A Left-Wing America Stands Alone

obama-bidenAmerican progressives like to think of their country as backward and reactionary compared to Europe. And they have never been more right than now when Europe and the rest of the First World have gone right while America under Obama has been left back.

Recently Australia, Japan and Norway welcomed in conservative governments. Tony Abbott, Australia’s new prime minister, is a former heavyweight boxer who attended Oxford and is putting a spoke in the wheel of the Global Warming ecohoax. Japan is casting off its pacifism and standing up to the People’s Republic of China and Norway gave its left-wing government the boot and moved in “Iron Erma” in a coalition with the libertarian Progress Party which opposes taxes and immigration and supports free enterprise.

Australia, Japan and Norway are not outliers. The majority of First World countries now have conservative governments.

Canada has embraced a patriotic foreign policy and energy exploration under Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his conservative Likud party have continued to move Israel’s economy toward free enterprise. And even in the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron, for all his follies, is a conservative, even if he is more McCain than DeMint, and has pushed for deregulation and welfare reform.

Sweden’s center-right coalition government has won re-election for the first time in a century. Norway and Sweden, countries that Americans used to consider the very embodiments of Socialism, now both have conservative governments.

In Germany, Angela Merkel will serve a third term as chancellor.  The Netherlands still has a conservative government which has come out against multiculturalism and the welfare state.

In Spain, the center-right People’s Party won the biggest majority of any party in three decades and is projected to win reelection. In Poland, the center-right Civic Platform continues to govern. In Greece, it’s the center-right New Democracy. In Portugal, it’s the Social Democratic Party and the People’s Party (somewhat on the right, despite their names). In Iceland, it’s the conservative Independence Party and the Progressive Party (also on the right, despite its name.)

Even Europe’s left-wing parties have had to adapt to the new economic environment. Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons, has suffered a severe setback in municipal elections and is scrambling to hold her left-wing government together. And even Thorning-Schmidt only made it this far by embracing welfare reform, cutting corporate taxes and slashing unemployment benefits.

The rule of the radical left in the United States is very much an outlier in the rest of the First World where conservative and center-right parties predominate. The conventional First World response to the economic crisis has been to cut spending and reform welfare, while in the United States has spent more money than ever before and expanded welfare.

Much of Europe now favors less federalism and less immigration. The United States has expanded its federal government dramatically and both Democratic and Republican leaders support amnesty for illegal aliens at a time when immigration is politically toxic everywhere else.

The American left insists that historical inevitability is on its side, but it has lost nearly everywhere else.

America stands alone under the rule of the left, in uncontrolled spending, uncontrolled immigration and the iron hand of the welfare state.

America’s massive wealth and resources have allowed the left to act as if it could borrow against them indefinitely to finance its big government schemes. Smaller countries don’t have the luxury of running up infinite debts and not worrying about how they will be paid back or pretending that impossible rates of economic growth will compensate for trillion dollar deficits.

America is the left’s economic fantasyland because it has so much that they imagine that it will take a long time to bankrupt.

Europe is dominated by parliamentary democracies where it would have been difficult for an executive to stay in office on popularity and racial guilt after his actual policies had been completely discredited. In a parliamentary democracy, the 2010 midterm elections wouldn’t have just meant a Republican House of Representatives, but would have booted Obama out of the White House.

Conservatives denounce populist politics in America, but it’s actually the remnants of the system that safeguards political power from populist elections that has kept the Senate and the White House in the hands of the left while turning over the House of Representatives to the Republicans creating a crisis in which the populist body could do nothing, while Obama unilaterally ushered in an imperial presidency.

Another major difference is that America has a higher percentage of minorities than most other First World countries. In many First World nations, the left has assembled minorities into a welfare coalition. But such a coalition is much more potent in the United States because of demographics.

Finally, there is the Obama factor.

Hillary Clinton would probably have lost in 2012. Most Democratic hacks would have. But the cult of personality built around Obama by the news and entertainment industry has been very hard to breach. Only the “If you like your health plan” lie has finally put a serious dent in his likability and trust ratings.

Obama is something unique. He’s the end product of a venture by liberal billionaires from the financial and tech sectors to build a radical Trojan horse politician. They invested a great deal of money into their project and the dividends have been huge. No other First World country has been victimized by such a calculated scheme or had so many resources invested in hijacking its democracy.

Some 6 billion dollars were raised and spent in the 2012 election. Those are astronomical amounts of money and they are probably only the tip of the iceberg. Beating that kind of spending isn’t easy.

While the rest of the First World moves on, America remains trapped in the defunct economic and political grip of the left. After dedicating enormous resources to taking over the Democratic Party and then the country, the left has turned the United States of America into its Soviet Union, a country out of time, its economy and society wracked by the discredited political and economic theories of the left.

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  • Ruby

    The cuckoo has taken America back and to the left, back and to the left.

  • Susan

    Briliant as always. Now how do we rid ourselfs of these Soviet style apprachuks?

    • Drakken

      Do you really have to ask that? You know what must be done.

  • Sam

    I’ve been living in Europe on and off for 14 years, and all that time have been trying to tell incredulous Americans that Europeans are much more conservative than Americans. Not only that, but the younger a person is, the more likely they are to identify with free markets and conservative positions on issues like immigration.

    • Naresh Krishnamoorti

      I travel around the world frequently. Americans are incredulous when I tell them that, outside the Islamic theocracies and the straight-up communist regimes, the U.S. is one of the most totalitarian and anti-capitalist countries on earth.
      Even morally, we are seeing the rest of the world waking up to traditional values, while America sinks further into the cesspool. Think of Russia, Hungary, and even unlikely places like France. We think, for example, of the French as morally corrupt. But two million people, most of them young people, marched on the streets of Paris to protest “gay marriage.” That would not happen in America.



        Hungary is slipping back into WW2 style fascism.


        • Shmalkandik

          Any chance we can get Admiral Horthy back?
          Hungary became Axis only after France’s defeat in 1940.
          When Islamofaciscm triumphs in Europe – as it soon will – will Hungary join that alliance? My guess is Poland won’t.

          • Drakken

            Europe won’t be run by islamist, no body is better at war than the European, and push is coming to shove where they are going to take off the shackles of PC/MC and cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war and let allah sortem out. The Serbs are about to find out who is the better killers.

        • Inane Rambler

          Democracy is bad unless it does everything the left wants it to, right?

        • Moa

          It appears so. The reason it is slipping back to fascism is because the politicans pushing aggressive multiculturalism and other junk leave a political vacuum for citizens who want politicians to put their own country first. Who fills that vacuum? popularists of all stripes, including the liars of the Far Left (which is what Big State fascists are).

          The global lurch to the political Right is the result of many things, some of which Daniel talks about, but also some he doesn’t put to paper:

          1) Nationalism: the Cultural Marxist projects from the formation of the EU to the immigration policies causing intermixing of peoples were all designed to crush nationalism. But people like their tribe, and this is proving resistent to do away with. Thank goodness – having national boundaries means you get *choice* as to which political system you’d like to live under, and countries get some measure of control as to who and how many people they will allow to settle.

          2) Economics: Baroness Margaret Thatcher famously said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money [to spend].”, or thereabouts. Most countries are running out of borrowing room. The economists have finally realised that growing the economy must come before expansion of public programs – which is what the political Right have always been arguing.

          3) The Internet: The internet has been a huge force. Despite the deliberate misinformation and hiding of information by the mainstream media it is possible for ordinary citizens to easily find articles and analyses about what Islam and the Left really intends to do. It is easy to see what jihadis are doing around the World all the time. It is easy to get numerous points of view on Obama’s latest lies about the economy. It is easy to pick up opinions from citizens around the World, and join in debates. The denizens of the Interwebs are higher on the IQ distribution than those that don’t use computers routinely. There are a whole slew of factors that come in to play as a result that are more likely to make those smarter people be conservative – such as responding to *facts* more than unsubstantiated ideas, owning assets yourself which you would like to protect, understanding the signficance of the US Constitution and how it is a genius political document (for citizens, not for tyrants).

          4) History: all large scale socialist experiments are failures when viewed from the perspective of personal liberty (which is what individuals actually care about). A century of socialism has left a bad taste in the mouth of anyone who knows any history. Those that don’t know history, so are still subject to Cultural Marxist and Islamic disinformation, can be corrected by those that can now give numerous examples of how political, economic and religious socialism have all brought more misery than they purport to solve. The Interweb helps with this (despite a lot of astroturfing and misleading sites being put forth by the enemies of liberty).

          5) Islam: it is clear that the political Left want to use Islam as a hammer to change the West. People see Islam and see how repulsive and backward it is. Some people are favorable to it, but as soon as you point out the facts, history and true doctrines of Islam (eg. accounting for abrogation, taqiyya etc) then most Westerners understand that Islam is not a good thing. The growth of Islam in the West is mostly due to immigration (deliberate colonization by Muslims and their Leftist allies). Only the most stupid or criminal of Westerners convert and only in relatively small numbers. Islam is selling a product that the citizens of West does not want to buy – but the political elites, media and Cultural Marxists are trying to force on us. This is generating a counter-current to those political elites and is motivating Euro-skepticism, anti-immigrationism and anti-Leftism on a wide scale. The political elites have been ignoring the wishes of the people, which is why they are getting voted out on-masse and replaced with politicians that have the interests of *existing* citizens at heart (that is, more conservative politicians).

          6) Multiculturalism: the idea of the Left is that if national and ethnic identity can be destroyed in the West then there will be no more wars (of course, this is ludicrous, their plan is to create a Balkanized West, and we all know how peaceful and stable that has been over history, not!). Unfortunately the Left mistake the wonderful idea of a Multi-ethnic society (Enligtenment Culture with many ethnicities and no ethnicity is favored) with Multi-Cultural society (each ethnicity decides its own moral code). The difference between Multi-Cultural society and Multi-Ethnic society is not really apparent until until the backward and barbaric Sharia comes crashing into the mix. Because the political elites do not make the distinction they have been promoting Mutli-Culturalism. The citizens see the problem, see the spineless politicians as not correcting the problem, and therefore vote out those politicians for those that actually care about the culture and rights of *existing* citizens.

          7) Obama: the World reacted negatively to GW Bush’s War on Terror after it had been running a while. Of course, much of this reaction was due to one-eyed reporting of the Cultural Marxist media, but the end result was that “neo-cons” became a pejorative the Left could use in much of the World. As a result conservative politicians suffered. However, now that Obama is in power and is thoroughly trashing the US economy, abusing the Constitution and has been caught lying in many many sound-bite friendly ways the rest of the World (which has left-leaning media, but not to the extent of the US – we still see the words “jihadi” regularly) then the World is starting to see him, and his policies, as bad news. The effect of Obama and his Democrat Administration discrediting the political Left should not be underestimated around the Word. For example, look at the numbers who attended his first address in Berlin (where the Germans thought he would be a great leader who would unite the World regardless of race) compared to the absolutely pathetic numbers of his second address (where the Germans had worked out he was an empty suit, a narcissist who divides for political gain). The rest of the World generally figured out Obama faster than the average american (of course, US conservatives like Sarah Palin knew even faster – she’s got a great talent for dissembling bullsh!t very quickly).

          There are a lot of factors leading to the move to conservatism. Mostly because the people see what works, and most of the Left agenda and propaganda has been discredited. Sure, there are still plenty of Leftists around that cannot be deprogrammed. But the young folk can see through much of the bs – and if they don’t then knowledgeable folks on the Internet can correct them quickly. There is hope, the young have been smart enough to work out Obamacare is a total scam ripping them off for the benefit of elderly hippies and wasters.

          ps. Remember, in the liberty aspect of the political spectrum “fascism” is a Big State (therefore Leftists) economic system. The political Right stands for decreasing power of the State and empowering individuals. The true “Far Right” is anarchy (No Government); libertarians are “Middle Right”, and conservatives are “Right of Center” for small government and more personal liberty and self-reliance.

          Calling fascists “Far Right” is a Cultural Marxist falsehood intended to demonize the Right and disassociate the Left from their crimes (eg. National Socialism, Soviet Socialism). Don’t repeat the false meme, please!

          • Well Done

            Your analysis evades the fact that Fascism is socialist, not right wing. Not at all.

          • Moa

            Thanks for pointing that out. I guess you didn’t read down to the end where I do point that out, quote:

            ps. Remember, in the liberty aspect of the political spectrum “fascism” is a Big State (therefore Leftists) economic system.

            But it is good you reinforced the point again. We need to enlighten people that Big State ideologies are always Left on the political liberty spectrum.

          • SwitchedOnSavage

            This analysis should be compulsory reading….. well done. Islam is the largest problem facing the civilized world today, but the leftists are as treacherous and dangerous.

          • Moa

            Thank you very much. The International Socialists are using Islam. Neutralize Islam and the Left will find some other way to destroy the West and install their utopia (Big Brother slavery). Islam is the immediate danger, but it is not the root of the problem, IMHO.

          • Drakken

            The native European understands very well that the commi left is destroying their respective nations, and the rise of the right I scaring the bloody daylights out of the left, anyway you look at it, it ends up in bloodshed, a Balkans on steroids. The commi left knows what is coming, they know that they and theirs are going to be lined up against walls and will be swinging from the lamp post, so they are going to do whatever they can, by whatever means necessary to retain their power, unfortunately for the left, when all is said and done, there will be no where for them to run to, from what they have created and what will consume them because of their treachery. I call it poetic and ironic justice.

          • Moa

            That is not the solution. The solution is to have the equivalent of Nuremberg Trials, where all the lies and treachery are exposed.

            If the Right is violent then the Left have every right to oppose us. If we are rational and follow *existing* laws then we are morally superior and then have every right to prosecute them under existing law.

        • Drakken

          Hungary is going nationalistic, not fascist or socialistic. The rest of Europe is starting to follow suit.

    • ColoursFed

      Do you mean that they are Nazis? Like Cameron and his degenerate UK supporting EU government, are!

    • onecornpone

      Identifying with “free markets” while paying confiscatory tax rates? Interesting?

  • DirkBelig

    Liberals explain conservative governments as being the result of nefarious wealthy interests buying control or BS-ing the voters into “voting against their own interests to empower the Evil Rich who don’t care a whit about them.” Or something. Always and excuse with liberals.

    As for Canuckia, I was in Toronto last month and the word from a friend we were socializing with is that the next PM is going to be Pierre Trudeau’s son, a very sexy and charismatic liberal who will be the antidote to the dull guy Harper who’s viewed as insufficiently progressive*. He’s said to be the Canuckian Obama. Lovely.

    * Another Canuck friend snarled at me when I wrote disapprovingly of the Castros on Facebook, “Only a brainwashed American would think Castro was bad.” Uh, hokay. They’re one of those people for whom Communism is ideal, but refuses to go live in a for real Commie country.

    • Demetrius Minneapolis

      I grew up in Ontario and agree that the Tories are in some trouble for the upcoming election. My conservative friends in southern Ontario are worried that the party has not done enough to propel a successor for Harper.
      Having read some of Trudeau’s public comments on and off for the past year has me wondering how much of the brain-dead zombie vote can he accumulate and steal from the NDP? He lacks substance and spouts off illicit comments to develop approval among the zombies, then has to backtrack. His “fire all cannons on deck” strategy may be his undoing.

      • Well Done

        No “successor” for Harper is needed. He’s quite capable of governing for another few terms. I suspect you don’t vote Tory. The hard left have been telling us the Tories must “find a successor” since the day after he was first elected. The Libs and NDP (or Lib’n’Dips as we call them) have been predicting Harper’s demise for years and years. Shows us how they fear him.

      • knowshistory

        “fire all cannons” is the right thing to do before abandoning a burning ship. to do otherwise is to invite further disaster.

    • Inane Rambler

      Aren’t the liberals now Canada’s third party? I have trouble seeing them winning.

      • Ulrick

        Party leaders are given much more significance in Canadian politics (many morons don’t even realize that they technically only vote for someone to represent their riding, and think Federal elections are like presidential elections where you pick the leader). Jack Layton helped bring the NDP into second, but he has since passed away and his replacement isn’t as popular. Justin Trudeau is more popular than previous Liberal Party leaders, more because of his image and name than his policy or accomplishments. Polls have been tending to favour the Liberals since Justin was given the leadership role. All the Liberals need to do is keep things that way and make sure their supporters turn up come election day.

    • Well Done

      Don’t worry, Just-In will not win. He’s way too much of a douche, and would view the campaign as a hobby. The other dimwit, Mulcair, is even further to the left (and to being daft), is a citizen of France, and is hobbled by an NDP backroom that frowns on private enterprise. And private property.

    • scout

      The problem is that both liberals and conservatives are neo-Marxist, with some individual exceptions on both sides. All are trained to be Marxist in schools and colleges. The very concept of democracy is Marxist as Karl pointed out thoroughly in Communist Manifesto, beginning with chapter 2, where he used the Brumaire revolution for his prop.

      The international bankers could care less what ideology the masses use. As long as they stay in power, all is well in their world.

      One last thing. Ruling ideas control the minds of the masses. Therefore, study what the masses are thinking, then you know something about our rulers, or at least have a pathway to what they’re up to.

  • cedarhill

    Churchill: “Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing…after they have exhausted all other possibilities.”

    It’s hard to imagine Obama is the exhaustion of the Left but it may be closer than some think.

    The Left, however, in a parody of Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Arthur Montague Browninghave famous quote on Marketgarden, may have gone a Duck Too Far.

    • tanstaafl

      A revolt led by Howard the Duck! (trapped in a world he never made!)

  • Silver Garcia

    Great article.

    AMERICA IS ALREADY BANKRUPT: http://www.usdebtclock.org. No country wants your fiats to invest with. They take them, but asap, they are spent!

    True, the Dems and the great O have ruined the country, the Republicans are as guilty. Orrin Hatch has voted for every budget increase since 1976!!

  • Left-protofascist EU

    With all it’s history of Marxist & National (Fascist) socialism, European Union “euro socialism” is what Barack Obama emulates, using the NSA to spy on European leaders to conduct his “monkey see monkey do” Alinsky Rules For Radicals [disciple] – Weather Underground revolutionary [protégé] “occupy” White House agenda.
    European Union’s tyrannical undemocratic Lisbon Treaty Left-protofascist secular socialism is genetic DNA mutation of Hitler + Stalin, metastasized over Europe, that WILL NOT STAND. Eurosceptic fervor will prove to boil over in the EU parliamentary 2014 election. The EU has no background or experience with constitutional republic based on a unique balance between democracy and capitalism such as the United States cherishes based on Liberty acquired from Great Britain, the U.S. motherland where the Magna Carta was forged.
    Just like Barack Obama’s Keynesian agenda, the Eurozone is a shipwreck. The United Kingdom Independence Party is embarking on a wonderful ‘UK Reagan Revolution.’
    Too bad William Randolph Hurst’s Independence Party is not resurrected due to all the Tea Party factionalized disunity where every group has to be it’s own fundraising chief to the detriment of the country where RINO GOP wing of the elitist faction colludes & is complicit with Dems (just like LibLabCon UK) against fiscal/social/foreign policy-defense True Conservative adherents to GOP platform planks.
    2014 EU parliamentary/UK county council & USA congressional elections should shift conservative with momentum toward UK 2015 & USA 2016 general elections. These elections will impact each other. Happy New Year !!! Shit will happen starting in these 2014 elections. Both Barack Obama and the European Union ARE toast … pigeon holed even the blind are coming to see.

  • It’sAllAboutLiberty!

    East German Merkel railroaded through the Lisbon Treaty without democratic reform amendments & Kohl admitted he was a dictator railroading the euro through. These Germans have NO sense of democracy as we in USA are accustomed to. It’s German hegemony through the European Union. “They will try to take over without firing a shot. Case in point, UK has 400 people per sq km, Germany 252, France 114. Yet the EU is forcing an insane immigration policy on the UK, in my estimation to break it’s Eurosceptic back as UK is outside the Eurozone. Merkel will be quite happy to have a VW [Hitler’s peoples car] in every UK garage. Primarily because of German hegemony and mainland Europe’s Marxist and National (Fascist) socialism history, Left-protofascism is metastasized over 500,000,000 Europeans.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I won’t argue that Eurocrats of any flavor are democratic.

    • Drakken

      You have to love those Germans though, so meticulous, their cars and vehicles of any sort are the best in the world, engineering at it’s finest, perhaps it may be a good time to bring the monarchy or a Bismark back to keep the socialistic commi left in check.

      • Left-protofascist EU

        Sorry, have to disagree on cars … Little difference today with computer aided design & tolerances regardless of manufacturer. Only materials carry varying price tags & all manufacturers have luxury models. People who buy imports simply take better care of them than the average Joe with his U.S. manufacturer car.

        J.D. Power initial ratings on German cars are great but down the road VW [Hitler’s people’s car] reliability ratings SUCK.

        Germany has to export to survive. Their media marketing ploy “Fahrvergnügen” has snowballed into cultural arrogance – Aryan supremacy – “power of German engineering” … a delusional façade reminiscent of Joseph Goebbels propaganda.

        Just look at the European Union masterful use of propaganda to expand their power & influence over Europe. It all comes from Europe’s Marxist & Nationalist (Fascist) socialism expert experience.

        National socialism (Fascism) exists in German auto industry as it does in Japan. Government, banks & industry collude. BMW has Nazi wealth behind it. Germany subsidizes DHL & gets a pass from the EU while at the same time the EU is breaking the UK Royal Mail through regulations not allowing the UK to subsidize it. Hence, Royal Mail is forced into privatization by the EU … Sacrilege !!!

        Join United Kingdom Independence Party & exit the EU. LibLabCon are for Little England, but Eurosceptic UKIP is for Great Britain.

        I was born in Frankfurt a Brit with 2 birth certificates. My childhood was in England & adulthood in USA spending much time in England & studying behind the Iron Curtain at Jagiellonian University, Krakow. It is a pure myth Germans are better at anything. I take that back. They are renowned for sadism & masochism sex orgies. LOL !!!

        I run my cars well over 200,000 miles & have two SUVs. Was going to get a G-class Mercedes but past 100,000 miles it would be a reliability gamble due to design intricacies.

        Dad brought a 1939 Mercedes back to England in 1959. It was built in 1952 when the factory returned to building cars from war machinery. It was a maintenance nightmare for him. Today, any car properly maintained & cared for will go well over 200,000 miles.

        German superiority is a myth. Hope this deprogrammed you from their car advertising brainwash.

      • It’sAllAboutLiberty!

        GERMAN CARS? Joseph Goebbels propaganda !!! “Fahrvergnügen” snowballed into Aryan supremacy cultural arrogance “power of German engineering” myth.
        With computer aided design & tolerances there’s little difference between car manufacturers & they all have luxury material models.
        J.D. Power initial appeal may favor imports but on reliability over time any car well maintained & cared for will go over 200,000 miles. Imports are simply better cared for, even cheap models.

  • darnellecheri

    Historically, “La droite” in European politics is more akin to nationalism, racial supremacism, and paved the road towards fascism. It has never been identical to the American “right side” of politics. If Europe is adopting a “New Right,” which favors small government, free markets, etc., this is good to the American “right” point of view, but I don’t know what that looks like, as European economic systems are deeply Socialist. I don’t know what America will look like either if our Socialist flirtation continues to reach consummation levels. It seems that the only deterrent the radical left has in this administration is the Republicans in Congress.

    • Well Done

      Yes, Europe is only recently throwing off the yoke of hard left propaganda, and have realized “Facism” is actually socialism. People can be right of center all they want. If they are called “facist”, that says more about the name callers.

  • edlancey

    I must say that, as a European*, I wish I had noticed the rosy prospects you outline. Sadly I think a lot of the elected european politicians, supposedly right-wing or not, except possibly Merkel, are still in thrall to Obama’s supposed star quality – particularly the likes of Cameron, whose desperate attempts to intrude on the famous “selfie” were beyond embarrassing.

    What always strikes me whenever American liberals are interviewed is their clear perception that the greatest quality of any society is “Diversity” – unless and until that changes (and it won’t) then it’s downhill all the way as far as I can see.

    * meaningless construct hijacked by the EU as an identity.

    • Daniel Greenfield


    • Inane Rambler

      Cameron is the worst Tory I’ve seen in a long time.

      • Moa

        Just as well UKIP have a good chance of either ousting him, or at least keeping him honest if he wants to hold on to power.

    • SwitchedOnSavage

      The biggest lie? “Diversity is our strength”

      • edlancey

        The best part about it is reading about all these liberal tossers who fell in love with Mad Men and started dressing like Don Draper, without stopping to realise that it was their nitpicking and activism that destroyed the America of Mad Men and replaced it with today’s pale imitation.

        In fact I’ve often thought of 1965 as year zero – with Mad Men in 1960 lodged at 5 BCM (Before Cultural Marxism) looking very attractive.

        We are now in 48 ACM and it ain’t pretty.

  • Lanna

    That’s right….Europe is moving to the Right and looking at the US in great puzzlement because of failures….and lack of Values. Our leaders can be a noose around our necks for peace and for prosperity, and biggest of all the Freedoms to choose your own healthcare plan! Daniel Hannon remarks about this in many interviews!

  • Guest

    “A Left-Wing America Stands Alone”

    Do many American politicians and citizens know?

    The Left wing media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN & MSNBC, NYT) are very good at trumpeting the election win of any socialist party in Europe and Latin America. They are not so good at informing the population of the reverse.

    When a socialist wins in Ecuador, we hear about it.when they do not, we don’t.

    When 2 or 3 socialists win in national elections it is a trend. The opposite is not true in the minds f the press.

  • lessthantolerant

    America continues to let the left destroy her. We The People need to retake the Senate, the White House and gain ground in the House, at that time we can begin to dismantle and ultimately destroy the left and its socialist democrats.
    Until all American look at the damage and destruction that the left have caused by electing this piece of sh*t president we will continue sliding down the path of mediocrity ad desolation.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      My friend, I’m less than tolerant, myself!

      The Left has to be forced out of power, and that includes its legal powers, embedded in the bureaucracies. This is not the time to just decrease the increase in baseline spending. This is the time to take the axe to entire departments of the federal government, to include the IRS, Homeland Security, the Dept. of Education, and EPA ( of course). Also, the armed enforcement wings of all federal agencies that survive must be dismantled.

      If you don’t get rid of the bureaucracies, you may hold the White House and Congress, but the Left still rules. Also, I’m in favor of a Constitutional Convention …

    • ricpic

      Most Americans, in fact most human beings are apolitical. They begin to awaken to the damage the ideology of the Left has done to their economic and social welfare only very late in the game. And even then they will vote for the other side not because they have thought the issues through and come to understand the destructiveness of leftist ideology; no, they have merely decided to give the other side, give the other guy a chance and see how that works out. To expect a mental sea change on the part of most is to mis-overestimate them, radically so.

  • http://www.clarespark.com/ Clare Spark

    I assume that DG and Frontpage do not support the type of populism that leads to demagoguery and anti-Semitism. I wrote about that tradition here: http://clarespark.com/2012/09/10/index-to-blogs-on-populist-demagoguery/. “Index to blogs on populist demagoguery.” It has an introduction, not just a series of links.

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

    In terms of direction, we are moving left while they are moving right. However, we still are further right than Europe. Our paths haven’t crossed, yet.

    The difference is close, however, Sweden is a capitalist based economy (Ikea, Electrolux, Volvo, etc) with a large welfare state. If I remember correctly, in the early 90s they scaled back their tax and spending from 70% GDP to 50%. That’s not far from ours if you add federal, state, and local. They also got their debt down to reasonable levels. But they are a small northern “suburb” of Europe that has to stay competitive. Their unions realize this and help to keep costs reasonable. Socialism in the “model nation” is only slightly more ambitions than our semi-socialist-coporatist state.

    • Inane Rambler

      Indeed, I think Swedish unions don’t even go on strike, they just broker deals with management and get them.

  • Habbgun

    The irony of course is that America doesn’t have to be America. Every push to the Left means the likelihood of succession and a successful succession. If you are a state that is using solid economic and political principles you do not need an empty umbrella government called the USA. Leaving it you automatically have a debt free society, a strong currency and most states have enough of the entire military to be militarily superior to most other countries. A combined Red State military would be pretty powerful and would probably be able to follow a sounder foreign policy. They could trade recognition for not being touched by Islamicists. In other words you say I exist, leave me alone and I don’t pound you to show just how real I am. They could form an alliance with other countries on that basis to create some real pushback.

  • ricpic

    Although I’m glad that many European nations are now being governed by the “center-right,” it’s important to understand what center-right means politically. It means pro-big government but not radically so. Our Republican Party is center-right. Does it now, has it in the past half-century opposed a big government growing ever bigger? No. The only difference with the Left is the pace the Republicans would prefer, a walk not a gallop. I don’t know the details of the issues facing the newly elected European center-right majorities. But I would be surprised if any of them will actually cut the size of the welfare states they have inherited. At best they may slow the growth of the public sector or even, in grave emergency conditions, halt its growth. But that’s all. On immigration, will the center-right government of Norway actually freeze immigration or expel the muslim enemy within? I bet not.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Indeed many of them would barely qualify as liberal Republicans

      • Inane Rambler

        A common retort I’ve heard from liberals and social democrats is that the US Democratic Party is a “Center-Right” party. I think this is true to some degree, however I think in other ways European right-wing parties are more to the right than the Republican party.

        I have trouble seeing Marine Le Pen as France’s next President, but her parties popularity is unprecedented. On economic issues Front National is every bit as fervent a defender of the welfare state as PS is, however FN is pro traditional marriage, anti-immigration, etc. every bit as fervently as the most conservative Republican.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Not the Dems of Obama-Reid and Pelosi

  • onecornpone

    WHO is DeMint?

    When the USA goes Left, in self defense the balance of the civilized world has no choice but to lean rightward

    Democrat and Republican political leaders may support amnesty, but WE the People know better than to sign onto such folly.

    Our political class have clandestinely dropped their identities as Americans, to become Internationalist. Follow the money.

    The sellout Boehner is the key to Republican ‘paralysis’. IMO he’s a double agent…

    America as the Soviet Union, eh? Bring on the cheap vodka! Can WE the People drink our way through 70 years of communism, like the dullards in the USSR did, and thankfully we already have the ethanol plants ready to go – but it will be a conundrum.

    Will ethanol hating, vodka guzzling ‘conservatives’ be yea or nay on government subsidized rotgut for the masses? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • robert clark

    The problem with American voters is that they will always vote for the good looking candidate, compare that to Europe and I doubt whether any of the leaders of these countries would ever have been elected In the us based on their looks. American voters do not look beyond the good looks of their leaders, they select style not substance.

  • physicsnut

    Some people blabber about how health care OUGHT to be a ‘human right’. That is a weird view about Rights. A ‘nice idea’ is not the same thing as a God Given Right, but they like to conflate the two, because they worship Wishful Thinking. It is just their fog of propaganda.

    Leonard Lopate had two interesting interviews on 12.24
    one with Frank Dikotter on his book “Tragedy of Liberation” about China from 1945 to 1957, and the other with Jill Lepore about Jane Franklin – Ben Franklin’s sister.
    IF anyone wonders about American Exceptionalism, this is a neat contrast. Imagine if 1776 was all about psychos like Pol Pot and Mao and Stalin, rather than Franklin and Madison and Jefferson et al. Imagine if China had folks like Franklin – instead of Mao.
    What a different world it would be.

  • bob e

    mr g..you keep throwing hard curve balls to these lefties & they will
    take their ball & go home…

    • veeper

      Oh no…..they are not giving in as republicans do…….

  • mcbee555

    The MB will have safe haven as long as Democrats have the White House and majority of the Senate. Anyone who wants change from the majority Democrat leadership has to vote against their retention of our government.
    This must be done in each coming election, 2014 and 2016.
    To miss voting amounts to one’s surrender of his vote to the Democrats.

  • veeper

    communist have been attempting to take over America since the 1920’s – 1930’s.

    They changed tactics after losing the frontal attack because of ww2…..

    They began to infiltrate government, education and the democratic party…

    they went from being known as communist to democrats to liberals to progressives to socialist….next …back to communist….

    they have come so close to taking over America now…..they will stop at nothing to complete the take over….

    These people have been fighting a WAR against America….

    while Republicans and citizens just played the same old political games and lolled about in their false flag waving and complacency.

    obamacare and amnesty are not just social reforms…..they are designed WAR tactics to take down America……

    allowing illegal mexicans to continually invade America for years is no error or simple failure to control the border.

    Do NOT fool yourselves….It’s not that America can not control the border…..

    It’s that those communist in charge of government DO NOT WANT to control the border….

    With America’s military might……it’s an out right LIE to say they can’t or don’t know how to close and control the border.

    Americans have been sold out……BETRAYED by your GOVERNMENT…..

  • Nthis

    Conservatism and right-leaning politics are what has, historically, built up nations. Leftism is the result of the greedy want-it-alls that tear nations down. Look at the history of any nation and you’ll see that during times of leftist rule (which typically borders on tyranny or is tyrannical) nations begin to falter. Leftism is a cancer.

  • Steve Cain


    All these ‘right’ parties are ones which would have been condemned- rightly- fifty years ago for being the commie pinkos they are.The fact that they support things not getting worse, or maybe making them slightly better, before the mass of morons change their minds and turn them out in the next election, means nothing. They are not rightist, they are not conservative.

    Amusingly, the only effective right wingers in Europe are those like the Svoboda party in Ukraine, the leader of which (traitorous booster of Bosnian terrorists) John McCain just visited. More power to them.

    • It’sAllAboutLiberty!

      The “only” effective right wing party in Europe is Svoboda? United Kingdom Independence Party drives policy debate in Great Britain, is in the press the #1 political topic of 2013, whose manifesto encompasses the 3 essential elements of “True Conservatism” – fiscal, social, and foreign policy/defense. You will see UKIP achieve a British “Reagan Revolution” in 2014 and 2015 elections.

  • Well Done

    If the Republicans don’t win the Senate in 2014, I wash my hands of any caring about America. That result would be simply insane.

  • Jason Priestley

    Just an addendum. Some people seem to be having a problem correlating ideological naming schemes with political affiliation. And all of those people are American. And there is a reason for that. When you say soccer, they say football. Politics are the same, but due to another cause.

    Left Wing in America are Right Wing everywhere else. The journalists here change if for you so you don’t have to think about reality. You read an article in a German Newspaper and a US one, and Left/Right wing are both used to describe the same exact person in the same exact news event.

    Socialists have changed their name in the US so many times(after each failed attempt at socialism), that it’s literally been reversed in meaning in this Country- and ONLY in this Country.

    So when they say, correctly for once, that Hitler was a Conservative Right Winger- that’s correct. Conservative Right Winger’s are Statists/Socialist/Fascists. And right or left is simply a diagonal line going from less government to more government(which can easily be flipped). Right wing ‘there’ means total State control. But in American-ese, it is the polar opposite- by their own design.

    Classical Liberal = Liberal = Laissex-faire/Small Govt = reality
    Classical Conservative = Conservative = Statism/Large Govt = reality

    That’s all I wanted to say. Carry on topic regarding the RINO’s. Sorry for the interruption.

    • justquitnow

      “Left Wing in America are Right Wing everywhere else.”

      No not really, but the Europeans tend to think in the traditional political spectrum. FPM’s political spectrum is the “right” which is a bubble around all that is good and decent in the universe and “the left” which is everything else. Just looking up graphs of political spectrums is telling….the political shorthand of “left” and “right” is suppose to help you understand.

      Europe doesn’t have this pseudo-religious cult of “conservative” people constantly vilifying the amorphous “left”…telling people that they harbor secret plans and beliefs and so forth.

  • http://www.teaparty.org/about-us/ Nixys

    It is not an accident. What thousands, if not millions of snobbish anti-American morons don’t realize is that they are dependent on the U.S., whose “backwards, evil, reactionary, old-fashioned” values LITERALLY hold up the world. It is laughable- just bizarre, absurd, like I am living in a dream, actually- to hear the U.S. called “old-fashioned.” The U.S.A. is THE most revolutionary country on the planet. It is entirely under-appreciated and under-admired. It is the only vanguard of true, actual progress in the world.

    If America goes- if America truly becomes socialist- there will be no one left to protect Japan. There will be no one left to protect Australia. There will be no one left to challenge Islam. Even Canada may have to chip in more on defending the continent. It will all be over for the idiot champagne socialists.

  • SwitchedOnSavage

    None of the countries are rightist enough. Not one has banned islamic immigration which must be the greatest scourge facing the west today. Not one teaches Patriotism and Nationalism, every single one still worships the false god of P.C.
    It is still common for the left to organize mass rallies against for example –racism as 15000 did in Sweden the other day. Useful idiots to the muslims in their push towards a European caliphate.
    Leftists are nothing more than traitors to race and country.

    • Drakken

      It takes but one snowball pushed down a hill to start an avalanche.

  • knowshistory

    a person would do well to realize that in america, now that those getting unearned government checks outnumber those who earn a living, and are bound by their sustenance to vote for liberals, any process that turns the tide against liberal parasitism must necessarily be undemocratic. the time that our forced march to socialist tyranny could be stopped by democratic means is long gone. the majority of americans are now against america. regarding the rightward turn of european politics, as opposed to the stubborn insistance of americans to forge ever more leftward, that is a pipe dream. that new improved right wing european politician is as real as the fabled moderate muslim that we keep hearing about, but noone has ever seen. both are as real as santa claus. talk to me about europe’s new found common sense when one european country expells its toxic muslim population. not going to happen! europeans are comfortable with surrender to both leftism and its even more evil twin, islam, as long as today’s lazy spoiled cowardly europeans can enjoy a few more years of ease before their descendants are genocided by their friends, the islamic invaders they love so much.

    • Drakken

      The Europeans are about to go full on nationalistic and expel and eliminate any muslim from its shores that will make a Serb blush. The muslim and african’ts immigrants are sucking the welfare state dry in Europe. Look at Italy for a prime example, they are now up 28-30% unemployment rate for 18-35 age demographic and there is signs of civil unrest that is scaring the daylights out of the politicians, who at this point can do nothing but watch as 60 years of socialistic policies come unraveled. This is only the beginning and it is about to get much much worse. There will be uncivil war soon enough, you can take that to the bank and if we continue with the current obummer policies, we may be headed to the same conclusion.

  • tanstaafl

    “You can’t hide from the turning of the tide”

  • Enzo

    Leftist progressive liberals democrats whatever you want to call them are really all about the DARK AGES they’re not enlightened at all.

  • Mel

    Mel from Kent,Ct. Why have you NOT addressed something MUCH more potentially CRUCIAL the most POTENTIALLY OBSTRUCTIVE to our American “daily life”? Our lone American-owned cargo ship,1 CARGO SHIP ( that’s right !! 1 we are # 1 !!!??!!) owned by Mr. Philip J. Shapiro of Long Island ? WE ONLY HAVE 1 ” AMERICAN CARGO SHIP” DOCKED IN THE FLAILING / SINKING USA. According to the NY TIMES newspaper (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/20/us/politics/american-shippers-are-left-behind-in-cargo-program.html?_r=0 ), we used 300 foreign flagged ships during the Persian Gulf War. In the WW II era we had 2,000 American OWNED SHIPS!!! Today there are 49 ships that are “owned/ controlled overseas” ( they just ” FLY THE AMERICAN FLAG ” FOR the Americans) . & 82% of the program are to be controlled by FOREIGN =OWNED companies!
    The Danish Maersk commands almost half of the 45 + cargo ships. The Danes name the ships ” MAERSK MISSOURI “, ” MAERSK CAROLINA”. And don’t forget about the APL a Singapore conglomerate, they prefer to rub it in with the naming of their ships like “The President Truman” & ” The President Polk”.. really touching. It was thanks to Mr. Philip J. Shapiro who gave $6,800 to Mr. Schumer to STOP the Dubai people from controlling / owning our US ports!

  • Left-protofascist EU

    Daniel Greenfield needs to recognize the ‘center’ in European politics is far left on USA standards given how socialism is integral to European political systems which is understandable given the history & evolution of Nazi & communist forms of socialism into undemocratic Left-protofascist EU Commission Euro-socialism dictatorship. The EU parliament has no say in the EU legislative process which is the overlord of all member states which have already lost their national sovereignty & borders by imposition of open immigration. http://euobserver.com/investigations/123555