91.2% of Detroit’s Crimes Go Unsolved

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Honk if you like living in a city run into the ground by Democrats and their Government Class voting wards. Or flee in terror, as the case may be.

Welcome now to Detroit, the last stop in the municipal welfare express. It’s what happens when all the money runs out and anyone who works for a living flees living behind a vast unionized skeleton of municipal services and people who are too lazy to go somewhere else until the whole city burns down.

In other cities, bankruptcy would be a worst case scenario. But in Detroit, it doesn’t even make the Top 10 list.

If you suddenly found yourself gravely ill, injured or even shot, would you call 911? Many people here say the answer is no. Some laugh at the odds of an ambulance appearing promptly, if ever. In Detroit, people map out alternative plans instead, enlisting a relative or a friend.

Being shot is not exactly an unusual event in Detroit.

The Detroit police’s average response time to calls for the highest-priority crimes this year was 58 minutes, officials now overseeing the city say. The department’s recent rate of solving cases was 8.7 percent, far lower, the officials acknowledge, than clearance rates in cities like Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and St. Louis.

Gun control. It really works.

The prospect of a bankruptcy filing — a move that is extremely rare for cities and one that has never happened to an American city as populous as Detroit, with about 700,000 people — worries some residents. They say they fear that bankruptcy would add more stigma to a city that has contracted alarmingly in the decades since it was the nation’s fourth largest, starting in the 1920s, and that it might worsen already bare-bones services.

I don’t think anything could really add more stigma to Detroit. If the whole place was overrun by mutant toxic slime molds from outer space, most people would just shrug. Eh, it’s Detroit.

“Bankruptcy scares me,” said LaTanya Boyce, a nurse practitioner. She urges her patients to treat health concerns before they become acute because, she said, “if they find themselves calling 911, it’s probably too late.”

Much like it’s too late for Detroit.

Ms. Boyce goes to the park for exercise, wearing a fanny pack that at times contains a gun — “Do you see any city police here?” — and bemoaning several locked restrooms that have portable toilets planted in front of them.

“I would love to see it leased to the state,” she said of the park. “They’d take better care.”

Because a system run by a Republican and consisting of voters who are less representative of Detroit would actually do a better job of running Detroit.

There have been times in 2013, the authorities acknowledge, when only 10 to 14 of Detroit’s 36 ambulances have actually been in service. Some of the city’s emergency medical service vehicles have as many as 300,000 miles on them, so they tend to break down.

All this helps explain why Mr. Ponder said he, as so many here, would try to get himself to a hospital before seeking help from Detroit.

“If you have a heart attack, you’re dead,” he said. “There is no such thing around here as ‘in case of emergency.’ ”

All of Detroit is a case of emergency.

An independent authority is already planning to take control of the city’s streetlights, 40 percent of which, Mr. Orr’s office said, were not working in recent months. Similar handoffs are being weighed for the water and sewer services, and possibly more.

But… but privatization is evil. It prevents cities from being run by competent democratically appointed officials who turn it into utopias. Like Detroit.

“People almost feel like the city goes on in spite of city government.”


  • chopper

    uh, how about “flees leaving behind”………….

  • CrazyA$$Cracka

    Detroit is sadly a microcosm of what happens when you let blacks run any first-world polity.

    • ebonystone

      Or any polity at all Just look at the history of Africa since the colonial powers left.

      • OfficialPro

        or the mostly white “anti-gentrification” asses that burn down condominiums and heckle restaurant patrons because they want the Downtown East Side of Vancouver to remain a disgusting slum because that’s the only place poor drug addicted crackheads can “afford” to live.

    • OfficialPro

      Indian bands are much the same way, and it’s not because of the color of their skin or their race. The result is of paternalistic history (Great White Father nonsense, aggreviedness over slavery/lulled into the Great White Father nonsense re: LBJ’s “Great Society”). When the government treats a segment of the population like children, including white people, this is the inevitable result.

  • UCSPanther

    Detroit: Abandon hope all ye who enter here…

  • ebonystone

    “… bare-bones services.”

    I doubt that. I’ll bet that Detroit is loaded with “human rights” offices filled with lots of overpaid drones. Most cities these days are. Public services are no longer just police, fire, and streets and sanitation. And the employees of these offices are all cronies of the mayor and/or the city councilmen, and in return for their cushy, do-nothing jobs are expected to contribute generously to their campaign coffers.
    That’s how black administrations work. (And some white ones, too.)

  • jerry bouchet

    Detroit looks just like the average city in Africa which were once booming economies until the blacks took over its simply history repeating itself. The US will soon look that way after Obummer destroys it.

    • rocketman

      That tool Obama is half white, so don’t give me that bull****. Race has nothing to do with his desire to destroy the country. He only wraps himself in blackness because it makes it harder to fight him in these politically correct times.

      • cjkcjk

        Surely you aren’t that stupid?
        For ALL intents and purposes Barry Sotero is black.

      • The Mad Jewess

        For race having nothing to do with it, he sure uses it all the time

    • OfficialPro

      well, it’s not so much that they’re black. It’s that they’re commie/socialist grievance mongers/race hustlers, too.

  • Supa Brutha

    Better to live free in Detroit than as a slave on whitey’s plantation. Besides, it is now being revealed that many murders in chocolate cities are really done by the white police. You didn’t think you could conceal that FACT forever, did you?

    • HenDanK

      You are being sarcastic, aren’t you?

      • unionville

        Has to be sarcasm. No one could write the stuff Supa Brutha is writing and be serious.

        • OfficialPro

          either that or he is on crack and delusional and seeing whitey shooting black people when no such thing is occurring.

    • cjkcjk

      While the police are only killing the gold toothed, tattooed, hooded, babies that the CIA couldn’t infect with AIDS.

      • OfficialPro

        Cocaine is a helluva drug…

        • cjkcjk

          I guess such obvious sarcasm ain’t so obvious to some!

    • OfficialPro

      dude, put DOWN the crack pipe, and step away slowly.

      Murder in Chicago? Overwhelmingly blacks shooting other blacks.

      WHAT Police? THe po-lice ain’t doin SQUAT in Detroit, let alone wasting their time shooting their masters’ consituents!

    • OfficialPro

      that’s not free. What does “Whitey’s Plantation” look like, anyway? Does it look like anything like the inside of the White House? What is being a slave today? Isn’t it VOTING DEMOCRAT AGAINST YOUR OWN INTERESTS?!

    • The Mad Jewess

      Whitey slave plantation is the Obama administration. Where YOU serve.
      What a liar you are.
      Blacks murder blacks and murder whites.
      Anyone that knows how to use the net now knows this

  • mtnhikerdude

    Liberal Corruption took its toll . Detroit’s City Council should be sharing a cell with
    Kwame .

  • MystiKasT

    Detroit still has a population of more than 700,000 people, where Front Page Magazine jokes that 91 percent of murders go unsolved each year. Hilariously, the writer asks: “Honk if you like Democrats living next to you,” never capable of admitting that it’s black people who are nearly 90 percent of the population of Detroit and who as individuals create the collective conditions of misery, murder, and mayhem in the city.

    • John Pack Lambert

      700,000 was at the census. Many people have wisely moved out since, and about 2,000 have been killed.

  • Amanda

    Where has all the intelligence in this world gone to? Detroit is a prominently black city, there is no doubt about that. The problem does not necessarily fall within the race of the population within the city, but rather within the individuals who run the city. Detroit went bankrupt because city officials failed to reach an agreement that would have prevented them from falling under. The state I live in nearly had the same thing happen, but luckily our governor has a few brain cells left, that prevented that from occurring. Sitting behind a keyboard and playing the race card against the Detroit citizens, against the president and even those from Africa is not helping the situation any. We should be doing more to help the failing families in Detroit, instead of sitting on our asses making fun of it and seeing how many people we could blame in one sentence.

    Comparing detroit to Chicago is not even a fair nor accurate assessment. Chicago see’s about 500 homicides a year, while Detroit’s murder rate up to 54.6% per 100,000, more than 10 times the
    national average and the highest in the country among large cities. You want to compare any city to Detroit, compare it to Oakland, at least they have numbers worth working with. The bottom line is this, those people are suffering in Detroit. They are not just suffering economically, they are suffering psychologically. Knowing that everyday when they walk out of their homes, it could be the last day of their life. The mothers who are hysterical because they just had to bury their baby, who was shot in the mist of gunfire that wasn’t even directed towards them.

    The parents who have everything taken from them when they watch their poor children get hit in the cross fire of two rivals battling it out in the middle of the street. You want to feel bad for them, feel bad for the amount of pain and heart ache they are going through just to survive on a daily basis. Everything else, just doesn’t matter anymore. America is going to shit, and it aint getting any better.