A Little Reminder of What a Left-Wing Extremist Bob Filner Was

filthy filner

As Mayor Bob Filner resigns in disgrace, blaming a lynch mob and defending his “seal poop” record. No really. “We protected seals and we protected La Jolla from the poop from the seals and others. ”

It’s time to remember that Bob Filner was not just a Democrat. Not just a liberal. But he was nearly as far left as you can get. Filner was on the very left edge of the Democrats. It’s why he was able to get away with his crimes for so long.

The left protects its own.

Here’s a little tour of Bob Filner’s politics.

Bob Filner was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in September 1942 and grew up in New York City. His father, Joseph Filner, was a member of the Communist Party USA.

Since at least the mid-1990s, Filner has had a close relationship with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

In February 2002 Filner was part of a delegation of California congressional Democrats who, in an effort to soften U.S. policy toward Cuba, paid a friendly visit to Fidel Castro in Havana.

On October 26, 2009, Filner spoke alongside fellow Representatives Jared Polis and Jan Schakowsky at a national conference held by J Street, an organization that urges Israel to negotiate with Hamas.

Filner was one of 54 members of Congress to sign a letter asking President Barack Obama to push Israel to end its Gaza blockade, which had been enacted to prevent the flow of deadly weapons into that region.

When the anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street (OWS) demonstrations were first launched in the fall of 2011, Filner was initially enthusiastic about the movement, describing it as “very energetic” and “very energizing.” He made several visits to OWS’s Washington, DC encampment, where he engaged in friendly discussions with the veteran pro-Castro radical Medea Benjamin.

This is about as left as you get. And what of Filner’s views on Israel.

Two of those congressman – California Democrats Lois Capps and Bob Filner – voted against House Resolution 867 that slammed the Goldstone Report and re-affirmed Israel’s right to self-defense.

Filner vigorously defended the Goldstone report. When The Audacity of Hope set sail for Gaza in support of Hamas, Filner was one of only six Congressmen to sign a letter urging the US to do everything to keep its passengers safe.

And oh yes…

Congressman Filner has a +4 rating on Arab-Israeli issues by The Arab American Institute, indicating an impeccable pro-Arab and pro-Palestine voting record.

Apparently he also had a quite Islamic attitude when it came to women. Or is that progressive? These days it’s hard to tell.

  • BS77

    what a pile of garbage. good riddance

  • Bob

    I always thought he was a scary looking dude, and I’m sure he was down with the Democrats’ fake ‘War on Women’ campaign against Romney. Typical lying, two-faced, filthy progressive.

  • truebearing

    What a shock. A communist satyr that treats women like they’re all whores. I guess the individual woman means nothing to the Left, just the collective concept of “women.”

  • SDPhil

    From a Jewish Conservative living in San Diego – Shalom Bob, we won’t miss you. You disgraced San Diego and fellow Jews with your disgusting bullying behavior, especially against the women who worked for you or were unfortunate enough to have any kind of dealings with you. Any voter with a brain in their head could have foreseen this one a mile away, given your past disgraceful behavior. Go to Hell and don’t let the door slam you in the rear.

  • Judahlevi

    As a Jew, one can be embarrassed by Weiner, Spitzer, and Filner who also call themselves Jews. Frankly, they are not part of my tribe. I have taken the heretical position that no one is born a Jew if you believe that Judaism is more of a religion than an ethnicity (and I do). How can one be forced to belong to a religion?
    An authentic Jew, in my opinion, is one who practices Judaism and its values (which does not include anything these Democratic men have done to women). Since they don’t practice Judaism’s values, they are not Jews or Jewish.
    Being Jewish is a choice for every Jew. You cannot be born Jewish.
    PS. Yes, I know this is not current Jewish law, but if they are now OK with homosexual marriage, they can change these archaic rules as well.

    • Crazycatkid

      I see your point but it I think is possible to be born a Jew but not act like a traditional Jew thereby, in my view, more or less relinquishing the status. Leftists have leftism as their religion. They not only do not live their life in any truly Jewish way but they smear the rest of us who do.
      So, they are a thorn in my side. I feel only the vaguest kinship with them. Like the distant cousin who has gone astray (anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, leftist, Democrat). I do not seek their company but hope someday they may change their ways.

      • Judahlevi

        Most rabbis and Jews would agree with you – I don’t.

        There are some of us who are tired of people claiming to be Jews who don’t even know the name of the first five books of the Bible.

        It is only my opinion, certainly not Jewish law.

    • Crazycatkid

      P.S. I can assure you my rabbi &synagogue is NOT supporting gay marriage. So, please realize that Jews are not a monolithic group. You must be referring to Reform Judaism.

      • Judahlevi

        You are absolutely right that Jews are not a monolithic group, nor are there any other monolithic groups.

        So far, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, and Renewal all allow or endorse homosexual marriage. Only Orthodox does not.

    • motherofbeaver

      I agree with your analysis 100%. If you don’t believe in G-d and the Torah how are you a Jew?

      • Igor

        Easy. In the immortal words of I do not know who – I do not go into orthodox beit knesset. That means I do not even consider Reform or Conservative Judaism – you either believe or not, you do not invent you own religion (you can but do not call it Judaism). So I am a traditional non-religious (as opposed to atheist) Jew.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bryan-Schmick/100000836170959 Bryan Schmick

      The craziness of the whole thing.

      Religion is a belief. Ethnicity is DNA. There is a Jewish religion and a Jewish DNA causing much confusion. If a person born of Jewish (DNA) parents becomes a Muslim, is he still Jewish? Must he kill himself?

      Muslims believe that belief (religion) is part of DNA. A person with a Muslim father is automatically a Muslim. If that person chooses to not be a Muslim, then he is an apostate and deserves to be killed (ever wonder why pres Obama isn’t given Muslim love despite all his overtures?).

      Then you get the political perspective. People like Pelosi and Kerry claim to be Catholics (religion) but act against Catholic beliefs every chance they get unless their is some political gain in it.

      • Judahlevi

        Yes, it is crazy.

        I don’t believe there is a “Jewish” DNA. There may be a DNA structure which demonstrates a Semitic ancestry, but it would not be a Jewish DNA. Judaism is a religion, not a gene.

        I also don’t believe a baby can be defined by their religion from birth since I believe in freedom of religion and free will. All Jews are Jews of choice, not lineage, in my opinion. All Muslims are Muslims by choice, not birth. In an ideal world…

        A newborn child should never have to carry the baggage of their ancestry. It is their choice what they want to be when they have the capacity to make such decisions.

    • Erudite Mavin

      Filner probably has not seen the inside of one of the many
      synagogues here in years if that.
      He is not a Religious or Observant Jew.

  • lessthantolerant

    Typical democrat, why would anyone want him out of office, we all know these women are lying! This man loves the poor and only wants the best for them, this is one of the reason he molests women, he wants to know if they get enough lovin!
    Got to love democrats, scum is amusing.

  • Whatever

    If we ‘protected our own’ we wouldn’t have ousted him like we did.. smh

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bryan-Schmick/100000836170959 Bryan Schmick

      ‘We’ ousted him only when it became a national scandal. ‘We’ had no problems with his scandals until it began to become a drag on the national scene. ‘We’ protected him as long as we could, but when it began to cast a dark shadow on other DNC members, ‘we’ decided to protect the other DNC members.

      Why are liberals more concerned about the voting impacts of scandals than the scandals themselves?

      • Erudite Mavin

        No, I actually live in San Diego and was part of the recall and obtaining signatures on the petitions.
        the National Media picked up on this because Republicans and Democrats were already moving on this with rallys and the organization of adults who put this together.
        He was one of our 5 congressmen here for 20 years.and in a safe dist. in the South Bay and along the border.
        Some people here in San Diego who live 40 to 70 miles from his dist. at that time did not know his background.
        Though I live in the heart of the city, I knew his background for years.
        We had a good chance having a good Republican as Mayor but some pures would not vote for a gay person thus Filner.
        Hope they learned a lesson

    • Hard Little Machine

      After 10 terms in Congress and scandal plagued mayorality that made international news. Are you suggesting that in 10 (ten) terms in Congress not a single person anywhere any earthly clue about anything?

  • Keith Jerman

    Remember the “good old days” when America stood up and went to war against Communists & Socialist. Now our governmental offices are filled with them.

  • JoeG.

    Filner is a low-life and his leftist politics are disgusting. However, why did you publish a picture of Filner’s mug shot without explanation? If he was in Mississippi protesting segregation and Jim Crow, it is actually to his credit. It detracts from an expose of Filner’s leftist politics, and reflects badly on the editors.