95% of Uninsured African-Americans Eligible for Medicaid or ObamaCare Subsidies


Don’t complain about losing your health insurance. That’s just your white privilege talking.

About six out of 10 uninsured African Americans may be eligible for free or greatly reduced health insurance through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program, according to a new report the government issued Tuesday.

The announcement comes as the Obama administration continues its push to persuade the 20 states that have not expanded Medicaid to do so, including North Carolina, which is one of six states with the highest numbers of uninsured African Americans…

If all states expanded Medicaid, the report found that 95% of uninsured African Americans might be eligible for Medicaid, CHIP or subsidies…

And everyone else?

Well if you like your health plan, you’re out of luck. You’re now on a very expensive version of Medicaid with high premiums and deductibles, which you must purchase or pay a fine, in other to subsidize the people whom ObamaCare was really meant for.

You won’t get to keep your plan or your doctor. But you will get to keep Obama for another three years in which he’ll keep repeating the ObamaCare with as much of your life, your property and your savings as he can get his hands on.

Because what’s wrong with a little redistribution anyway?

  • onecornpone

    Surprise, surprise – Another reparations scheme, al la Pigford of USDA.

    • A Z

      There is a lot of graft and corruption.

      There are a lot of black people piggybacking onto Pigford who were not farmers.

      But Charles Bulter had relatives who were farmers who were denied loans. So there was discrimination.

      But for everyone discriminated against we’ll probably get more than 1 who was not who is just there for the money.

      • onecornpone

        There was discrimination out of ONE Farmer’s Home Administration office, which was proven factual and settled.

        Long after those very few cases had been settled, the race industry activist / lawyers managed to weave many small court rulings into a class action suit, wherein thousands, if not millions were actively solicited and educated on how to break the system.

        It WAS reparations in disguise, as is this DemNoCare debacle.

  • truebearing

    Everything Obama does has a racial component that favors blacks and punishes whites. This has been obvious from the beginning, yet millions of white fools voted in their worst enemy…twice.

    • BagLady

      or perhaps it has nothing at all to do with colour. It just happens that everywhere in the world blacks are the predominate ‘caste’ at the bottom of the heap, so that any help given to the poor appears to favour them over other ‘castes’.

      • Drakken

        So that really means is, that is on the blacks, not the rest of us then right?

        • BagLady

          Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think what you’re saying is that, black people are far more likely to be unemployed in the US and therefore unable to pay their ‘fair share’ of healthcare insurance and must depend on Medicaid. May I presume that the quality of care under Medicaid is not of the same calibre as Medicare? In other words, you get what you pay for — or not — as the case may be.

  • work people

    I don’t blame African Americans – I blame the white liberals that voted, for Obama.

    • PStarr

      “Blacks,” not “african-Americans.” Unless you want to be a toady for them and the white libs.

  • Hass

    What zoo was the above photo taken from?

    • BagLady

      What a telling remark. Not in the least clever.

  • fhgjhn

    Why does this site have a ‘Donate’ option at the top, if it hates liberalism and wealth redistribution so much?

  • BagLady

    As an outsider, can I ask a simple question? How much did you pay before Obamacare for your health Insurance, and how much are you paying now for the same level of cover? America has always had the most expensive health system in the world (ask any insurer) and I wonder if Obamacare has addressed this problem. On the face of it, nothing seems to have changed at the top. the 1% are still raking in the same ludicrous profits and the only change is in the distribution of their largesse. Am I wrong?