A Memorial Day for Islamic Terror

islamOn John Wilson Street, the flowers lie thick. Men and women walk by leaving bouquets and cards. If not for the balloons and teddy bears with British flags on them, it might be Copley Square near the finish line of the Boston Marathon where the same bouquets lie limply against steel barriers. But there the teddy bears and balloons wear the stars and stripes.

In the middle of May, Prime Minister David Cameron was at Copley Square saying that we will never give in to the terrorists while praising the values of diversity and then two weeks later he was outside 10 Downing Street declaring that we will never give in to the terrorists and praising Islam. The places had changed but the script hadn’t.

Listen long enough and you realize that every politician is working from the same script.

After Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the second Boston bomber, was captured, Obama gave a little speech praising the “diversity that makes us strong” and asserting that “we refuse to be terrorized.”  After the butchery of Jewish children by a Muslim terrorist in Toulouse, France last year, President Sarkozy talked up Muslim victimhood and said, “We mustn’t give in to terror.”

“I want the world to understand that our actions today were not aimed against Islam,” President Clinton had said, as he announced strikes against Al Qaeda targets after the bombings of American embassies, “the faith of hundreds of millions of good, peace-loving people all around the world, including the United States.”

Like a commercial jingle, after the obligatory tributes to the indomitable courage of whatever city the attack took place in, the same two contradictory messages repeat again and again. “Islamic PR is our priority” and “We won’t give in to terror.”

It would be easy enough to make a tour of such places and hear the empty words ring from mute stone and the washed out remains of posters and cards, wilted flower petals and teddy bears whose colors have run together until it is impossible to tell what flag they used to wear. What lost child and lost father they memorialized.

The politicians only speak to assure the people that they are taking the problem seriously when past echoes from the stones tell us that they aren’t taking it seriously at all.

“We will find out who did this and we’ll find out why they did this,” Obama said after Benghazi. Those words should sound familiar. In 1993, after the World Trade Center bombing, President Clinton told Americans, “We’ll find out who was involved and why this happened. Americans should know that we will do everything possible to keep them safe in their streets, their offices and their homes.”

Eight years later the towers had fallen.

The FBI had two years’ worth of warnings and an informant inside the group that did it. Ramzi Yousef, the perpetrator of the attack, was the nephew of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the attacks of September 11 that finished what his nephew had begun.

Yousef studied electrical engineering in the United Kingdom and then spent time in one of Osama bin Laden’s training camps. And then back to the United Kingdom and on to the United States.

The story is a familiar one. Neither Tamerlan Tsarnaev nor Michael “Mujaheed” Adebolaja came out of nowhere. They were familiar presences in intelligence files. Their links to terrorist groups were known. They could have been stopped but they weren’t, because Islam is a religion of peace and diversity is our strength. Instead they were just among the thousands of strongly diverse names sitting in file folders.

The UK government is rolling out a task force that will tackle violent extremism of unspecified origin. Proposals include keeping “extremists” from appearing on campuses. Considering that one of the London beheaders had been “radicalized” as a teenager by a combination of Somali drug gangs and his local mosque, it’s a weak and random suggestion that will almost certainly go nowhere.

Over a month after the Boston bombings, Obama unrolled his own proposals, questioning the morality of drone strikes, and calling for the release of more Gitmo terrorists and the end of the War on Terror.  By refusing to be terrorized, Obama apparently meant that if we pretend that terrorism doesn’t exist, then it won’t. War is over if you want it. Put down some cards and flowers and then let the terrorists go.

Governments have been successfully terrorized. It has fallen on the people not to allow themselves to be terrorized, to keep a stiff upper lip when the bombs go off and bloodied bodies roll into the gutter.  They are expected to convince themselves that the presence of large numbers of Muslims in their cities is a strength, rather than a dangerous threat. To notice that is to be terrorized. And if you notice that the terrorists are Muslim, then the multiculturalists have lost and the terrorists have won.

If you doubt that, consider the 1,200 London police officers dispatched to protect mosques after the brutal Muslim attack on a British soldier. Or the Stockholm police chief saying, ”Our ambition is really to do as little as possible” in the face of Muslim riots, but still taking the time to hand out tickets to the Swedes whose cars were burned and to arrest Swedish vigilantes coming out to protest the rioting.

The role of the people is to see nothing and to take comfort in the empty promises. We refuse to be terrorized. We won’t give in. But they have already given in. And they will let us put out the flowers, cards and teddy bears so we get it out of our systems. Until the next time.

It’s not that our governments can’t protect us against Islamic terrorism. It’s that they choose not to.

The enemy we fight is not unknown. His soldiers are no ciphers. Their names sit in intelligence databases. And when the names come up on their screens, the analysts nod and go, “Yes, him. Thought he might do something like that one day.”

On John Wilson Street, Michael ‘Mujaheed’ Adebolaja stood with bloody hands to tell us that he was killing in the name of Islam. And then out came the Prime Minister and the Mayor of London to assure everyone that Islam had nothing to do with it. And who are we to believe, the politicians or our own lying ears?

The scene could be happening anywhere. It could be Boston or New York, Paris or Jerusalem. In Nigeria, they are blowing up churches. In Myanmar, they are burning Buddhist monks alive. This isn’t the political outrage of a tiny minority, but the continuation of a thousand years of genocide.

There aren’t enough flowers in the world for every man, woman and child murdered by Islam since Mohammed. There aren’t enough cards or teddy bears or words. There certainly aren’t enough tears. The best way to remember them is with a determination to tell the truth about their killers.

There have been enough lies. To the living and the dead, we owe the truth.

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  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Patriots, shout from the rooftops: Islam is the problem, not "this or that" terror group. Once this conversation starts all manner of truths will emerge. And do NOT allow their mouthpieces – the reds or greens – to shut you up via bugaboos of "Islamophobia", unless the boot/sword of Islam is preferable to "live" under.

    So, in honor of the vets who gave their lives, and those maimed too, pay this forward: http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/12/06/islamophobia-

    G-d bless America!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Americano

    Religion of peace. Yeah. Right. I can see that. Is that before or after they butcher someone in the name of their peaceful religion?
    Okay—you heard it out of the man's own mouth: He murdered that man in the NAME OF ISLAM! Any more questions? Can we now remove our heads from the sand and face the reality? Oh…wait…
    Our Dear Leader has just informed us that the War On Terror is over. The threat is gone. Now the skies will open up and the angels will sing, and we'll all join hands and sing Kumbaya…
    The extremely naive view that Islam is a religion of peace is absurd. It may have begun that way, but that is NOT how things turned out, is it? THESE PEOPLE WANT TO KILL YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE AN INFIDEL! YOU ARE SATAN! Being nice, being p.c., bending over backward to apologize for offending Muslims (never Christains and Jews)—-these morons actually believe that if you give in to these thugs, they'll be friendly. They'll also be the first to be beheaded. Morons.
    Pretending that these people are anything but the thugs and murderers they are is not only naive, it's just downright stupid. How many more will have to die before the Left faces reality?

  • bob e

    good essay dan. powerful..

  • rivkah f.

    Yοu are really on the money here. There is a great deception and denial of the truth and those who wish to point it out are vilified as "Islamophobic" and shut up by the media, academia, religious figures and politicians. " It is willful blindness because telling the truth would require facing it and doing something about it. It is so much easier to evade it , because men cannot look at the sun or death in the eye.

  • logdon

    We've had six months of slowly seeping news of rapes, grooming and the virtual slavery of white girls by predatory Muslim gangs. Despite the best efforts of our Police and Social Services which allowed this abomination as the quid pro quo arrangement known as 'community relations', the lid is lifted.

    That this is nothing less than sacrificing the honour (yes we are entitled to a modicum of that quaint concept too) of a section of our indigenous white community as a trade off with Muslims who thus pacified will not riot or cause unruly disturbance is immediately apparent to anyone who can connect a and b yet we grinned and bore it.

    An off duty soldier has his head just about hacked off in the streets of our capital. Reports claim that the police took over 20 minutes to respond, meantime civilians were engaging and thus pacifying the bloodstained killers. All of this is incontrovertible and much caught on amateur mobile phone film.

    There has been blow-back and apart from one or two incidents, this consisted of enraged tweets, a few tugged hijabs and that's it. As far as reported no Muslims have been hospitalised and no serious violence has been committed.

    However the thrust contained within the bombardment of our airwaves with self recrimination has not sought any true explanation of the motivation contained within Islam itself which so obviously propels this hatred of the other which then boils over into the violence of beheadings in our capital city.

    Rather, just like those rapes, the cultural impetus embedded within Islam and given full sanction by Koranic verses is condemned as a perversion of true belief. In other words ignore the truth and it will go away. And thus, yet again according to the cultural relativists, it's our fault.

    It is nothing of the sort and thanks to the internet a tolerant public is slowly awakening to the fact that, in essence, British custom, values and tradition is being sold down the river to assuage the demand of a rapacious creed intent, as their leaders openly espouse, on global domination. .

    Yep, and still, it's that old see no evil 'community relations' thing again rearing its pathetic head in the wild hope that not talking about the obvious which is plain for all to see will assuage the anger of Muslims economically dependent on the state, yet paradoxically at de facto war with the entity which feeds them.

    The rage that they, the inheritors of the seal of the prophet, the finest of people are forced to go, as they see it, cap in hand to the kuffar for sustenance and their entire existence is the paradox and the answer is to kill and attack the golden goose……cont

  • logdon

    That's Islam and the economic basket cases which this faith is currently creating in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Pakistan whilst relying on western bail outs is the grand metaphor replicated in the cycle.

    The anger boiling over into homicidal action can be compared to the Naqba or catastrophe of the spectacle of former dhimmi Jews now calling the shots within their own nation.

    Yet again the fallacy of Islamic superiority is proven and rather than any attempt at co-existence or honest self searching, the rage is directed by imams towards a Zionist entity whose only desire is to exist.

    Anger is diverted outwards, its never their fault, it has to be something else, whether Tariq Ramadams western colonisation, a huge joke considering how many are currently culturally colonising our cities and towns or other unexplained reasons.

    Islam is the solution is the Muslim Brotherhoods leitmotif. Their answer to the travails which have pushed Islam into second rate in the world order is yet more of the same. Go back to the scriptures. Espouse Wahab's principles revived by Qutb and the former glory will return.

    Those principles are based on the five pillars of Islam, the fifth consisting of jihad. Before the great reversal of Europes renewed self assertion, that Jihad had conquered more territory than the Roman Empire and they want it back.

    Its in the Koran so it must be true. Once Islamic, always so was written and thus that's what they want.

    None of this is rocket science, its plain for all to see and whether from Ken Livingstone's beloved Yusuf al-Qaradawi or our establishment's bete noir, Anjem Choudary there's not a sliver of difference in their motivation and more to the point both are frankly honest in expressing it.

    A once moribund Islam is on the march and emboldened by our passivity and primed by millions of Saudi dollars pumped into mosques, madrassas and islamic centres has dominated a political narrative to the extent that we now cannot even name what the authentic Muslims express.

    Tory Peer Sayeed Warsi, the MBC and the rest may mutter the platitudes but what they say to us and what, in the fastness of a closed mosque or a foreign tongue is of different stature.

    Our first Muslim Peer, Lord Ahmed has proven this and surely the signs were their when future MBC head Iqbal Sacranie uttered that death would be too easy a fate for Salman Rushdie. Sacranie, of course has also been elevated to the House of Lords.

    Future historians, trying to make sense of this combined affront and grand deception, or what Andrew Neather described as 'rubbing our noses in diversity' will rub their eyes in bewilderment.

    We had it all. Genuine prosperity. A sensible social structure with generous state safety nets. Material possessions a plenty. Almost an iPhone in every home and shiny new cars in well tended drives. Supermarkets bulging with obesity traps. That land fit for hero's which grew out of a grim and grimy post-war austerity.

    And yet it wasn't enough for our social engineers. Like children with new toys they just had to wreck it.

    Here's the result.

    • Radegunda

      "Yet again the fallacy of Islamic superiority is proven and rather than any attempt at co-existence or honest self searching, the rage is directed by imams towards a Zionist entity whose only desire is to exist. Anger is diverted outwards, its never their fault, …"

      That's an important point. Muslims are taught from infancy that they are "the best of peoples," destined to rule, and that all others are an inferior species. Then they see their inferiors inventing miraculous technologies, building enviable civilizations, creating prosperity — while Muslims create nothing, for their specialty has always been plunder and destruction.

      They believe that infidel wealth is rightfully theirs for the taking. But they must feel some embarrassment that Muslims have failed to build much of anything. They must have noticed that, in fact, the infidels have earned their prosperity by their own effort and ingenuity.

      And that, to a Muslim, is an intolerable thought, both theologically and psychologically. So they tell themselves that infidels have stolen the Muslim birthright to be superior, and the fury boils over.

    • Charles

      Islam is Nazis all over again and our politicians
      are Chamberlain all over again. We desperately
      need a Churhill!

      • logdon

        Our Churchill has just nipped off to Spain for a nice relaxing weekend with the Missus.

  • Brujo Blanco

    We need to stand up to our aggressors. Saying they do not exist is suicide. Obama said that he was going to fundamentally change America and that he has done. If we do not understand and do not stand up we will have creeping Sharia. We are becoming weak. We must understand we are facing a homicidal enemy that wants us dead.

  • Anthony

    The best way to remember need not stop at telling the truth but should include preparing to do battle with a foe that only force can stop. It is clear that no amount of reasoning will change their predisposition to murdering all who do not follow them not just in the West but all over the world eventually. The time is now for the free to exercise their freedom to defend themselves, their way of life and their lands or gradually slip into bondage the type mankind has never seen or known.

  • N.T. Riisgaard

    Though we know the lies too well it's still powerful reading. Thank you, Daniel Greenfield. I don't feel like further comments. The rest is anger and silence.
    All the best
    Niels Thyge Riisgaard, DK

  • BringItOnBitcches

    Pfft..Keep shedding your alligator tears, Dan.

  • Cassandra

    Thank you Mr. Greenfield. Excellent article.

  • Harry M.

    Great article, Mr. Greenfield. All my respects.
    The Blogger Journey

  • http://twitter.com/historyscoper @historyscoper

    Like with the Borgs, Islam decrees that all resistance is futile. Our politicians have long ago decided that Islam has won and they just want personal safety guarantees by sucking up to Muslims, assuring them in private probably that they will force their countries to bow to Sharia as fast as possible. Sorry, Islam isn't here to stay, and the future doesn't belong to it. There must be a tipping point when the resistance to Islam stiffens and reverses the Great Jihad. The OIC members must be ousted from the U.N. (if it isn't itself shut down or replaced), the Muslim World must be declared a criminal enterprise and quarantined, and it must be made a world crime to give a Quran to a child. It's all-important to nuke Mecca to destroy the home of the evil idol and take the fight out of diehard Muslims. My Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam is the only real workable plan on the table. Read it and help spread it.

    • Defcon 4

      Too many of our politicians are corrupt, amoral cowards (e.g. Perry, Christie) and traitors.

  • richard sherman

    OBAMA reveres the sociopath MUHAMMAD who PERSONALLY decapitated 900 UNARMED Jews of the Banu Quarayza tribe in 627…so he will never speak honestly about the sociopathology of Islam and the Koran.

  • OnCommonGround

    Where is our psychological "red line", as Westerners, that we cannot allow to be crossed, by these murdering Islamists, their sympathizers, and our weak-kneed leaders, before we say enough of this coddling, multiculturalism, and diversity?…..
    All at the expense of a prosperous, "working" society…in every sense of the word…

    • RandyAnn

      My "red line" was breached on 9-11. Since then my blood simmer point has been at 200F and holding, with an increasing number of spikes when I hear the mealy mouth, spineless responses to obvious terrorism, from criminally "tolerant", so-called world leaders.
      At some point, soon, there will be major sack-down on "The Religion of Peace" and it's followers …
      Steer clear of radical mosques…..especially on Fridays…

  • hikerdude

    Bravo , Daniel Greenfield ! This article should be headlines on every newspaper on the Planet.
    I am in disbelief at the fix proposed by London's mayor and Prime Minister.
    They propose investigating radical mosque imams as if there was no reason to investigate them pre slaughter of innocents.

  • Indioviejo

    My question is what shall we do in the face of governments that won't protect us, and care more for diversity and Muslim sensitivities? People in every country need to take their personal defense seriously and defend yourself. Stand your ground..

  • Texas Patriot

    My question is how much money are politicians in the U.S. and the U.K. directly or indirectly receiving from Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern countries that we don't know about? There is really no other reason at this point for them to remain silent about the truth of Islam. We all know that politicians need huge sums of money to run their re-election campaigns, and we all know that there are numerous ways to hide the source of their funding. But at what price? How many innocent lives will have to be sacrificed before politicians start telling the truth about Islam?

  • pierce

    Is David Cameron as stupid and naive as Barack Obama. It is beginning to look like the answer is a resound YES.

    • kaz

      cameron is stupid and naive. obama is a muslim. there is a huge difference in intent, but no difference in results. cameron doesnt actually want to genocide the legitimate citizens of UK, he is just too stupid and ideologically disabled to see that genocide is the inevitable result of his misrule. obama, on the other hand, actually declared he would side with the muslims, and americans, who are as stupid and naive as cameron, actually voted for him.

  • Radegunda

    "By refusing to be terrorized, Obama apparently meant that if we pretend that terrorism doesn’t exist, then it won’t. War is over if you want it. "

    A libertarian who does a weekend talk-show here expressed a similar view.. In his "I'm so very rational" tone, he declared that the goal of terrorism is to terrorize — and therefore the terrorists could just sit back and congratulate themselves because they've already been 100 percent successful, as proven by the airport security theater etc. He thinks we just need to dismantle the security apparatus, thus depriving the terrorists of their victory, and treat terrorism like an ordinary crime.

    Apparently the smug libertarian hasn't noticed that the terrorists aren't sitting back and enjoying their success, for the simple reason that terrorizing people is not their goal. It's just a means to an end — the same end that's sought by CAIR and ISNA and the legions of Muslim pressure groups that demand a little more accommodation here, a little more there, and a ban on any talk that might offend the feelings of Muslims.

    The clueless political class (and the clueless libertarians) imagine that by making nice with the "moderates" and giving them what they demand, they are depriving the "radicals" of reasons to hate us. But in fact they are advancing the same purpose that fuels the terrorists — the same purpose that has driven the Islamic jihad for fourteen centuries. Do our "leaders" really know nothing about that history?

    • Texas Patriot

      Well put.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Speaking of politicians placating Islam, what is it when pundits intentionally conflate what is really jihad or holy fighting in the cause of Allah for the establishment of Islam as being terrorism to placate political correctness?

    Indeed, if jihad was called what it really is, jihad, as opposed to what it isn't, terrorism, then people would soon begin to recognize that jihad, in stark contrast to terrorism, is holy fighting in the cause of Allah for the establishment of Islam, and that it is not only the most important pillar of Islam, but that it is also a holy obligation incumbent upon all Muslims in one form or another. Subsequently, the open practice of Islam would soon inevitably become outlawed and banned in the West.

    • Defcon 4

      I think I see your point, but are you saying that terrorism isn't a valid tactic to be used in the pursuit of jihad?

  • LindaRivera

    Non-Muslims live in daily FEAR from Muslims in many countries. Once Muslims attain a majority, life becomes a non-stop living HELL. It's all over once Muslims attain a majority. Britain and Europe have been heavily colonized with many millions of Muslims by our TRAITOR leaders.

    Britain has Muslims from many different countries. The majority of Muslims are from Pakistan. Besides absolutely massive Muslim violent gang-rapes and forced prostitution of British children; the following will be Britain and Europe's future. We CANNOT let this happen to ANY Western country! NON-MUSLIMS of the WORLD, UNITE!

    Pakistani Christians told, ‘Protest again and you will die’ March 16, 2013

    Many in the Lahore area are living in shocking conditions following the violence there which saw about 200 Christian homes torched and two churches burned to the ground

    By Dan Wooding
    Founder of ASSIST Ministries

    LAHORE, PAKISTAN (ANS) — Outraged Pakistani Christians have taken to the streets of Lahore (and other cities in the country,) to protest against the terrible violence they have suffered following a blasphemy accusation against a young Christian.

    The demonstrators denounced the burning of about 200 Christian homes and two churches by a frenzied Muslim mob of about 3,000, amidst claims spurred by allegations that a Christian man made remarks against the Muslim prophet Mohammed…

    The violence that tore through Lahore's Badami Bagh community on Saturday, March 9, 2013, followed the arrest of Sawan Masih, a Christian in his 20s accused of blasphemy.

    “But Masih's arrest wasn't enough to appease an angry mob of Muslims irate over the alleged crime,” added CNN. “(The) mob wanted police to hand them over the alleged blasphemer, said Hafiz Majid, a senior police official in Badami Bagh.

    “The mob also looted some shops run by Christians, he said. Majid said Christians have fled the area for fear of being killed.

    “If convicted, Masih faces the death penalty. He denies the allegations made by the two men who filed the blasphemy complaint against him with police on Friday (March 8, 2013), Majid said.”

    Since that time, hundreds Pakistani Christians become homeless in Badami Bagh, said ANS correspondent, Shamim Masih, who also reports for the British Pakistani Christian Association.

    He said, “Two hundred homes were turned to ashes and poor Christians are now living in the streets, desperate for food and other needs. Their children cannot attend school or college due to the destruction and fear. Many Residents have expressed great dismay and sorrow and depression is seeping through the entire community.”

    One Christian that Shamim Masih spoke to, Sajid Masih, broke into tears as he said, “I feel helpless and unable to do anything for myself and my family.”

    Shamim Masih went on to say, “Christians around the country who have been incensed by the recurring theme of a blasphemy allegation followed by the attack and burning down of our vulnerable communities, held protests across the country in a concerted effort to vent their disgust at this most recent incident and to show solidarity with the victims.

    “In Youhanabad and Kot Lakhpat, Lahore police used this opportunity to beat the innocent Christian protestors, shot tear gas at them and beat them with sticks, yet when the Muslim attack took place they stood back and watched till the town had been razed to the ground,” he said…

    Mr. Masih said that Muslims of Jhelum City, located on the right bank of the Jhelum River, in the north of Punjab province, “then threatened to burn Christians homes like those in the Badami Bagh community, in response to the protests.” http://www.assistnews.net/Stories/2013/s13030084….

    Join the European parties! In the UK, Join Paul Weston's Liberty GB http://libertygb.org.uk/v1

    Join the EDL (English Defence League) http://englishdefenceleague.org/


    • kaz

      the west should learn from muslims. issue an ultimatum: muslims, stay in our country and you die. leave, and we will let you live. sounds barbarous, but that is exactly the policy of muslims, those great friends of oh so nonjudgemental and oh so tolerant liberals. if a mortal enemy is soundly defeating you, and islam is soundly defeating the west, it is time to learn some tactics from the enemy, and the enemy's most effective strategy is exactly this: join us or we kill you. it is time for the west to learn. if we refuse to learn and adapt, we die.

      • Defcon 4

        The collaborators of islamofascism have to go as well. They are traitors.

  • Jossi

    The West is at its most critical instant, it should be clear how we think. I suggest a maxim of Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the USA and the only one having signed all 4 relevant documents:
    “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security, will deserve neither and lose both”. At this critical time people “must, (and quote again for Memorial Day) B. Franklin again: indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately. This last phrase was pronounced by Franklin after signing the Declaration of Independence.
    Liberty shouldn’t be taken for granted, I think each generation has to fight again for it at some point. Now we should not get cold feet.

  • paula

    There's a very good and sobering read, "Armenian Golgotha" that gives you a view into this mindset- one salivating for power and mayhem. Don't read it before you go to sleep. Holy Matyrs of Armenian Genocide, pray for us.

  • Barb3000

    Obama and his minions are intent on destroying the US. He wants to hand the US to Mexico if he can. The far left wing group La Raza" the race" has been working toward this for decades. He had members of this group set in meetings behind closed doors and help write the 800 page immigration reform bill, while not allowing the president of the ICE union a seat at the table. And from what I read yesterday Obama wants La Raza to select at least 4 people that Obama wants to hire for his administration and to be paid high salaries. La Raza is just as dangerous for the US as Muslims are only in a different way. The government has never tried very hard to keep illegal Mexicans out for years. Millions of them are sucking the state governments dry using their large families of US born kids, which the instant they are born, are new little US citizens. Which the parents can then sign up for food stamps, welfare, housing allotments, medical all at the taxpayers expense. They are doing exactly the same thing the Muslims have done to Europe. The sleazy politicians want to hand all of them amnesty along with whatever jobs they can and will take from US citizens. There are over 20 million people without work in this country and nobody is counting the ones that have given up looking. Half a million homeless and this crook in the White House wants bring in more legal immigrants over the one million that comes to the US every 12 months. I believe the US will go down under the huge load of humanity if this insane bill S.744 passes.
    All of the politicians will be home this week for the holiday please call your rep.and senators and tell them no amnesty.

    • kaz

      the threat is not hispanic conquest OR islamic genocide. the threat that our government works day and night to achieve is hispanic conquest FOLLOWED BY islamic genocide. why have one evil when we can have both?

      • Barb3000

        Actually you have made a good point. As more and more Muslims move to the US there may come a day when there is a fight to the death between the Hispanics and the Muslims. Mexicans, especially the illegals, don't like blacks and its highly unlikely they would go for the Muslims moving into their territory either. We may be sitting on the sidelines if bill S.744 passes watching these two groups kill each for whats left of the US. This may sound like fiction but don't count on it.

  • Ninth grade

    The Muslim abominations mentioned by the various commentators is by no means all of the woes they inflicted on us. Don't forget, they are the ones who gave us Algebra. Yeech !

    • Defcon 4

      Bzzzzzzzzzzttttttttttt. Wrong, the muslimes didn't invent algebra they stole it from the Hindus of India and claimed it as their own.

  • Chris

    Obama is going after the tea party with the full force of his mighty government. Those are his terrorists. Muslims get plush seats at Barry's Iftar dinner and annual Ramadan celebration.
    In obama's mind, terrorist=any one who opposes his regime. Obama sides with the Muslims EVERY TIME.

  • kaz

    when presented with government telling us one thing, and terrorists saying the opposite, i would believe the terrorists every time. terrorists have a record of telling the truth. governments have a near unbroken record of lies. is our enemy islam, or a few "extremists" who have "hijacked" the "religion of peace"? terrorists say our enemy is islam. our government says a few "extremists". only a fool would believe the government.

  • Paardestaart

    Stop talking. Stop arguing.

  • Miguel

    I just want to know how these "Western leaders" are getting PAID by the big islamists.

  • njmcc

    Wow I've never read so much over-hyped nonsence in all my life. How many drugs have you lot taken to induce such paranoia?!