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ACLU Accuses Union of “Extortion” for Using its Free Speech to Criticize It

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On August 3, 2013 @ 3:21 pm In The Point | 3 Comments

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Everyone supports free speech, until it’s free speech aimed at them. And suddenly the ACLU, an organization that is perfectly okay with turning over classified information to terrorists that can get Americans killed, draws the line at… being embarrassed in the press.

But you can see where the ACLU is coming [2] from. If wealthy liberals stop giving it money, it won’t exist [3].

Did you know that the clerical and other support staff for the American Civil Liberties Union is, well, unionized? Well, they are and that is causing ACLU executive director Anthony Romero some serious heartburn.

Romero told the Village Voice in a July 25 interview that the workers’ union, United Auto Workers Local 2110, was engaging in a “subtle form of extortion” by criticizing the ACLU to the press.

“[The union] is using the press to embarrass us and back us into a corner to make concessions that are not in keeping with the market and not in keeping with other employers,” Romero said.

Wait. Suddenly the ACLU sounds like Mitt Romney. But that’s how it is when your ox is the one being gored.

In the July 24  piece, the Voice reported that the civil rights group was asking for “unprecedented” givebacks from its legal assistants, receptionists, bookkeepers, accounting assistants and mail clerks.

All this while executives at the company got a combined $100,000 pay raise in 2012, enough to support an 8 percent bump in salaries for all union worker salaries.

Those filthy capitalist non-profit lefty pigs.

Managers are also looking to defang the “just cause” provision in union workers’ contracts, the right of a worker to get a fair hearing with an arbitrator if managers are looking to fire her. It demands that employers prove they have a good reason for terminating someone. The ACLU management hopes to narrow the infractions protected by the arbitration process, and to make “disloyalty” a fireable offense without defining what exactly disloyalty means.

If only we had that policy when it came to the governmnt.


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