to solve the issue. BULLYS are fucked! the race and heritage of the children are irrelevant. They were all students and should be some major waking up about building support and recognising bullies and helping solve those issues.
    Abuse of power is rife – it starts on the school yard where some with more confidence and size and moves into the workplace as people with power- maybe by position or physical confidence – its revolting.

  • Linda

    My daughter is being bullied by an Algerian Muslim girl, in a school in Ealing, who hurts her and threatens her everyday for eating sausages or going to church and for not wearing hijab like she does. They are in year 4 and she always threatens her with remarks like “you will burn in hell” or ” I’m going to kill you”. My daughter is scared and cries because she feels bad she is eating a pig because it’s dirty and that all those who go to church are dirty pigs. We are from the Middle East so she tries to impose these disgusting ideas and scare my little girl and confuse her. She even tries to physically hurt her or injure her and claiming it’s an accident. These minds are a cancer and they will never accept us for being free or liberated.