A Bad Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Radical Tree

A month before the election that would make Obama the first Democratic Socialists of America member in the White House, another prominent DSA’er wrote a cheerful article about the 160th anniversary of The Communist Manifesto.

Barbara Ehrenreich, the daughter of a Gillette executive, had gone mainstream by writing about poverty in America, but her politics never strayed far from her own roots in a more prosaic Marxism. It wasn’t poverty that Ehrenreich objected to. It was capitalism.

After September 11, Ehrenreich complained that applying the word “evil” to Islamic terrorists made her “nervous.” “The real challenge,” she said, “is to look at terrible acts and try to work our way towards an understanding of how a human being might undertake them.”

But there is one country that the morally ambiguous Barbara Ehrenreich has no difficulty branding as “evil” or refusing to understand. On the list of endorsers for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel, Barbara Ehrenreich’s name appears next to that of her son, Ben.

As the son of John and Barbara Ehrenreich, leftist politics of the worst kind were in Ben Ehrenreich’s DNA, and both mother and son found their calling as pseudo-journalists who exploited other people’s suffering while managing to make the story all about them.

Ben was graced with the typical directionless biography that qualified him to do little except express self-righteous anger on a semi-professional basis. He studied religion at Brown and wrote for alternative newspapers. He packed a backpack and went to dangerous parts of the world and wrote self-centered diatribes about the military-industrial complex.

In Haiti, Ben Ehrenreich declared that Obama’s post-earthquake relief effort was “savage and bestial in its lack of concern for human life.” His Post-Katrina article began by suggesting that New Orleans had been deliberately flooded. In Arizona, he compared policing the Mexican border to the war in Vietnam. One can only imagine what the copy would have read like if he had ever made it to Disneyland.

If Ben’s mother had learned to deliberately tamp down her invective in order to be taken seriously, her son went in the other direction, amping up the volume to hysterical levels until every place he set foot in was the worst place on earth.

After plumbing the depth of such atrocities as the relief effort in Haiti, Arizona border patrols and the plot to flood New Orleans, Ben Ehrenreich eventually found his Disneyland in Israel.

If there was any place where Ben Ehrenreich could fully unleash his histrionic borrowed socio-realist prose filled with dusty landscapes full of hardworking brown peasants threatened by the murderous forces of white capitalist imperialism, it was in the Jewish State. And unlike Haiti or New Orleans, no one would even notice he was writing complete barking lunacy.

Barbara Ehrenreich had found her niche by pretending to care about working people. Her son found his niche by learning to hate Jews. While there’s only so much gain in accusing America of genocide in New Orleans or Haiti; there is a bottomless market for accusations of genocide against Israel.

In a Harper’s article, the same place that helped his mother rocket to fame with her “Nickel and Dimed” stunt, Ben Ehrenreich informed readers that the Jews stole the water from the Muslims. In medieval times, Jews were accused of poisoning the wells. Now they were being accused of emptying them. By the time the screed concluded, the water-stealing Jews stood accused of starting the Six Day War for water and of hydrological ethnic cleansing.

But Ben Ehrenreich couldn’t be satisfied with chanting “No Blood for Water.” In an LA Times op-ed he declared that Zionism was the only reason that Jews and Arabs couldn’t get along, introduced a reference to Israel as “the Hitlerian concept” and informed readers that his Marxist grandparents (on his father’s side) saw Zionism as a distraction from class warfare.

“It has been all but impossible to cry out against the Israeli state without being smeared as an anti-Semite,” Ben Ehrenreich complained in the same whiny tone of every bigot outraged at the unfairness of the social disapproval for bigotry. And then he went on to denounce Israel as worse than South Africa, equate Hamas with Israel and to propose the destruction of Israel as the only solution to terrorism.

Having done all that, the man who exposed the plot to flood New Orleans with water and the Jewish conspiracy to steal all the water, was stuck on the horns of a dilemma. Once you’ve called for the destruction of Israel, where do you go next? The answer is Disneyland. For professional provocateurs like Ehrenreich, whose M.O. is to always escalate the violent rhetoric, Disneyland is spelled “Intifada.”

“If There Is a Third Intifada, We Want to be the Ones Who Started It,” Ehrenreich’s New York Times Magazine cover story headline screams. The “we” was meant to refer to the rogue’s gallery of anti-Israel portraits decorating the cover, but of course it really referred to Ben Ehrenreich who had finally found his Disneyland in a village filled with terrorists. The sort of men who were willing to do what he could only write about.

Ehrenreich’s prose lavishes a great deal of love on the ground, the hills and a swing set. But in his prose, murdered Jews are stripped of all context and identity. They are objects, vague and formless. When a Jew is murdered, he is described only as a “settler” without gender or name.

A cousin of the man whom Ben Ehrenreich’s article is designed to glorify participates in the murder of children in a family restaurant and Ehrenreich dryly describes the atrocity in the passive voice. “Fifteen people were killed, eight of them minors.” One of those passively murdered minors was Hemda, a 2-year-old girl. But that 2-year-old girl is very minor to Ben Ehrenreich.

The fictional novelist-slash-fictional journalist who strives so hard to bring color and life to an argument over a spring has no color or life to spare for entire families wiped out by having nails and bolts from a bomb driven through their bodies while eating lunch. They are non-persons. Water thieves who start all the wars and distract from all the Marxist class struggles.

Like so many of the protest tourists trooping through West Bank towns in $150 keffiyehs hoping to throw some stones over the weekend, sniff some tear gas and then brag about it to everyone back home in Berkeley or Olympia; Ben Ehrenreich is bored.

Wars are his Disneyland. Like his mother, he lives by exploiting misery, feeding off other people’s suffering and passing off the results as political outrage. The New York Times insists on calling Ben Ehrenreich a freelance journalist, but he’s just another privileged political activist looking for a fight. Israel happens to be the place where he can find it.

Ben Ehrenreich searched for his Disneyland in Afghanistan, Mexico, Haiti, Los Angeles and New Orleans. But those places are dangerous and the only real danger in Israel comes from the terrorists whose side he is on.

Like so many privileged children of privileged parents, Ben Ehrenreich is still looking for somewhere to play Peter Pan in a keffiyeh and for someone else to start a war that he won’t get hurt in. If there is to be a Third Intifada, he wants to be the one who started it and wrote about it. And then in the footnotes he will mention, in the passive voice, that some settler minors were killed in the fighting.

If Ehrenreich’s Third Intifada has begun, its first victim may have been Adele Biton, a 3-year-old girl, critically injured after a rock throwing attack.

Just another minor little body. Another victim of the war a bored leftist is so eager to start.

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  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    The fact that reds embrace greens is nothing new. They have been locking arms for many years, mostly due to their hatred for the west, and the "imperialist outpost" of Israel. It is also a fact that leftist/Marxist Jews are a breed apart in their vitriol. And to understand their psyche, one must really place them on a collective psychiatric couch – calling Dr. Kenneth Levin!!

    Regardless, the harm they cause is incalculable. Therefore, they too are the enemy, and must be treated as such – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/08/08/leftism-letha
    May they choke on their own bile. And the advice given within, how to deal with our tormentors, should be applied to them, even if Jewish, by accident of birth – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/03/03/an-authentic-
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/


      In Genocidal Acts of Terrorism:
      The Evil Zionist Infidels have stolen all the water from the wells of Muslims;
      And with it flooded the the city of New Orleans in perpetuation of duel
      Acts of Genocide against Arabs and African-Americans! -Ben Ehrenreich
      LOL! Daniel, You are an awesome wordsmith my friend; GOD SPEED!

      • defcon 4

        Funny stuff. I'll bet it would be headline in PressTV.

  • Ghostwriter

    This Ben Ehrenreich sounds like a annoying twit. I'd hate to be anywhere near him.

    • Mary Sue

      yeah, a red diaper baby that never grew out of his idiocy.

      • defcon 4

        A RICH, red diaper baby.

    • SIgi

      For all you know, we've put up with him under the ever-changing names of shrill trolls that never seem to understand sense when presented to them. He sounds like the kind of person one flags and scrolls by.

  • No One

    I love it. A very well written piece. True and applicable to the many Hanoi Janes and pretty Hollywood faces that have deceived so many young people. The article reminded me of John Kerry. Leftist progressive activists…what a bunch of phonies.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "After September 11, Ehrenreich complained that applying the word “evil” to Islamic terrorists made her “nervous.” “The real challenge,” she said, “is to look at terrible acts and try to work our way towards an understanding of how a human being might undertake them.”"

    By following Mo. Next question.

    Oh yeah. Now you can call them evil.

  • Poupic

    When that piece of garbage appear in the garbage bin called The N.Y. Time I was waiting for my wife and saw this “article” about this village waiting to start the next Intifada. I saw the pictures and could not get myself to read it. I was too nauseated.

  • Chezwick

    How good was this piece, folks? Daniel uses his acerbic wit, his appreciation of irony, and his literary depth to great effect…

    "Wars are his Disneyland"…

    "The sort of men who were willing to do what [Ehrenreich] could only write about"….

    " “Fifteen people were killed, eight of them minors.” One of those passively murdered minors was Hemda, a 2-year-old girl. But that 2-year-old girl is very minor to Ben Ehrenreich….

    There is a moral clarity here that is only elevated by such facility for language. One can anticipate a decade from now, after the sun sets on giants like David Horowitz, Daniel will be front and center, a genuine flag-ship for the cause of human freedom, telling it like it is, in his characteristically stylistic way.

    • tagalog

      War is not Ehrenreich's Disneyland; Ehrenreich would defecate in his trousers and run like hell if he had to face real war. It's dreams and fantasies of war that are Ehrenreich's Disneyland.

      Even a punk traitor like John Walker Lindh has the edge on Ehrenreich when it comes to hearing a round or two fly by.

      I'll never forget the trapped, horrified look on the faces of some self-styled revolutionaries back in the 1960s, when I invited them to come to the range with me to get some orientation to firearms and do some target shooting. You'd think I'd asked them to shovel cow manure with their hands.

      Why in the name of Heaven would the United States government concoct a plot to flood New Orleans? To pick on the blacks? Is that a joke?

    • Randy CA

      Daniel has become my number one, daily "must read" for exactly what you say. "Complete barking lunacy" — such delicious prose, perfectly placed. But it is not just his craftsmanship but also his insights that I find so impressive.

      • mlcblog

        Completely. Me, too, though I can't do daily. Gotta work.

    • trickyblain

      "How good was this piece, folks?"

      Meh. Preaching to the choir is easy. Being convincing and thought-provoking? Not so much.

      To a casual reader, he's off-putting. To one who actually looks into his claims and "quotations," he's blatantly dishonest. Just last week, he severed a quote in half, inserted his own period, and completely changed the meaning of a "quote" to attack a perceived enemy. His blogs following the election were hypercharged with insane rumors reported as fact. Most of his articles are off-the-rails attacks on people I've never heard of (i.e., this one).

      Based on what I've read, you're a far more compelling writer, Chezwick. Because — whether I agree with you or not — you are clearly honest. And honesty, along with brevity. are two of the most important aspects of getting a point across on paper.

      • Drakken

        Son, you wouldn't know truth if it came up and bit you in your leftist azz.

      • HoR_Emperor

        Really? A quote severed in half, that's all you've got?


  • g_jochnowitz

    It wasn't capitalism that Barbara Ehrenreich objected to; it was freedom. Marxism and Islam are united in their struggle against free thought and Israel. http://www.jochnowitz.net/Essays/MarxIslam.html
    As far as Haiti is concerned, Israel was the first country to set up a field hospital in Haiti after the earthquake. http://www.thejc.com/news/world-news/26252/israel

  • jakespoon

    Just another self-important A-hole who,if he was half as smart as he thought he was,he would actually be twice as smart as he really is.

  • sebyandrew

    A fine article and some very good comments so far.

  • tagalog

    Ben Ehrenreich would be right at home among the old-time radicals of the 1960s. His paranoid accusations and pain-in-the-neck superior bourgeois assumptions sound exactly like them.

    If he's true to form, one day he will be well-to-do and then he'll look down on people not because of his politics but because he has more money.

  • Arlie

    The spoiled brat spawns of the elitist liberals trained in nothing but mocking and intimidation to maintain their elite, nose in the air status, offer commentary as if they align with the plight of "the poor" while, in fact, instead of starting a company and providing jobs and a way to self-respect and dignity they spread corruption, cruelty, injustice, waste and delusion. The enemy of freedom and truth is the liberal ruling class. They are imposters; deceivers calling evil good and good evil.

  • Edward Cline

    Ben Ehrenreich apparently learned his journalism skills by attendng the Bill Ayers Correspondence School of Writing. The School's ad ran in the New York Times and Village Voice, boasting, "You, too, can be a Weatherman of the Printed Word! First Lesson Free! All materials supplied, including a copy of Das Kapital!"

  • Glennd1

    I'm going to shock folks here who know me and applaud this article for the most part. While I am actually anti-Zionist, I'm horrified by Islamism even more so. Sadly, the Palestinians fate is so intertwined with Islamism, and given their extensive use of terrorism as a primary military strategy, it's impossible to support their violent struggle morally. At least in Israel there is real, open dialog in intellectual and political circles with different views and policies. I don't see the PA and the Israeli govt as equivalent political or governing systems.

    That said, it doesn't let Israel off the hook for the things it did in '48 but that isn't the point today. Being anti-Zionist, I'm often confronted with the kind of hysterical statements made by Ben by folks who think I'm a supporter of their Israeli hatred – which is the opposite of the case. Comparisons with say, apartheid South Africe only really tell you how little the speaker knows about apartheid. I'm sympathetic also to considering whether hysterically vicious critics like him are anti-semitic.

    I have a little technique I now use with such people to ferret out the anti-semites. I ask them if they would support political asylum/refugee status for the Jews here in the U.S.? I'm surprised by how many wouldn't and when I catalog the contributions to U.S. society Jews make, and their very real fear of extermination, they seem unmoved. I have encountered quite bigoted and racist leftists, there were more than a couple of them in the Occupy blah blah movement.

    I do get angry when I get tarred with the same brush though. I can be anti-Zionist and see Jews positively. If the truth about me were known, I'd have to be considered a bit of a Jew lover if you look at my friends and girlfriends. I would welcome the Jewish people into this country with open arms. I was born and raised on Long Island, and grew up with lots of Jews around me, have been to temple and barmitzvahs and even a bris. But to me, they have no legit claim to Palestine. Okay, so some Zionists went and took it, and the British helped them erect it and then the U.N. enforced it – but that doesn't make it right. But even then, my morality isn't so incensed. It's what happened next, the expulsion of 650,000 Arab Mulims from their homes.

    The hysterical demonization of Israel on the left is ugly for sure. I only want the U.S. to step back from Israel – I don't want us to take the Palestinian side. Let the Jews and the arabs figure out how to live with each other, or let the Jews come here. Guys like Ben go to an entirely more insane level and I hate being lumped in with vicious idiots like him.


    • jerome

      obama confirmed the ancient history of the jews and their valid claim to the land. one cannot just right off the various acts that were passed to create the state of israel in 1947. and many jews were expelled from their homelands in the surrounding areas too, placres their families had lived for centuries.
      some of the land was sold to jews and even the land that was eventually allotted to the jews was a small part of what it should have been. the jews made it work despite being attacked from day one, the arabs did not and are still smarting after their ignominious defeats at the hands of the ragged jews.
      long live israel.

    • stern

      Sigh indeed. You spend a lot of time and many words telling us what a wonderful soul you are, but you continue to drop hints like "what the Jews did in 1948" and they "took" the land. Those hints do not gibe with your claims to be a lover of Jews.

      I suggest you read what Martin Luther King Jr. had to say about anti-Zionism. Then read a bit of history – the real stuff, not Ilan Pappe or Benny Morris. Find out about the San Remo Conference of 1921, which set aside more than enough land for both Arabs and Jews. Don't miss the story of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the Hebron Massacre.

      Learn how not one Arab needed to move from the Holy Land when Israel was created, a sad fact obliterated by the invasion of 5 Arab armies intent on finishing Hitler's work. Read about the Arab leaders calling for their people to get out of the way while they "pushed the Jews into the sea".

      Get past your nonsense and then maybe I'll believe you. But as long as you continue with your "anti-Zionism", you leave me no choice but to reach the conclusion you've been trying to avoid. Quite simple, GlennD1, anti-Zionism IS anti-Semitism.

    • Headed4TheHills

      Interesting, Glennd1, no claim to Israel? Really? Jus' gonna discount the tons of archaeological evidence pointing to Hebraic residency in the area, are you? Find one iota of "Palestinian" evidence. What was Palestine's capital? It's national language? It's flag? Can't, can you? Wanna know why? Because "PALESTINE" NEVER EXISTED. That name was used to remove references to Judea, Samaria, and other Hebraic names from maps. Why? Because of anti-Semitism. And Palestine derives from Philistine (Israel's ancient enemy). Oh, and Philistines were of Grecian origin, not Arabic. These modern Palestinians are nothing more than Arab squatters. They are kept in squaller in the Muslim occupied sections for a reason, you know. That way, the Muslims (who want the land for themselves) can keep pointing to the horrid conditions and say, "See? Israel is evil. Remove them from this area so we can live in peace." What a pant-load. Mark Twain visited the country when it was under Arabic / Muslim control and compared it to Hell, blasted and ruined. The Israeli's have turned the land into an oasis in the desert. But you don't hear that in the main-stream media, do you? No. Why? Because the MSM Progressive Liberals are violently anti-Semitic.

      My, how I ramble when my BS-detector goes off. I'll stop and let others, more learned than I, take up educating you in the truth.

    • Menachem Mevashir

      Great comment. Perhaps you would like to see my essay on Zionism Nazism and the Bible Codes? Turns out that Hitler tried to force European Jews back to Palestine, but the Brits blocked it. Also turns out that British and American evangelicals back to the time of Queen Victoria promoted the idea of Zionism long before the Jews organized themselves politically. Write to me at: mevashir5773 AT yahoo DOT com for more information. And check out book by Victoria Clark: Allies for Armaggedon.

      • HoR_Emperor

        Perhaps you should go screw yourself, anti-Semitic self-hating Leftist troll.

    • Silverio Facundo

      Another self-delusional moron who thinks that since he has been "even to a bris" and he would welcome "Jews to come here", the he's clear of the antisemite tag. Like any other stupid liberal, he's OK with every nationalistic movement across the world, except if it favors Jews. Zionism is THE nationalistic movement of the Jews, as valid as the emancipation winds that swept Europe in the 18 and 19 centuries to rid themselves of the church and the monarchy, as valid as the aspirations of black Africa for self-rule, as valid as the ex-USSR countries to free themselves from the Soviet boot. Jews are maligned by everyone and wanted by no one. That's why they need their own piece of territory. Jews have longed for Jerusalem for 2000 years, longer than the history of Christianity and certainly of Islam. Jews were a sovereign nation in Judea way way long before there was a Rome or a Bizantium or a British Empire or a U.S.A. By being an anti-Zionist you are automatically a Jew-hater, no matter how much you try to conceal that. Like the medieval church and the classical Europe, you are denying Jews the basic right to self-determination and self-rule.

      Antisemites like you are anti-Zionist because you cannot stomach the fact of a strong, proud Israel, home to 6 million Jews, that is capable not only to defend itself from thugs like you, but to push them back to where they came from. You cannot stand the fact of a fighter jet with the Star of David on it, or a tank with hebre letters that could send 20 islamist back to their hate-mongering idol at the press of a button. You cannot stand the fact that in spite of preparing itself for war, Israel is a bastion of peace and hope, a leader in science, technology, in agriculture and medicine.

      You are the essence of anti-Zionist "Jew lovers" who are so open-minded they even attend Jewish bar-mitvahs. They like their Jews subdued, constrained, limited to be destructed when any unimportant chieftain decides its time for a riot or a pogrom or a murder spree. Full of eulogies for dead Jews, but quick to slander and malign any living free Jews.

      Unfortunately for you, Jews in reborn Israel are a reality. Your muslim friends have failed to disengage them from their rightful land. Anti-Zionist are blind to that wise remark "if arabs laid their weapons down, there'd be peace. If Israel laid its weapons down, there'd be no Israel"

      • stern

        What a great post! Thanks SF!

      • HoR_Emperor

        Anti-Semitic Leftist troll. Begone.

      • HoR_Emperor

        Self-hating Jew and anti-Semitic Leftist troll, spouting nonsense. Begone.

    • C.Gee

      The "hysterical demonization" of Israel begins with the propaganda – the Palestinian "narrative" – about Israel's original sin of expulsion of the Arabs. Jews, after all, were expelled from their homes in
      To deny the legitimacy of Israel – and not the Arab states created by the same Powers, or any other nation state on the planet – does seem to be singling out Israel in way that strongly suggests a special animus against Jews collectively. And the "some of my best friends are Jews" line is usually a fig leaf for naked anti-Semitism. As for the "welcome" you would offer Jews – that may well be temporary. The history of Jews as grace-and-favor guests in the nations of Europe (Christendom) and Islam was not a happy one. Your "little technique" works only to separate honest bigotry from fraudulent tolerance. I would place you in the same goat pen as Ben, despite your gentle baa-ing.

      • HoR_Emperor

        Only the Leftist ones, stupid anti-Semitic self-hating troll.

    • pagegl

      What did Israel do in 1948? It was attacked by a vastly larger coalition of armies from their neighbors and somehow it managed to defend itself and defeat the aggressors.

      They certainly had and have a claim to Judea. Several thousand years worth of claim. And still in the years preceding 1948, much of what is now Israel was bought and paid for by Jews; the previous owners were more than willing to charge outrageous prices for land they thought was useless.

      And about the 650,000 Muslims forced from their homes… bull. The vast majority left willingly after their Muslim brethren told them to leave Israel so they would not be in the way when the Arab armies attacked and overran in1948; the problem came when they weren't able to carry through with their bluster. The fake Palestinian issue was created by the countries surrounding Israel and they continue to abet the problem.

      • defcon 4

        It's worse, in some cases in '48', the muslimes sold their properties to the Jews fully expecting to come back and regain their properties over the dead bodies of the Jews they sold it to.

    • F.K. Juliano

      What were 650,000 Arab Muslims doing in Israel? Israel is not Arabia, just as Spain is not Arabia. The Muslim conquest of Spain was reversed, though it took over 700 years. By the grace of God, so was that of Israel. I'm Armenian on my mother's side. If Armenia ever managed to undo the Turkish conquest of most of its territory, I'm sure I'd hear you and others with just a little knowledge rail about the "injustice" against the poor, dispossessed Turks.

      Why is it legitimate for Muslims to take someone's else land by force but illegitimate to oppose their banditry and their imperialism?

      • defcon 4

        Bravo to that last interrogative.

    • defcon 4

      The same ole lie the modern day nazis and muslo-fascists spin: "I'm not anti-semitic, I'm anti-zionist". Yawn.

    • Ghostwriter

      Well,Glennd1. That's what you get when you try to get rid of a pro-American democracy like Israel and replace it with an anti-American dictatorship like what many Palestinians seem to want.

    • Drakken

      How many effing times does it take for you to understand a simple effing concept? Israel is a western ally with our western values, the effing savage muslims are the enemy and are not and never will they be allied with us, and that includes Turkey. If Israel falls to the muzzys, we are next, it is that goddamn simple but your too bloody dense to get it.

    • Asher

      Interesting how you claim you are an anti-zionist and yet pretend to support Freedom and the Jewish people….Israel did what any other nation would do, defended their freedom….Israel also gave up land for peace in good faith, only to be lied to and treaties broken again and again by the Palestinians and other islamic terrorists..and what was their reward….more rockets into cities for no good reason, only to provoke and kill Israelis and some Arab too….Americans who love the One true God, also love Israel, they are God's people and our people!

    • HoR_Emperor

      A week ago you promised "my last post here, forever." Now you're back.

      So in addition to being a stealth anti-Semite, you're also a straight up liar.

  • Menachem Mevashir

    Pathetic character assassination and ad hominen attacks. Exactly what you warn your commentators against!. All you do is make personal attacks on these people. Perhaps their concern and compassion for the less than privileged irks you and incites the satan inside of you to attack and denigrate them? Perhaps you don't like being an intellectual call girl for the financial elite? Or perhaps you're just jealous of their interview in the NY Times Magazine? Who really cares what motivates you. It's enough to see that you can't write a coherent rebuttal of their points but simply resort to throwing a temper tantrum. "Pseudo journalist"? What have you done to prove that you are anything other than a presstitute for the whoreporate mass media?

    • HoR_Emperor

      Leftist troll, self-hating Jew, and anti-Semite. Begone.

  • http://www.clarespark.com clarespark

    Perhaps it was only a figure of speech, but I object to the notion that young Ehrenreich got his radicalism from his parents' DNA. He was indoctrinated from early childhood, and never had a chance to develop his own political outlook. He is still young and could change as did many a leftist before him, including James Burnham, whose big book his parents ripped off in their theory of a new class "the professional-managerial class" much read during the heyday of the New Left and before that by major professors and journalists. I have argued that "middle management" is inclined toward sadomasochism, as I describe here: http://clarespark.com/2009/07/13/eros-and-the-mid…. "Eros and the middle manager: s-m with implications for multiculturalism."

  • laurence

    Glennd1, you have not began to understand, have you?
    Israel was created so Jews do not depend on someones' willingness to receive them with the open arms anywhere. Jews know only too well that no one nowhere is going to prioritise them when that is required. So, they take care of themselves, pretty much in the sme style that all other nations and ethnicities do.
    What did happen exactly to the native Americans and Kiwis when the US and New Zealand were coming into being? What happened to native Siberians hwne Russian empire expanded. Do you have any idea? You probably do not , hence your 'anti-Zionism'.

  • maybeushouldtravel

    character assassination and smearing, classic obsessions of the authoritarian far right

    • defcon 4

      But much abused and preferred by the leftist and their allies, the islamofascists in the here and now.

    • HoR_Emperor

      Leftist troll. Begone.

    • Mary Sue

      you're doing the exact same thing, classic obsessions of the authoritarian far Left.

  • mlcblog

    said that she herself "had two abortions during my all-too-fertile years"

    This is from the Mom's Wikipedia page. She admits she kills her own children. How destructive and blind is that? and then touts it as if it were a good thing!!

    • F.K. Juliano

      Looking at Ben Ehrenreich's work and his smug smile, I think she should have gone for a hat trick. I'm Catholic and opposed to abortions on principle, but I can't avoid that thought.

      • mlcblog

        Totally. I feel you. However, we know we can't really advocate that any more than my sometimes crazy fleeting fantasy of blowing someone away somehow. It's all murder…..but I think, being human, it does cross our minds. It's when we harbor it that we get into trouble, huh? I dunno about you, but I really have to keep a lid on it sometimes…think about something else, get philosophical, pray, something!!

  • tagalog

    "(H)ad two abortions during my all-too-fertile years."

    There are women who would weep tears of envy about the "all-too-fertile" aspect of that remark.

    • Mary Sue

      one abortion too few by looks of it…

      • tagalog

        She was all too fertile when it came to conceiving Ben Ehrenreich, all right.

  • Menachem Mevashir

    Ya'all ought to recognize that Daniel and his boss David Horowitz are enemies of Christ and enemies of Christendom. So if you choose to admire them you are defiling your faith in Jesus. They are experts at character assassination, ad hominem attacks and innuendos. They fancy themselves as great reporters. Let's see, have they written about:

    1. The coverup of 9-11 Truth?
    2. The bailouts to welfare corporations to support cancer capitalism?
    3. The illegal Fed run by their coreligionists?

    This kind of attack is just a smokescreen to divert us from the real agenda of the takeover of the world and the takedown of goyim.

    See this about what the Neoconmen and other misanthropes have done to our society: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPKKQnijnsM&li

  • Menachem Mevashir

    Daniel fancies himself an expert in radical Islam? Well here's my take on it: Moslems don't support abortion, don't become alcoholics, respect the modesty of women, and don't drive prayer out of their schools. So if Daniel wants to judge someone, perhaps he can start with his fellow Jews who do all the above plus run Hollywood like a soft porn entertainment mecca and and run our mass media like a disinformation mass propaganda center.

    Daniel also can ponder in his private moments that perhaps Islam is a measure for measure consequence of Judaism's rejection of Christ in favor of a conquering warring Davidic king. Mohammed is that king they desired in place of Jesus.

    Daniel's whole posture is typical of Jews who endlessly fault find with those around them (and over the horizon too) and ignore their own responsibilities right here at home.

    Folks, it's all just drama queen journalism designed to distract you from the Jewish agenda. I know because I used to be one of them before I converted to Christianity in 2000.

    Shalom baShem Yeshua – :Peace in the Name of Jesus!

    • Silverio Facundo

      First of all, good riddance! Christians will certainly be proud of counting you among their ranks, and antisemite Christians will be thrilled. They might parade you in a cage to show off as another Jew who saw the light and an ex-Jew that enjoys bullying Jews.

      Second you seem to be very knowledgeable about "the Jewish agenda", whatever that means. Maybe you sat in an ivory tower up there somewhere, together with some sick bastards, Jewish of course, looking down on the rest of us, planning whose life to ruin, which business to destroy, what government to take over. Please, illustrate us ignorants about the thrills of such monumental tasks.

      Third, lots of both observant and secular Jews "don't support abortion, don't become alcoholics, respect the modesty of women, and don't drive prayer out of their schools." Why, you may be surprised, even lots of Protestants and Catholics do so too. It´s not proprietary to muslims. Your remark is stupid and bigoted, as it pretends to single out muslims as the only ones capable of some decency. And you might be very presently surprised to get to know that muslims are the top porn-site visitors, the worst sex offenders, that the slimy oil-soaked sheiks from Qatar and Bahrein and that super-dumpster, Saudi Arabia, are number one consumers of drug and users of prostitution rings. So much for your muslim modesty.

      Enjoy your newly found faith and pray that it helps you become a better human being. You need it badly.

      • stern

        Silverio, do not be fooled, this person is NOT Jewish. He pretends to have a Jewish name and uses Hebrew words, but even those words are a blasphemy. This person is nothing more than a sick, Jew hating piece of filth and while I appreciate your taking the time to respond to him, he frankly isn't worth it.

        • Mary Sue

          apparently he claims to have converted to Christianity out of Judaism.

        • Menachem Mevashir

          If you email me I will be glad to send you proof that I am from a Jewish family and in fact have Israeli citizenship. Dang, you people are hateful.

          Of course Orthodox Jews dont support abortion, but secular Jews, both "liberal" and neconservative (false dichotomy) comprise 80% of American Jewry and the vast majority of the Jewserers on Wall(ed off from God) Street.

          Do you people know about Lucky Larry Silverstein pulling WTC #7 after he insured it for 10x the value he paid for it only three months before 9-11. I guess God's Chosen get all the luck.

          And they certainly count on gentile shmucks to pander to them.

          • stern

            I don't need "proof" that you are Jewish. You have provided enough proof that you have relinquished any claims you may have to being Jewish – or even human – and have simply become hateful and hate-filled. I will waste no more time on you.

          • HoR_Emperor

            We don't give a damn about anything you say, cretin.

      • Mary Sue

        Someone better tell that guy above you that Moslems think he is unclean!

        • HoR_Emperor

          Go to Hell, scumbag.

        • Mary Sue

          Um, dude. How delusional are you? The Muslims will smile in your face as they stab you in the back. Make no mistake, they are gunning for all Infidels.

          Did you not hear about the Jewish doctor who thought that being charitable with health care providing to the Palestinians would make them his friends? And they kept the charade up too…right up until they murdered him.

      • HoR_Emperor

        Yes, you are. You're also a Leftist scumbag, an anti-Semite, and a malignant hate-filled liar.

      • Silverio Facundo

        This guy/girl/thing Menachem Mevashir get his kicks out of posting filth in a place where he knows will get the attention he doesn´t get anywhere else, as he is a pathetic minnow swimming hopelessly along and alone.

        He certainly doesn't deserve any answer but of course he knows he/she/it generates a lot of controversy. He's an ex-Jew, an ex-Ultra Orthodox, an ex-soldier, an ex-security guard and an ex-expert in the advancement of the "Jewish agenda". An expert in Jesus and an expert in maligning Jews left and right. For such a wonderful, experienced guy, he seems pretty devoid of any real substance and he is an actual prototype of an internet troll. His newly acquired Christianity has't helped him a bit, and maybe now he should try islam. After all, it´s the religion of choice of the hate-filled, un-educated, criminally-oriented useless sad douche-bags who spill their vitriol for their lack of an actual life.

    • Mary Sue

      Moslems will deny you your beer, abort your girls, force women into tents (no they don't respect the modesty of women, they FETISHISE it and that is NOT healthy!) and drive EVERY prayer other than their own out of countries they control.

      You think the Moslems will let you pray to Jesus in peace? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

      By the way, you're not allowed in Mecca. Or in some parts of Medina. Just sayin'.

      • defcon 4

        I'm certain he'll be welcome in Mecca. In fact, I think he should visit it right now and begin publicly proclaiming his faith, loudly and proudly.

        • Drakken

          I'll get the beer out and lets watch the show Defon, now wouldn't that be the darnest thing to watch?

    • HoR_Emperor


    • defcon 4

      Strange how a "Christian" has such high regard for islam. You would almost think he would rather be a "Moslem" than a Christian. But we live in strange times…

  • tagalog

    That smug look on his face in the photo just makes me want to do a tap dance on his throat.

    • mlcblog

      me, too

  • Mike MD

    Little Ben is a poster-child for malignant narcissm. Poor chap is blissfully unaware of his psychopathy because he grew up soaked in it. Neurotics build castles in the air, psychotics live in them (hi there, Ben), and psychiatrists charge the rent. Will a psychiatrist please stand up and start making Ben pay his way?

  • mlcblog

    In all good conscience, I must say that when I read the plight of the working poor in the Wikipedia entry about his mom, I had to agree with much of it. However, these guys, mom and son, seem to be part of the left that has flown in their minds far past socialism and the anti-Americanism that was introduced in the late 1950's here, most notably in my experience by the I.F.Stone weekly, so far out that they imagine all kinds of things!! My experience with the left is that they are extremely paranoid and delusional and thus imagine enemies coming to get them from all directions and they continue to convince each other of these thoughts.

  • Joel

    The real challenge,” she said, “is to look at terrible acts and try to work our way towards an understanding of how a human being might undertake them.”

    Agreed. Posthumously.

  • Guest

    Daniel, great article, but frankly- I hate to see you squander your brand, and your time and good energy on this nitwit, who is only about two DNA strands up from the bottom of the gene pool where Jim Carey slithers about in the ooze.

  • eddy.canuck

    I think you are being very cruel to Peter Pan. http://jewishquarterly.org/2008/04/jewish-self-ha