Afghanistan Comes to London

Soldier-Killed-in-London-624x351After telling the story of Mohammed’s boast that he would make the mountain come to him, only to be forced to go to it, Francis Bacon observed, “If the mountains will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain.”

Americans, Englishmen, Frenchmen and countless others went to the Muslim world hoping to turn it into another Boston, another London and another Paris. Instead, Boston, London and Paris are turning into another Kabul, another Islamabad and another Mogadishu. Mohammed has come to the mountain.

Five years ago, the sight of Muslim terrorists beheading British soldiers was a horror that could happen in Afghanistan or Iraq. Now it has happened in broad daylight in the capital of the United Kingdom.

In a decade, 600,000 white Londoners have fled the city. Those are the sorts of numbers you would expect from the Syrian civil war. Their place has been taken by the million Muslims occupying the city.

Woolwich Common, adjacent to the area where the attack took place, is described as an “inner-city multicultural neighborhood” which is to say that it is more ethnically diverse than the London average; it has more violent crimes than average and is among the 5% of poorest neighborhoods. Only 58% of its population was born in England and a quarter of its residents immigrated in that same dreadful decade.

Multiculturalism has enriched the area with the Woolwich Manz, a Somali Muslim gang whose antics have led residents to fear walking the streets at night. The Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Social Inclusion and Justice Division informs us that there are thousands of Somalis in the borough, most of whom live in Woolwich Common and Woolwich Riverside.

Gang wars over the lucrative drug business have broken out between the Woolwich Manz and other African gangs. Already in 2007, the London Evening Standard said that area residents were describing the Woolwich Common Estate as a “war zone” with stabbings and shootings and a new generation of child soldiers being recruited into the war. It was a little piece of Somalia in the United Kingdom.

The two men who butchered a British soldier are believed to be Somalis. Last year it was reported that dozens of Muslims in the UK were being trained to fight for Al Qaeda in Somalia. There were concerns over what those men would do once they returned to the United Kingdom.

Al-Shabaab, the local Al Qaeda franchise, subsists on tens of thousands of pounds from the hundreds of thousands of Somali settlers living in the United Kingdom. In 2012, Al-Shabaab terrorists had threatened a terrorist attack against the UK, saying, “The nightmare that surreptitiously looms on British shores is bound to eclipse the horrors of 7/7 and 21/7 combined.”

That nightmare still looms. It is the nightmare of the savage wars of the Muslim world being exported to the United Kingdom.

Last year, Shabaaz Hussain was sentenced to five years in jail in Woolwich Crown Court for his fundraising activities on behalf of Al-Shabaab. Five years earlier, Osama bin London and his followers had been sentenced at that same court for the 21/7 plot which attempted to set off bombs in a number of London Underground stations.  The majority of Bin London’s followers were African immigrants.

Ramzi Mohammed, a Somali, turned to face a young mother with a baby in her stroller before trying to detonate his bomb.

Muslim fighters have torn Somalia apart. And importing 200,000 of them into the United Kingdom is beginning to have the same effect. There are an estimated 70,000 Somalis in Greater London. That makes London the 12th largest city in Somalia. Nearly 2 percent of Somalia now lives in the UK.

80 percent of Somalis in the UK live in public housing. They have the lowest employment rate of every immigrant group in the country. And within four years, they had managed to rack up over ten thousand arrests. Every effort to integrate them has failed. Rather than the Somalis becoming British, shards of Britain have become little Mogadishus.

The Somalis are not alone in this regard. Muslim immigration to the UK has brought the norms of Somalia, Afghanistan and Egypt to the streets of London. Individual acts of violence can be overlooked. But there is nothing individual about all these cases. This is a culture of violence.

Islam sanctifies that culture of violence. It takes tribal killings and endows them with the status of a religious duty. Jihad is simply gang warfare, no different than the kind practiced by the Woolwich Manz, given theological meaning. Men have been butchering other men with machetes throughout Africa. But when a Muslim mutilates a British soldier with a machete, then he is engaging in a religious ritual.

This is no clash of civilizations because there is hardly anything resembling civilization on the other side. Islam began with a gang raiding caravans. It now persists in gangs raiding across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

What happened near Woolwich Commons would not have been considered extraordinary in Afghanistan, Somalia or Syria. It is only extraordinary because it has been a long time since rampaging Vikings were disemboweling the locals. It is only extraordinary because the nation is hobbled by the assumptions of civilization. And one of those basic assumptions is that murderers with red hands will not carry out beheadings in your streets.

The United Kingdom has become a civilized place. Unfortunately its practice of importing savages makes that civilization of climbing roses and social progress unsustainable. If you import millions of people who follow a religion that sanctifies tribal violence, then you must expect tribal violence to tear apart what you have built. And if you do not wish that to happen, then you must close the gates on the barbarians.

There is no need to go fight the Taliban in Afghanistan. Not when they are already living in London in public housing and screeching diatribes about the coming conquest while treating themselves to all the luxuries of the welfare state. And as their numbers grow, ignoring them will become impossible.

The butchers who perpetrated this latest atrocity wanted to be seen. They wanted to break through the media boycott to tell the peoples of the United Kingdom that they were being murdered in the name of Islam. The story is already being met with the usual cognitive dissonance and being swept under the rug, but that just means that the next bunch will try even harder to convey the message that the war is here.

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  • Alvaro

    When I first read of the beheading of a soldier, I could at first not believe that it had happened in the UK and in broad daylight. Maybe the multicultitalist politicians thought they were getting a United Nations instead of the United Kingdom. What they are getting is the United Arab Emirates.

    The politicians responsible should live in Woolwich. Surely, multiculturalism was what they wanted..?

    • davarino

      Exactly what I was thinking, let the elites live with these barbarians. Better yet, round them all up and send them back where they came from. They are not fit for civilized society.

      • Drakken

        The time for deporting the savages has come and gone, we are going to have to do it the good ole fashioned way, the Serbs gave us a taste of what we will be doing shortly.


      Get used to it, it's going to get worse.
      Welcome to the coming of the Caliphate. They have an agenda and they'll go through with it to the end.
      WW3 is on it's way! The winners will take all and the losers will convert or die unless the rest of the world wakes up and acts. WAKEY, WAKEY!

      • S.Smith

        True. These acts will soon become common-place all over the unfree West as long as we cave int o their demands. Muslims only understand strength, see tolerance as weakness and it emboldens them.
        I remember an Israeli tour guide reporting on a blog a conversation with an Arab tourist he had when he was actually told this. That Muslims do not as most humans, respond to kindness in kind, but see it as a victory . I assume this Arab knew what he was talking about, it was a warning though to Israel and the West! i have heard similar from ex-Muslims.
        Under colonialism they were well subdued.
        After the British left "Palestine " an educated Arab mused " now we will descend into medieval barbarism" never was a truer , more prophetic word said in that part of the world.
        Problem is IT IS HERE NOW TOO.

        • Drakken

          As Churchill said then and is true today, the muslim is either at your feet or at your throat, it is always best to keep your boot on them.

    • @philipsmeeton

      Al- Qaeda has a publication where they encourage this type of attack. See a copy here:
      There is a recipe for making home made bombs on pages 33-40.

    • Chezwick

      "Afghanistan comes to London."

      Except that this man obviously doesn't come from Afghanistan. He comes from Africa, where British troops AREN'T killing ANYBODY. But such is the trans-national character of Islam that this man identifies more with his religion than his nationality. In fact, notice his British accent. If this man wasn't BORN in Britain, he was certainly RAISED there. And yet, he doesn't consider himself British in any way. Question is, why do the British consider him so?

      • Drakken

        This is Somalia coming here in spades and the Brits are sticking their heads in the sand hoping the problem will go away and anyone who points out the folly of importing these savages into our midst are vilified and are harrassed by the very Govt who is supposed to protect them from this scourge.

        • muchiboy

          A little late for that ,Mr.Drakken.And really,who is to blame.America imported at least hundreds of thousands of Africans as slaves,and so America now has millions of Black citizens.By and large,they seem to be doing alright.And the UK,occupying and colonizing country after country,continent after continent,spreading their values,economic system,etc.And now the Pigeons come home to roost.Surprise,surprise.But that does not necessarily spell doom,maybe a little more gloom than we want.Hakuna Matata.

          • Drakken

            Make no mistake, there will be war and there will be blood and lots of it. You might blame the West and colonization but I don't and won't. We westerners have created the greatest civilization known to man, you might not want to defend it, but others will with typical western zeal. Make sure your on the right side of history, because if you are not, it won't be forgiving.

          • kasandra

            Muchiboy – What a ridiculous analogy you make. First, the Somalies, Nigerians, Sudanese, Libyans, etc. in England came there voluntarily. Blacks in the U.S. mostly came here in chains. If you go to another country voluntarily you have an obligation to accomodate yourself to your host country. No so much if you are kidnapped and brought to that country against your will. Also, to my knowledge, except for perhaps the NBPP, American blacks do not divide the world into two camps, theirs and everyone elses, and have a theology that compells them to conquer or convert all of those not in their camp until the whole world is black. Islamists do divide the world thusly and commend the faithful to bring the non-Islamic camp (Dar al-Harb) into the Islamic camp (Dar al-Islam) by force (jihad) or conversion. I think to compare American blacks to the filth that committed this atrocity in London is absurd. You really should go back to the drawing board on that one.

          • davarino

            Ya, he's a little upside down. Maybe he would be happy if we did things the way Russia and China….etc. do things. They dont seem to have much of a problem with these backwoods ret@rds because they dont treat them as kindly as we do.

  • hktony

    My comment was deleted before it appeared???? All I said was the establishment and elites will claim the killers to be crazy, or misunderstood, not muslims etc. That the working class in these mixed areas will live in fear of this happening to them. And lastly, a disenfranchised working class will have no recourse but to fight back.

    • WatcherOntheWall

      "working class will have no recourse but to fight back." Fight back with what? Pitch forks? Only the criminals have guns, like these murders. The average law abiding citizen in the U.K. are without guns, and are helpless. Obama wants to take away our guns to open the course for One World Government, i.e. Shira Law. Coming to a city in the U.S. if the people do not wake up to gun control.

      • Drakken

        When push comes to shove, you will be amazed at how fast the common folk will be able to arm up. Welcome to the Balkans on steroids coming to a town near you.

      • Lisa

        We can fight back in the U.S. on the individual street level but we can't overpower the U.S. military; they have the means to disarm or kill us and I believe they will just as tanks were to sent to Waco. They will not try to win our hearts and minds; that strategy is reserved for those who have privileged status such as the Mohammedans and LaRaza.

  • truebearing

    Eventually, the Muslims will have their Middle Eastern Caliphate, if the West continues its flaccid reaction to the Muslim threat. By the time it happens, all of Europe will have to fight a civil war with their Muslim citizens at the same time they attempt to fight aggression from the Caliphate….if they bother to fight at all. It's like allowing a million Nazis to takeover London before Britain went to war with Germany.

    The West needs to wake up and recognize Islam as a criminal, seditious enemy to all of our values, beliefs, and freedom, not to mention our lives. This is a war, and the majority of leaders in this country, and Europe, have assiduously refused to acknowledge it. We should be treating Islam like Ebola, SARS, or the Black Death, but instead, our elected leaders are making excuses for the violence and worrying more about their PC posture.

    • davarino

      Your right, the CDC should be testing for this virus and quarantining it.

      • Mary Sue

        the CDC has been infiltrated. There's Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood types right in the damn labs.

    • Drakken

      Look no further than what happened in the Balkans as to how this is going to play out, and it is coming. The common folk will be able to get his/hers AK from the Russians who will be happy to supply.

    • Cassandra

      I totally agree with you and add gangrene to your list.

  • Michael Copeland

    There is trouble ahead

    • Stephen_Brady

      A great deal of trouble, indeed. I know that our friends in the UK are not allowed to own guns, but hammers, axes, old swords? Also, you can make dandy shields out of two layers of plywood.

      • Drakken

        You will see quite a few enterprizing folks who will be more than happy to supply the latest arms to the common folk. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if heavy ordinance makes it there as well.

  • elishawah

    I lifted up my eyes in the sands of the desert and I saw two men riding on camels coming from the east then I saw two men riding on asses coming from the north and then I saw two men riding on horses coming from the Persian empire and I heard them say we must strike the great satan with the nuclear weapon and then allah will rule the world

    • Drakken

      You muzzy savages are going to be in for one bloody nasty horror show when we get done with you.Your cities will burn and you will be eating each other before this is done.

      • elishawah

        I am not a muslem,i am a prophet of the most high GOD YAWYEH AND WHAT I SPEAK IS THE TRUTH AND IT WILL COME TO PASS

  • buddy

    If you simply stopped muslim immigration, this would probably stop. Next I would round up all the muslim students and send them home. Just start sending muslims back to wherever they came from. There are many things that could be done without any violence. But sadly all the nonviolent remedies are being blocked by the leftists and their multicultural falsehoods. Another example where leftism leads to death. Leftism is a form of a meta evil. Once you lose the ability to pronounce moral judgement, you get what we see today. Once you start sending them home, the ones remaining will get more and more nervous and begin to self police more and more, as there numbers begin to dwindle. It would be even more effective if you sent them home in an arbitrary way. The more unfair would be the better. This would make all of them constantly wonder who's next. Anyone calling themselves an imam would be a good group to begin with. As they face the prospect of being relocated, they would have to reconsider if their islamic fantasies are worth keeping or their nice western house and living in a land where the rule of law exists along with the safety it provides. Do something like this now, or do something worse later. This is what the brits face. Good luck. This would be the deportation heard 'round the world.

    • Celtic Morning

      You are so right, and your solution is obvious to anyone who values their racial identity. So I fear it will never happen for the people of Europe are weak and listless and inferior to their forbears. The good seed was shed during the course of two world wars when the strong flower of all European nations was destroyed leaving future plants to wither and die through their genetic weakness. The strength is now with the people of other continents who are reckless and intelligently inferior but who are not afraid to fight and die for their beliefs. The white races are cocooned in their comforts and careless of their freedoms and will perish for their apathy and cowardice. This is the last century of western supremacy, all great civilisations have perished before the bestial hordes. The Islamic sword will prove to be mightier than the western pen.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "…obvious to anyone who values their racial identity…"

      Obvious to anyone who values their non-Islamic culture.

    • Drakken

      We are beyond the point of sending them back, they will have to be dealt with here the ole fashioned way.

      • buddy

        It's obvious that you're emotional about this,
        and maybe you have good reason to be.

        But this is not war, it's pre-massacre if violence is chosen.

        So, I disagree with you utterly and completely.

        The only power these people have is what we give them.
        Muslims are failed everywhere and without the west they would
        starve in a matter of weeks if not days.

        And this help that we give them is because of the leftist curse,
        or the leftist virus, what ever you want to call these contemptible,
        dumb asses.

        If I were a leftist, I'd be very afraid. Because there's no place to send
        these idiots. And someday there will be a reckoning for these guys,
        long over due, and well deserved. I'd start with hollywood followed
        very quickly by the professors.

        • Drakken

          Let me explain very plainly to you because it it very obvious that what I am describing is too terrible for your mind to wrap itself around. History is loaded with paralels of what is happening today, you forget that our western civilization is built upon blood and iron to get us to where we are today, we have been spoiled by our success and therefore have become weak, and decadent, but the muslims and their leftist enablers are showing us the folly and stupidity of our ways, our backs are now against the wall and our enemies are openly attacking us in our own cities because of our weakness. War in the end decides all things and make no mistake war is coming, and we are going to return to our old ways of conquer and kill, but you can deny all you want, history would argue otherwise.

          • buddy

            You assume too much, and you know what they say.

            I understand that you want blood, and it is justified in some ways. A man was slaughtered in broad daylight.

            Now you need to listen, and most of all get control of your emotions. I won't defend myself against your ridiculous assumptions.

            Muslims are not nazis. Muslims don't have any panzers or stukas or ME109s. Muslims only have what we give them.

            We have to best choose what to do about them. And the first thing would be to face them. And stop pretending they are something they are not. They're not nice people, they're awful people, with an awful creed. This is all we have to do, if we stop giving them stuff.

            So what I'm saying is you don't need an army to defeat them. Just stop feeding them. And kick them out. Once you realize this, the problem shrinks to a manageable size.

            When enough people take off their leftist goggles, people will realize this.

            So the real enemy here are the leftists. They're not enablers. They are much more than that. But they are the first enemy. And that's what I want to point out.

            Take a breath dude. Reply to this, but don't ever talk to me again. You don't have my permission. There, see how easy it is to withdraw sanction?

          • reader

            "Muslims are not nazis. Muslims don't have any panzers or stukas or ME109s. Muslims only have what we give them."

            This is a very strange definition of Naziism. Hitler was a Nazi when he came to power, and when he came to power, Germany was for all intents and purposes disarmed under the Versailles Treaty.

          • Drakken

            Assumption is the mother of all f**kups and make no mistake I assume nothing, know they enemy is the mantra that I follow, and I am dealing with this in my typical cold hard harsh Teutonic fashion, with the added flavor of dealing with these savages for over 25 years, period. We are beyond the tipping point of kicking them out of the West, when we are done they will be fleeing for their lives or perish, if you don't think that this scenerio is going to happen, your living in denial and as past experience has shown me, denial has a very nasty habit of slapping you in the face to reality. As for the left? If they side with the muslim scourge in our midst, they will find out in short order that there will be no quarter for them as well. As for how I have gooten to this conclusion? Pure, unadulteed cold harsh history, and a very brutal lesson learned on the morning of Oct 23rd 1983. It is a lesson I have never forgotten.

    • Red Dirt Boy

      I could not agree…with you more..!!…..Slay the dragon while it has only one head..!!

  • curious

    With all due respect towards the young soldier brutally murdered, and the ensuing horror of the crime, I wonder how the liberal media will spin this act of bestiality. Any thoughts?

    • gerry

      Don't worry about it,the liberals medias or not have a fertile imagination.They will come up with something like it is not is fault ,he had a difficult childhood,traumatised etc etc…But the guy is right when he said to the lady"the government does care about you".Could not have said a truer word!

    • Cassandra

      They already started. They are NOT naming the wonderful religion of peace..Wolfy Blitzard mad sure of that.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "With all due respect towards the young soldier brutally murdered, and the ensuing horror of the crime, I wonder how the liberal media will spin this act of bestiality. Any thoughts?"

      They started planting the "poverty victim" seeds even before terrorism was mentioned.

      Allah akbar some times means I really need a job.

    • Lisa

      #1: They "self radicalized."

    • ratonis

      Last night that liberal "Leslie" babe was on Hannity's show expressing outright indignation at the identification of these sub-humans as Muslims (despite their own self-identification as such!!!), "This is nothing more than brutal thuggery" or some such crap. Michelle Malkin was on with her and despite her familiar rage style, was much too light and easy on her counterpart. She should have told her what she really is—an enabler of such acts, complicit and brain-dead in her "progressive" stupidity.

  • pierce

    Thugs is what they are. Muslims and the Nations of Islam are thugs. And what happened in London is what is going to happen to the USA if our immigration policies are allowed to continue to run rampant. We have already got our share of thugs, maybe we should close our gates for a while, and let some of the anger die down.
    We don't need any more bullies. We don't want any more bullies. These are the same kind of thugs that perpetrated the Boston Marathon massacre. We will have to watch where we have been, not just where we are going. Sick, sick, sick.

    • Dennis X

      Please name one act of terror done by the Nation of Islam. I think your mixing apples and oranges. Immigration would have no impact on the Nation of Islam because the are ameicakkk citizens.

      • muchiboy

        Huh? I am at a lost for more words.First time ever here.Aspecia? Stern?Peter?Say something.

        • muchiboy

          "The Nation of Islam (NOI) is a syncretic new religious movement founded in Detroit, Michigan by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad in July 1930"

          OK.I guess I was talking about oranges,Dennis.Sorry.

      • Drakken

        You obviously belong to the noi, good to know.

      • Lan Astaslem

        that pig calypso lois farakhan and his goon squad foment violence and hatred toward whites and Jews regularly.

      • Mary Sue

        Nation of I-slam is still a bunch of haters that believe such Scientology-esque batfeces nonsense like the idea that Whitey is the spawn of the Devil.

  • hindustan

    by the time world realize,it will be too little too late.

    • davarino

      Uh huh, you know the backwoods ret@rds always lose. Especially your kind, because its only ret@rds that sacrifice themselves. No, the world will wake up and there will be a mass exodus of your kind, either voluntary or not, and you'll be back in your wonderful backwards country where you came from.

      Enjoy it while you can

  • muchiboy

    Bizarre.But so are some of the responses here.London dealt with worse with Germany's bombing raids and IRA terrorism.She will survive Jihad.
    The West pays a price for past colonial excesses and distant wars.We pay a price,too,for Globalization.But the hope is that Globalization will make a more prosperous world.The intelligence services have their failures,but they are our best line of defense against these types of attacks.More than ever,the Muslim community must come forward,as they have in Canada,to alert our police forces to potential threats.And by all reasonable means,stop them before they breach our borders.But we still have the "home grown" variety.
    Islam is in crisis.We need to support,wherever possible,the moderate Muslim communities,groups,parties,countries,etc.And,yes,they need to support us.Extremism,here or there,yours or theirs,is not helpful.And,to bring it closer to home,American and Western support for Israel,who has ethnically cleansed,de facto or otherwise,hundreds of thousands of Palestinians,will always be seen as a grievance and reason for Jehad,until resolved.Jews certainly have your part to play here,and are far from innocent.

    • aspacia


      How about laying the factual burden of Muslim violence on Muslims for a change. Now try it for a change.

      The Israeli/Muslim conflict is not about land; only the Muslim genocidal hopes of eradicating her.

      • Muchiboy

        Sure,Aspacia.The Muslims have to take their fair share of the blame overall,and what we have witnessed in Boston and London,and very nearly here in Canada,is 100% Muslim inspired and Muslim implimented.We,and that includes me,can lay the blame squarely at their sandaled feet.Doesn't mean I universally condemn Islam or their communities,East or West.I just wish I would see them in their masses on our streets demonstrating against these terror acts,on our streets.And against the excesses of Sharia law.And against the primitive treatment of their young girls and women.
        But you know,Aspecia,the Palestinians have a saying;"Your 9/11 is our 24/7".Thanks to Israel,which is really the Jewish people,seeing how most Jews live there,and how it is their re-created national state,even if it was straight through the heart and soul of the Palestinian people.Again,Aspecia,Israel and the Jewish people are far from innocent here.And you have your part to play in the defeat of Islamofacism.
        As for wanting to eradicate Israel,I am not close enough to the Palestinians to know their desires on that.But I doubt,as a people, they want to see Jews thrown into the sea.Try giving them a decent alternative to what you have taken from them,their homeland and birthright.If it was good enought for the Diaspora after hundreds or thousands of years,it shouldn't be denied to the Palestinian diaspora after sixty years.

        • stern

          "As for wanting to eradicate Israel,I am not close enough to the Palestinians to know their desires on that.But I doubt,as a people, they want to see Jews thrown into the sea."

          Then you haven't been reading enough. Check any poll of the "Palestinians" and you will see that they consider the "two-state solution" to be nothing more than a stage on the way to a single state. Read the statements of Arab leaders ever since 1947. Read the Hamas charter.

          Incidentally, I find your statement that "I am not close enough to the Palestinians (sic) to know their desire" most amusing because clearly, you consider yourself close enough to the situation to condemn Israel continuously, no matter how many times your horrific errors are corrected here. I guess that when it comes to Jew hatred, there's no changing your mind, is there?

          • muchiboy

            Hello Stern.It's been awhile.I have taken these months recovering from my battle wounds.You guys are tough opponents,and I always leave feeling bruised..Nothing like a little jousting to sharpen ones skills and knowledge,eh?.You still can't (or refuse) distinguish between anti Antisemitism and anti Zionism,can you? We may never get past that one.But it is a serious barrier to further fruitful discussion,Stern.
            You are likely right about the Palestinians not being satisfied with a two state solution.It may be seen as an important stepping stone to a single state solution.And who can blame them.They had a good teacher,the Zionists!Just need to be patient,but hopefully it won't take some thousand years or so,like it did with you.And your Holocaust was their Nakba.Hardly worth it.Anyway,if the devilish details can be worked through,and with lots of time and magnanimity, it may happen someday,to the benefit of both peoples.Jews,including the settlers,would live side by side,tolerating one another,with the Arabs,under one flag,with one capital,Jerusalem.Doesn't that sound nice?Might take a miracle,but what better setting.I don't know who it would be more difficult to make it so,Jew or Arab.

          • stern

            muchiboy, time certainly hasn't healed your Jew hatred! I suggest you look up the 1937 Peel Report and the 1947 UN Partition Plan. The Jews accepted both of these, more than prepared to share what little of the land was granted to them. Then consider Camp David 2000 and Jerusalem 2008, when the Jews once again offered to share the land.

            Knowing these facts, your statement that as far a single state solution is concerned –the "palestinians" had a "good teacher – the Zionists" well, your statement is simply ludicrous. It ignores history and perverts the facts to make a point that can only be made by someone who is thoroughly biased. It demonstrates without a shadow of doubt that when it comes to you, anti-Zionism IS anti-Semitism.

            In fact, I happen to agree with Martin Luther King on that subject. I suggest you research what he had to say.

          • Mary Sue

            So who taught you to hate jews?

        • Drakken

          I can quite clearly see that you are one of those spineless leftist who blame us westerners for muslim aggression and will gladly grovel at the the feet of the muslim in the hopes that they will spare you, I have nothing but contempt for you and others of your leftist ilk. War in the end is coming and will have the final say, so if I were you, make sure your on our side.

          • muchiboy

            I have stood my ground against Marxists in battle in Rhodesia,and if it comes to Islamic Fundamentalists,I will do the same.Just make sure my weapon is an FN 7.62 NATO.That's all I ask.But I will not fight my Palestinian Brothers or Sisters.

          • Drakken

            If you side with the fakestinians, you are as much of an enemy as them, it is that bloody simple. muslims of whatever stripe are going to be a very endangered species in the west soon enough. As for Israel, they are far too nice to the fakestinian savages. They deserve a nice little nakba of Cathaginian proportions.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "I have stood my ground against Marxists in battle in Rhodesia,and if it comes to Islamic Fundamentalists,I will do the same.Just make sure my weapon is an FN 7.62 NATO.That's all I ask.But I will not fight my Palestinian Brothers or Sisters."

            You must love 0'Bama because you love his anti-colonial rhetoric. It's obvious you have no access to the true historical facts. I understand the situation.

          • Mary Sue

            I have bad news for you. Your "Palestinian Brothers and Sisters" ARE Islamic Fundamentalists!

          • stern

            muchiboy is not a leftist. He's a twisted, Jew-hating bigot.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "But you know,Aspecia,the Palestinians have a saying;"Your 9/11 is our 24/7".Thanks to Israel"

          And you know Muchi, that the "Palestinians" are history's most prolific liars.

          "…which is really the Jewish people,seeing how most Jews live there,and how it is their re-created national state,even if it was straight through the heart and soul of the Palestinian people."

          Non-Muslims rejecting sharia. We're all just as guilty but more insulated. Some of us. If you reject sharia, you're on the list too.

          "…which is really the Jewish people,seeing how most Jews live there,and how it is their re-created national state,even if it was straight through the heart and soul of the Palestinian people."

          It's a theocracy, not a democracy. And furthermore, you're a dupe.

          "Try giving them a decent alternative to what you have taken from them,their homeland and birthright."

          They brought it on themselves. They have nobody, and I mean nobody else to blame but each other. Blaming the West is 100% based on lies.

          Without the West, they'd be subject to Ottoman rule. Which they prefer. Because they don't believe in nationalism. So it's about them being angry that we defeated their (Turkish) theocratic imperial ruler. Therefore all of the whining about "Palestinian people" and their "sovereignty" is totally fabricated in order to wage jihad.

          And in case I didn't mention it before or make it clear enough, you're a dupe.

          "If it was good enought for the Diaspora after hundreds or thousands of years,it shouldn't be denied to the Palestinian diaspora after sixty years."

          Obviously they need more time to evolve. It should be denied to anyone that doesn't earn it. There is no such thing as "birthright to rule." All of their misery is caused by their own behavior.

          There is no other true thing anyone can say about their circumstances. Actually you repeating their lies for them gives them hope of success, therefore encouraging their destructive behavior.

          You are a destructive dupe because you advocate for evil people and whitewash their actions.

      • muchiboy

        "The Israeli/Muslim conflict is not about land; only the Muslim genocidal hopes of eradicating her. "

        Takes the cake,Aspecia.In all honesty,girl,you can't be serious.The land is as important to the Palestinians as it is to you.If both parties could ever agree to share the land under one flag and capital,than the issue would be resolved.Sure,you might be at each others throats about other things,but so are we,if you hadn't noticed.

        • Drakken

          Your naivity and ignorance is breath taking, the muslims will never ever give the jews peace EVER! They want them completely eliminated and they don't care how many of their own they lose in the proccess. There can never be any COEXISTANCE with islam unless you want to live as a slave. Most of us westerners will not give in to muslim aggression, it is a simple eff theirs and love ours.

        • ziontruth

          "The land is as important to the Palestinians as it is to you."

          They're not Palestinians—only the Jews can rightly be called that name—and the land is only important to them once it is under the rule of non-Muslims. Go look at 19th-century photos of the Al Aqsa mosque with its tiles falling into disrepair, that's how much the Muslims care about a land that's safely under their possession. It's only when someone threatens to take land away from those land-rich misers that they suddenly accord value to it.

          "If both parties could ever agree to share the land under one flag and capital,than the issue would be resolved."

          In a Final Solution kind of way, like it happened in Rwanda, yeah. We Jews have seen it, been there, done that, thank you very much.

        • stern

          "If both parties could ever agree to share the land under one flag and capital"

          Are you serious? I mean, seriously serious???

          Can anyone in their right mind every imagine the "Palestinians" sharing anything with the Jews? Really? I mean, for heaven's sake, Abbas has made it perfectly clear on more than one occasion that absolutely no Jews will be welcome in "Palestine" – chas va'shalom it should ever come to happen.

          At the very, very best, they might allow a few Jews to remain as Dhimmis, but those poor souls would have to bow down before Muslims, give way on the sidewalk and pay the jhizya.

          Get real, or go away.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "The land is as important to the Palestinians as it is to you"

          Yes, according to the fake Palestinians, it must be ruled by totalitarian religious freaks under sharia. And they must lie and commit any perfidy to accomplish their Satanic objectives.

    • Peter R. Clayton III

      Considering islam as a religion has shown to be untrue through my research. Having read the hadith, sira and both korans, there is little theological substance. Yes a deity of omnibenevolence is observed, but it takes a secondary role. Today, muslims discuss the koran only, whichever version they choose, Mecca or Medina, the single most important role in their "religion" is a human, Mohammad. Reading through the Korans you are brought to the realization that the man has overtaken the deity. The role of political power and coercion are found to be far more important. I liken islam to an entity somewhere between a fascist political party and the Hell's Angels.

      Second point, for how long in your opinion must the western world pay a penalty (violence) for acts of the past? In 500 years are we still to have bombings in churches and on western streets and it's okay because the colonialists were wrong? You also seem to be forgetting that arabs have been colonizing Africa with islam, much like we did through history. Much of this colonizing has been against the will of the black Africans. There lands have been seized. Their rights have been taken. Where is your anger toward islamic colonialism?

      As for the Palestinians, their land was Jordan. They got screwed over by the Hashemites. Why don't they plead to the UN that they want Jordan back as their homeland as was originally directed? No, it's easier to blame the Jews.

      • stern

        Great post. Just one slight disagreement. I don't think the "Palestinians" got "screwed over by the Hashemites". They got screwed over by Britain, the same country that more than screwed over the Jews. Perfidious Albion indeed.

        • Peter R. Clayton III

          The Hashemites sure as hell have not tried to rectify the situation have they? Fellow Sunni brothers have shown over the years that they will do anything to shutdown any Palestinian dissent within their borders. Where is the outrage? Anyone here remember Black September? Anyone? 10,000+ Palestinians killed there within a year, but conveniently forgotten.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Anyone here remember Black September?"

            Of course. But they deserved it fully, and then some.

      • Muchiboy

        I confess my total ignorance on Islam,Peter.I admire you for taking the time and making the effort to study the religion.I am not saying Muslims are justified in what they are doing outside our moral framework,I am only trying to understand their reasons,and I see some possible reasons in our past behaviors.I am not excusing their bad behaviors now.But again,the American invasion of Iraq under Bush Jr wasn't in the so distance past.And Arab casulaties just keep climbing,after that can of worms was opened by Western armor and bombs.And sure,look at the benefits the Westand the world achieved after we aided our former enemies,Germany and Japan.The Muslim world could take a page from our history here.But my ignorance on Islam still shows here,perhaps.While my people and beliefs are Christian,including Palestinian Christian,predating a re-created Israel,the Golden Rule is more important to me than any Catholic Dogma.As for the Palestinian homeland being Jordan,well,I must have read the wrong book.You are in denial,my friend.And I believe a case can be made for the Zionists,the European Diaspora,the old UN,America and the west for "screwing over" the Palestinian people.Israel,nor the Jewish peole,are innocent bystanders here.Having been victims for so many centuries,and screwed over like no other people,your inability to recognize either is worrisome.

        • stern

          IN a post above, you say you're not close to "Palestinians" and yet here, you clam your "people" are "Palestinians". Really, boychik, get a grip and decide which it is. Or do you always blindly take sides without investigating the facts, just because your "people" told you to?

          • muchiboy

            I am not close to them,Stern.I told you some time ago that my Grandfather came here in the late 1800's from Bethelem,(never knew him,either,he was killed in the mines)to mine coal,along with thousands of other immigrants around the world,including no doubt Jews.That is likely what sparked my interest in the Israel/Palestine debate.I've had more Jews in my life than Palestinians.But I can still read,listen,research,debate and critically think,same as you.

          • SpiritOf1683

            It doesn't take much critical thinking to wish every Jew on earth had been sent to the gas chambers like you do, does it Naziboy? It takes an antisemitic dolt much like yourself and your soulmate Julius Streicher.

        • Peter R. Clayton III

          Gotcha, blame the Jews at all costs, no matter the facts. Obviously you have been reading only one viewpoint toward the taking of Jordan by the hashemite tribes. But carry on blaming the Jews…

          • muchiboy

            Jews and Zionism have played their part,Peter.It was even mentioned as a reason for 911 by Bin Laden himself.But you don't have to take all the blame,there is more than enough to go around.

          • ziontruth

            "But you don't have to take all the blame,there is more than enough to go around."

            Apparently, however, none for the Muslims.


          • muchiboy

            Ziontruth.That name rings a bell.And it tolls lots of nonsense.
            Of course,the Muslims deserve much,if not most,of the blame.But not all.It will take efforts on both sides,individuals,communities,organizations and states to battle and defeat these actors and their unconscionable acts.And we must await the crisis within Islam (Shia vs Sunni) to be resolved before we can reasonably expect the Islamofacists to stop their attacks on the West.Meanwhile,we keep our noses clean and do whatever we need to protect our Democratic value,Civilization and citizens.I do not believe our way of life is in the balance.We have fought and survived,even thrived,worse.

          • ziontruth

            "Ziontruth.That name rings a bell."

            Yep. You can be sure that, when you spout your pro-Islamic treason, I will be there with a response.

            "Of course,the Muslims deserve much,if not most,of the blame.But not all."

            Islam is imperialism. You might as well say the Nazis deserved only part of the blame while Britain too had its share.

            "And we must await the crisis within Islam (Shia vs Sunni) to be resolved before we can reasonably expect the Islamofacists to stop their attacks on the West."

            This is unreal. You actually think Islamic infighting is the reason for Islamic aggression against non-Muslims?! You're more stupid than I thought.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "And we must await the crisis within Islam (Shia vs Sunni) to be resolved before we can reasonably expect the Islamofacists to stop their attacks on the West."

            LOL. In other words, expect perpetual terrorism. We already knew that and we already know why. Jihad is fundamental to Islam. They are to model themselves after their violent jihadi pirate rapist prophet.

          • slickdemetrius

            Yes, and Bin Laden is a wonderful source! My G-d, are you 12 years of age? Seriously, if Bin Laden said that the Cubs are better than the Yankees, you'd buy that?

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "And I believe a case can be made for the Zionists,the European Diaspora,the old UN,America and the west for "screwing over" the Palestinian people."

          People try that all the time. Their lies are not always discovered quickly enough. They're very good at lying to Westerners. They have centuries of practice and then learned even more from the Soviets and other leftist lunatics.

      • Drakken

        You forgot to add that the late King Hussein tried to be nice to the fakestinians and they tried to overthrow him, if your remember back in the early 70's King Hussein then paid them in kind by eliminating over 20,000 of them in less than a week, and expelling the rest causing the Lebonese civil war.

    • Lan Astaslem

      drop dead – muslims turn everyplace they go to a violent cesspool. Jews build hospitals and universities and make medical and technology advances while raving psycho muslims go on killing sprees.

      • muchiboy

        "drop dead"

        Where did you learn debating? I would love to have taken those classes! Sounds fun.

        • SpiritOf1683

          You don't debate. You are Jew-hating scum. Those Jewish-invented medicines and vaccines were wasted on Nazi trash like you.

        • Drakken

          The fact you leftist openly side with the muslim speaks volumes.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Where did you learn debating? I would love to have taken those classes! Sounds fun."

          It's not a debate. This is a comments section on the web and any reader can see what points have already been made and which if any you acknowledge. He seems to have concluded that you are hopeless. The evidence for that certainly already exists on this page.

    • Pontotoc Bill

      No, it is NOT "past colonial excesses". Islam has been at war with non-Muslims since the founding of Islam by that pig faced Moohammed.

      What crisis in Islam? What moderate Muslims? Why are they not condemning this and other terror attacks?

      Having read the quran, these Muslims are just conforming to the edicts of Moohammed and their god allah (who is Lucifer).

      • muchiboy

        " Moohammed and their god allah (who is Lucifer). "

        Not in my Bible.

        • Drakken

          You mean the koran don't you? Because christians/jews do not in any way shape or form worship the same God as the muslims, period.

        • Pontotoc Bill

          Exactly. The Bible is not connected with the demonic quran.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "" Moohammed and their god allah (who is Lucifer). " Not in my Bible."

          Then you're confused by the translation. Mohamed's god is Satan.

        • Mary Sue

          The bible said beware of false prophets (like muhammad)

    • Stephen_Brady

      And did one million IRA terrorists invade London, during the Trouble? Note that EVERY Muslim living among non-Muslims is a potential terrorist. Also, it would seem that there was a racial element in the attack on the British soldier.

      • muchiboy

        "According to the 2011 Census, 44.9% of London's residents are White British. London is the only place in the United Kingdom in which White Britons comprise less than half of the total population. 37% of the population were born outside the UK.[2]"
        White 4,887,435 59.8% (12% Irish decent,900,000)
        Asian 1,511,546 18.4%
        Black 1,088,640 13.3%
        Arab 106,020 1.3%

        • Stephen_Brady

          And how many of those 900k persons of Irish descent are enjoined by their "religion" to kill the infidels?

          I repeat, every Muslim living among non-Muslims is a potential terrorist.

    • ziontruth

      "London dealt with worse with Germany's bombing raids and IRA terrorism."

      An internal threat of colonization is far more serious than an external one of invasion. Especially when excuses are made for the former.

      "The West pays a price for past colonial excesses…"

      Western colonialism ended about thirty years ago. It's time to stop treating the attackers like little kids who can't help themselves, it's time to respect them as willful aggressors.

      "The intelligence services have their failures,but they are our best line of defense against these types of attacks."

      No, the best line of defense against them is a total expulsion of the entire population from which 100% of those attacks emanate.

      The coming decades will be marked by mass expulsions; it is to be hoped so, for if not then they will be marked by genocides. If the Islamic colonists are not booted out, there will be either blood or Orwell's perpetual jackboot, Caliphate-style.

      "American and Western support for Israel,…"

      …is just another excuse the Muslims trot out for their imperialist aggression. Cartoons are another.

      "Israel,who has ethnically cleansed,de facto or otherwise,hundreds of thousands of Palestinians,…"

      Israel is the Jewish State, the Jews are the only true Palestinian nation, Arab squatters falsely calling themselves "Palestinians" are settler-colonist invaders stealing land from the true Palestinians and deserve to be booted out. Just like the Muslim colonists in Europe.

      You are a traitor who supports Islamic colonialism.

    • kasandra

      "Islam is in crisis." You've got to love that. Islam is engaged in attacks on non-Muslims all over the world. Thailand, the Phillipines, India, Nigeria, Sudan, Chechnia, Dagestan, Russia, the U.S., the U.K., France, Sweden, Mali, Lebanon, Israel, etc., etc., etc.. In fact, most armed conflicts in the world today involve Muslims either fighting non-Muslims or Muslims of a different Islamic sect. Seems to me the crisis is the conflict being caused by Islam all over the world.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        ""Islam is in crisis." You've got to love that."

        But it's true. It started in the 7th century AD with Mo. We're trying to end the crisis for them since clearly they can't manage anything constructively,

    • Jacko

      someone was bound to bring Israel into this. But Moslems do not stop at killing "infidels" they kill Moslems as well. Killing is intrinsic to Islam and there is nothing that non Moslems can do to stop it. They even kill their own children

  • http://frontpage ri hard sherman

    The beheading in London was the simple act of a moderate Muslim emulating the moderate sociopath Muhammad who PERSONALLY decapitated 900 UNARMED Jews of the Bani Quarayza tribe in 627. Any Muslim who reveres the sociopath Muhammad is likely to act in a similar fashion…

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Search for Barbara Lerner Spectre at YouTube and watch one of the video clips that comes up if you want to see what this commenter is hinting at."

    I'll do that while you go and get this goose I've been looking for, last spotted in northern California.

    • Ron Lewenberg

      What does Barbara Lerner Specter have to do with anything?
      The infamous slip comes from an Israeli TV show on anti-Jewish violence in Malmo Sweden. The Nazis, David Duke, and other lying swine, have cut out 28 minutes from a 30 minute peace. All they show is the delusional statement by Specter who is court "Jew" for the Swedish government. She is an American leftists who moved to Israel and didn't like its ethno-nationalist nature. So she got involved in anti-nationalist groups. She was imported into Sweden by the anti-national and anti-Jewish government to create a multicultural group to silence Jews. The regime in Sweden could not find a Swedish Jew corrupt enough to be their bully.
      That is the real scandal.

      I have the facts. The Nazis won't debate me. I'll post the facts in their youtube clips, and the cowardly untermenschen delete our down-vote the truth.

      PS. I have probably forgotten more about Khazaria than this commenter ever bothered to learn.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "The regime in Sweden could not find a Swedish Jew corrupt enough to be their bully.
        That is the real scandal. "

        I understand, but I wanted the one suggesting the connection to tie it in to this jihadi attack in London.

        She's not the only "Jewish" retread spouting crazy nonsense. If the theory is that she's actually promoting "Jewish" ideology, I'd like to hear that argument.

        See Chomsky, Finklestein-Frankenstein and many others. It's a long list and I'm sure none of them are sacred cows. They aren't in my book.

        Why did my comment above get deleted after review? Strange.

  • Cassandra

    Every effort to integrate them has failed.
    Multiculturalism does NOT work with these people. They will NEVER integrate. They come from a barbarian culture, if there is one and they subscribe to a barbarian ideology, Islam. Why cant these liberal politician not understand that? If the English people do not fight this then they deserve to but butchered like animals in broad daylight. In the USA our wonderful government also is bringing Somalis in. Just recently 2 women were arrested for sending money to Somalians jihadits. I cant wait to see these barbarians do the same thing here.that they did in the UK. Will the people in the USA be as complacent as the British?

    • ttlueck

      Hopefully not. We still have arms to protect ourselves…for now.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The English Government is a self destroying body of idiots looking for social and financial
    advantage with the attitude the elites have it all and we want to take everything we can.
    Problimatically the loss of cognizance takes a great toll on the English Nationals that have
    to live under the decisions of fools that never see the reality of what they have done.
    It would have been better if the fiends had chopped the head off of a member of Parliament
    in front of one of the many Royal residences. Will England wake up and take actions for self
    preservation, most likley not but the working class must be boiling and they will act and the
    sooner the better, if not they are lost. The situation boils down to deporting or fighting all
    of the colonists from Hellish dominions for control of England. I just wonder how fast
    Winston Churchill is spinning in his grave…………………………..William

    • Drakken

      The EDL is growing by the thousands and is making the Brit govt have a case of the vapors.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        The moronic Mayor of London is softsoaping the incident saying Islam is not to blame,
        what the hell does he blame, the weather, the thugs were having a bad hair day?

  • joe

    It's time to start carrying a firearm if you have a ccw. If you don't have one then consider getting one. If that soldier had a weapon on him he might be alive today and the muslim trash might be dead instead!

    • Andy

      I just finished reading all the comments, and I was going to say what you did, Joe. Wonder what might have otherwise happened if the poor soldier was carrying a gun. Wonder what might have happened if someone else on the street nearby would have had a gun?

  • pennant8

    The last paragraph in this article nails it perfectly. Especially this sentance: "They wanted to break through the media boycott to tell the peoples of the United Kingdom that they are being murdered in the name of Islam." The commoners get it, but the ruling/media class insists on clinging to their willful blindness.

  • stern

    Here's what British PM David Cameron had to say:
    "This was not just an attack on Britain and on the British way of life, it was also a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to our country. There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act."

    A betrayal of Islam? From everything I've read and heard about the "religion of peace", this was completely the opposite of a betrayal. It was a fulfillment of Islam.

    As for the bit about the Muslim communities "who give so much joy" – I'm not even going to tackle that one.

    • jacob

      Well, George W. Bush also had the chrome plated brass balls of claiming on TV the very night
      of the 9/11 horror that "ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE" and so is PM Cameron…..

      What I would ask him if I would be a Briton is for him to tell me what is that "SO MUCH THEY

      Europe is doomed.
      That's all

      • Drakken

        Europe is far from doomed, it is only the beginning, of course there will be war and frankly a good culling of the muslims in our midst is a given, it will in the end only make us stronger.

  • antisharia

    Here's the sad thing, this was preventable. All the UK had to do was not admit the Muslim animals into their country. Didn't they realize this was going to happen? Worse the multiculti virus has so infected Britain that they won't do anything about it. They'll apologize to the Muslim community, the murderers will receive a pathetically light sentence, instead of the quick hanging they deserve. If Hitler had known how easy it is to take down the UK from within he never would have tried the blitz, he simply would have sent two million nazi immigrants. Immigrants who would have refused to learn english, demanded their own Aryan courts, and would have demanded that the English conform to them. Within a couple of decades the swastika would have been flying over parliment. Fortunately that didn't happen. But where England fought one totalitarian movement with everything it had it is completely surrendering to Islam. When is anyone in the world going to wake up. Acts of terrorism are not perversions of Islam they are fulfillments of it. There is no good Islam, just like there are no good Muslims. Any politician who had the stones to say that would have my vote.

    • Jeff

      Well said.

  • Burlington

    This was a murder of a British soldier. Turn the perps over to the British army for courts martial and punishment. Perhaps the Tower of London should be opened for business.and a headsman hired, preferably one who takes a few less than accurate swings to warm up.. Maybe keel hauling would also would be a punishment.
    The bloody fellow doesn't appear to be an east African Somali but a west African with a pronounced English accent.

  • Spider

    Europe is once again heading for war to save itself from Fa-scist takeover.
    Their 70 year PC slumber is about to be broken by the millions of sworn enemies
    that their corrupt spineless leaders have let into their midst. The
    awakening will happen when their Art Museums, Pubs, Churches and Brothels are
    burnt to the ground or closed down by sheer political power or threats of violence.
    Each will be replaced with another Mosque. It will finally reach critical mass and
    Europeans will return to their genocidal roots, arm themselves and take on the
    Is-lamists head on and horrific wars will ensue, Probably in less than 30 years.
    I think this is inevitable now given the situation.

    • Drakken

      The muslims in our midst are already at critical mass, and it will come down to eliminating them all by force, and that day is not in 30 years but in a few short years. We will have a Balkans on steroids that will make a Serb blush.

  • joe

    As long as there are IDIOTS like Cameron and Obama who open the door to islam crimes there will be islam crimes!

    • jacob

      I wonder how come nobody in Congress has had the balls to ask OBAMBA the reason for
      the perpetrator of the Fort Hood, Texas massacre at the yell of "ALLAH UKBAR" he had
      the chrome plated brass balls of calling called "workplace violence" hasn't been judged
      Having as he has Muslim advisors at the White House, I wouldn't wonder if he gets off
      with a commendation for contributing to solve somehow the overpopulation problem of
      the United States

      • stern

        Fort Hood was workplace violence, according to Obama. London May 22, 2013 will be classified as a traffic incident.

    • Mabig

      And Gillard in Australia , we are in the same boat.

  • Asher

    Face Facts…These people are out to kill those who do not agree with their religion…Do you all want to line up with the people being killed in Muslim countries too..Its time for an awakening and an alignment of all peoples who are fed up with Barbarism!

  • stern

    After brutally murdering a soldier who was simply passing by, a Muslim proudly holds out his bloody hands to the camera. Remind you of something?

  • Marty

    We've just seen our future. Not only can this savagery happen here, it will. Four fifths of American mosques are controlled and funded by saudi arabian wahabists and the koranic injunctions to fight and slay the non-muslims is taken literally. Don't hold your breath for a march on Washington by a million moderate muslims to protest any islamic violence. That won't happen here.

    • jacob

      To people speaking of "MODERATE" Muslims, like if such specimen actually exists among
      practicing Muslims, I like to ask whether all those Muslims dancing and giving out candy as
      sign of joy in the streets of QUEENS, New York while people were jumping to their deaths
      from the WTC windows, were all Jihaddists or "Moderate" Muslims…
      I'll never forget the words of YOSHIRO SAGAMORI years ago in the Jerusalem Post "
      And I dare even OBAMA to prove her wrong….!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Daniel: Headline should be Afghanistan Brought to London.

    • Daniel Greenfield


    • Ellman

      Or, Mogadishu has emigrated to London. If you don't have a machete you are at a big disadvantage!

      • Drakken

        Well for effng sake stand the eff up and protect yourself! If there is a will, there is always a way!

  • RFG

    The west is weak and ready to fall…

    • Drakken

      Not hardly! We haven't even begun to fight, but we will!

  • ratonis

    Maybe there are some lessons to be learned from the Old Testament here.

  • Barbara

    So how is the unarmed society working? It must feel nice to be defenseless and watch helplessly as an unarmed citizen is murdered in cold blood. Not one person tried to help what does that say about the English society as a whole?

  • LindaRivera

    I posted my comment and got: Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly. I hope my comment is posted!

  • tagalog

    Too bad they don’t still have a right to own firearms in England any more. That red-handed son of a b**ch with the knife and meat cleaver in hand should have been cut down as he made his little speech to the camera, if not before he had a chance to make a single cut to that poor soldier.

  • arishsahani

    When the leaders of the nation don't identify the enemy within and out side that nation gets destroyed. Enemy has new tool use local converts fill them with hate and you are dead meat by same locals. Nation destroyed. 57 nations gone others t o follow.

  • xkn

    This happened to Theo Van Gogh, without any consequences, so is anyone surprised that it

    got repeated. I suspect that UK “government” will conclude that doubling-down on Somali

    immigration is the solution….. this is usually how the minds ravaged by the cancer of socialism think….

  • SAM000

    Another PASTOR arrested in IRAN, we need your Tweets to free the imprisoned Christians and pastors in IRAN;

    Thanks to FPM to allow us to use it's platform to save the lives of the Imprisoned Christians in Iran, UNFORTUNATELY , OBAMA continues appeasing and emboldening the Mullahs even at these crucial moments.
    The Mullahs slaughtering the vulnerable minorities as Christians, Jews, Bahhaiis, Dervishes,
    by propagating the news , we can stop for a short while the Mullahs and save the lives.

  • LindaRivera

    Dear precious British soldier, rest in eternal peace. You wore a shirt ‘Help for Heroes’. You are a hero, murdered by Muslim barbarians. You didn’t realize that to remain alive in Muslim-colonized Britain, you have to be on your guard every waking moment.
    Ruling elites live in wealthy, exclusive areas, PROTECTED by bodyguards.

    Dear British soldier, hero, you would be alive today if UK ruling elites had not colonized TINY Britain with millions of Muslims from HUGE Muslim countries. Muslims are massively imported and given welfare benefits to aid the Muslim goal of our conquest and Islamic sharia law ENSLAVING our people.

    UK ruling elites are one hundred percent responsible for EVERY no-go zone; EVERY violent attack; EVERY murder; EVERY violent gang rape by infidel-hater Muslims.

    The Telegraph: More than 2,400 children and young people were confirmed to have been victims of sex abuse gangs in just 14 months, a Home Office minister has revealed…at least 27 police forces are investigating 54 alleged child grooming gangs.

    “Why has investigating and prosecuting in so many different parts of the country taken so much time?

    “Is it the fear of racialism, or is it the fact that many of these vulnerable girls come from care homes?”

    An Old Bailey jury heard earlier this month that six girls were drugged and
    suffered sadistic abuse while aged between 11 and 15.

    The court heard victims were plied with alcohol and drugs before being forced
    to perform sex acts. Some had also been beaten, burnt and threatened by an
    Oxford-based paedophile ring.

    Covering up for, and PROTECTING cruel Muslim, BARBARIC gang-raping MONSTERS who inflict terrible physical and emotional agony on Britain’s children and force Britain’s innocent children into prostitution is considered far more important than protecting Britain’s most vulnerable and precious possession – her children.

    UK/European leaders, you are GUILTY before God.

    We MUST survive! Our MERCIFUL Western civilization, freedom and human rights must not be ANNIHILATED by excessively cruel totalitarian Islam!

    Join the European Freedom Parties!

    Join Paul Weston’s Liberty GB in the UK

  • LindaRivera

    The BETRAYAL by Western ruling elites of colonizing Britain and Europe with many millions of Muslims is a crime against humanity. Islam and sharia law are the total OPPOSITE of Western civilization. We regard slavery as a HUGE crime and great sin against God. Muslims do NOT.

    New Islamist Constitution Brings Back Slavery to Egypt

    Slavery has been perpetrated by Muslims for 1,400 years. Slavery takes place in Sudan and Mauritania and other countries….and in BRITAIN:

    BARENAKEDISLAM: Traumatized 16-year-old British girl was brutally raped by 90 different Muslim men in one weekend…


    Jihad Slavery in Sudan, with Dr Charles Jacobs

    INHUMAN, demonic Muslim monsters continue subjecting Britain’s terrorized non-Muslim children to extreme physical and sexual violence.


    Bible, Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.

    In OBEDIENCE to the Quran, devout Muslims are waging war against
    Britain and waging cruel RAPE WAR against defenseless British children.

    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK – Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

    • SAM000

      We the Iranians, we believe that the Ayatollahs and the Mullahs are generated by the British politics from 300 years ago till now.
      BBC_PERSIAN is the voice of Islamic Iran, we call it Ayatollah BBC.
      If you return to the history of Middle east, you will see that the whole region was colonized by GREAT BRITAIN till WWII, the other countries that were not colonized directly by UK, their clerics were granted by UK.
      All the Ayatollahs are graduated from the NAJAF (in IRAQ) Qoranic schools,
      All the NAJAF's and Iraqi Qoranic schools are sponsored by UK EMBASSY from more than 300 years till now,
      All the student MULLAHS get their monthly scholarship from UK EMBASSY.
      Well, the idea behind this paradox was economic politics, The government of her MAJESTY found that with ISLAM, UK can govern very easily the MUSLIM WORLD.
      the reason WHY the west is barraging Iranian RESISTANCE to overthrow the MULLAHS, is that by religion they can colonize much better.
      Ayatollah Khomeiny was saying that, "WE HAVE NOT OVERTHROWN the SHAH for FREEDOM, or BETTER LIFE or ECONOMY, we have overthrown the SHAH for ISLAM" and this is very well known from khomeiny that "ECONOMY is for the DONKEYS".
      Well, one can ask, what is the relationship between the IRANIAN REGIME and the AFGHAN TALIBAN?
      the answer is that, TALIBAN and AL-QAIDA are controlled totally by IRAN.
      the only foreign companies who are operating in Afghanistan with absolutely no threat are the Iranian companies.
      US ARMY in AFGHANISTAN is supplied by the Iranian Mullahs government, just for last year, US ARMY in AFGHANISTAN has bought for 1,8 BUSD$ of petrol from the Mullahs.
      Why all the UN resolutions are against ISRAEL, the budget of UN comes from US and UK, BANKI_MOON can not decide without US and UK approval.
      Why OBAMA supports the Mullahs? because, the US middle east politics was and is from always traced by UK.
      Maybe you the AMERICANS don't like to hear these facts, BUT, these are the political map of the MIDDLE EAST.
      We the Iranians, we are paying the heaviest prices to overthrow the MULLAHS and establish a secular and democratic regime in IRAN where the religion will have no entrance in the politics, our BARRAGE is always the west directed and leaded by SUPERPOWER (USA & UK).
      LOOK at IRAN NOW, the regime is collapsing, but OBAMA and UK continue to negotiate with (WHOM)!!!

  • Drakken

    Cry HAVOC ! Britain, and let slip the dogs of WAR!

  • stern

    so muchiboy is back Once again, a true hater reveals itself with every post.

    • ziontruth

      "so muchiboy is back Once again,…"

      Yeah… I thought we were done with him. But, a dog returns to his vomit.

      "…a true hater reveals itself with every post."

      That's not what I consider the problem. There are occasions it's justified to hate—the Muslims, for one thing, have been doing their darnedest to be hated by the whole world. (Even by Buddhists. Hint: If you can't peacefully coexist with Buddhists, you are the one with the problem.) The problem with Muchiboy is he's on the wrong side, on the side of Islamic imperialist aggression against the free world.

      • stern

        " If you can't peacefully coexist with Buddhists, you are the one with the problem"

        Great line! Permission to steal it, please?

        • ziontruth

          "Permission to steal it, please?"

          Given that I stole it from someone else (I don't remember even who it was—someone on Ace of Spades HQ), then sure, no problem. :)

      • Drakken

        The buddist of Burma are showing the rest of us infedels on how to deal with the muslim savages in our midst.

  • Obamayomoma

    Five years ago, the sight of Muslim terrorists beheading British soldiers was a horror that could happen in Afghanistan or Iraq. Now it has happened in broad daylight in the capital of the United Kingdom.

    Actually, terrorism is not holy fighting in the cause of Allah for the establishment of Islam. That’s jihad. Further, terrorists like Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber, Bernadine Dohrn, and Bill Ayers weren’t jihadists fighting in the cause of Allah. Instead, they were political extremists and Islam didn’t have anything whatsoever to do with their respective acts of terrorism. Moreover, terrorists are always only extremists. Meanwhile, jihadists, in stark contrast, are always only mainstream orthodox Muslims, as jihad is the highest pillar of Islam and a holy obligation incumbent upon all Muslims. As a matter of fact, all Muslims are jihadists in one form or another, as jihad unlike terrorism is manifested both violently as in yesterday’s jihad attack in the UK and non-violently via stealth and deception as in the millions of Muslim stealth jihadists living in the West today and posing as immigrants for the strategic purpose of Islamization.

    Hence, the West must stop conflating what is really jihad as being terrorism. Since all it does is create mass confusion and this mass confusion is enabling the rapid Islamization of the West and the violent jihad attack yesterday in broad daylight in the capital of the United Kingdom is indicative of it.

    Currently the West is gradually being Islamized via mass Muslim immigration, which is actually stealth and deceptive jihad. As the population of Muslim jihadists posing as immigrants living in the West becomes sufficient enough, they will gradually switch from non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad to more and more violent jihad like yesterday’s violent jihad attack in the capital of the United Kingdom.

    Meanwhile, the Left is very reticent to call yesterday’s attack a terrorist attack without first conducting an investigation, despite the fact that the two jihadists involved were hollering Allahu Akbar the whole time during the attack. While the right, on the other hand, is automatically declaring yesterday’s attack to be a terrorist attack, while leveling charges against the left for being overly political correct.

    However, the real reality is both sides of the political divide are overly political correct alike, because yesterday’s attack wasn’t just a random act of violence or otherwise a terrorist attack. Instead, it was a violent jihad attack and a direct result of the mass confusion created by conflating what is really jihad as being terrorism. Of course, the politically correct myth that most Muslims are moderates is behind the West’s political correct reticence to correctly identify what jihad really is and to stop conflating it with being terrorism. Nevertheless, as long as West continues conflating what is really jihad as being terrorism, it will also continue facilitating its own rapid Islamization and eventual demise.

  • Rob

    The religion of pieces & deception is at it again. Well, actually, this goes on 24/7 every single day across the globe. We had better wake up soon. Here's a song that I wrote for this purpose. It's called 'Taqiyya Dance':

  • marios

    Stop Muslim immigration immediately is only solution. Unfortunately for last 5 years we have enormous wave of them in our country. They occupied almost all gas stations (where is Americans who worked before there?), their women in hidgabs working in Wal-Mart and other big stores. Obama said in his Cairo speech that "US is the biggest Muslim country" and he is working on transformation our country in shariah law Islamic United States of America. We need Leaders who organize us, who lead us on protests rallies against it. Now Leftists/socialists under name "Dem's party" do it disguising under "spontaneous" "Occupy Wall street" and before "Pink ladies", etc.

  • marios

    "Buddy" comments above is perfect. If only our politician follow it we have no another terror acts!

  • Bashy Quraishy

    Some latest developments concerning the London killing

    After British Prime Minister’s denunciation and an appeal for calm, many important voices of reason are being heard after the horrific murder in London.
    Mayor of London Boris Johnson said; Clear & overwhelming message from the community meeting – London won’t be divided by this sickening atrocity.
    Labour leader Ed Miliband described yesterday's murder of a soldier in Woolwich as "an act of complete cowardice". Mr Miliband spoke to Prime Minister David Cameron today about the killing, after cutting short a visit to Germany to return to London.
    "They will fail because the British people are united across different faiths, different religions, different backgrounds, in their abhorrence of this and in values of decency and tolerance. That is the true character of the British people and that's why this terror will lose and will fail.We are a united country, not a divided country and anyone who tries to divide us will not succeed."

    Numerous religious leaders have spoken out against the attack and called for calm in the community. Julie Siddiqi, of the Islamic Society of Britain, told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: "We can't allow the voices of Nick Griffin and the far right to become louder than ours in the coming days. They will say what we have to say and it gives us even more incentive to speak out and come together and not allow people like that to divide us as a country.
    "The people who did this act yesterday do not speak in my name, do not speak for my community or the rest of the country. We have to come out with the strongest condemnation, which is what I'm seeing this morning.
    "All of the Muslim organisations have come out with the strongest possible terms to say there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever, no justification for anything like this.
    "This is one of the most shocking things I have seen in recent years and to have the people of Woolwich have to experience that so close to them, I just feel is absolutely horrific."
    Local Muslims have said that they are afraid to leave their homes. One, Lucky Awale, witnessed the attack and said the suspect was "talking like a crazy man, saying 'this Government needs to change', things like that".
    "He wasn't scared, he was saying 'call the police'," she said.
    She said the men could not be real Muslims but suggested they had their own reasons for doing it.
    "We live multi-culturally, all kinds of people live here, all kinds of religions," she added. "For incidents like this to happen in the name of Muslims, it sends the wrong impression to people like the English Defence Leauge, thinking that Muslims would be like that." "We are just asking for people not to take the wrong impression, the wrong idea, and take revenge on Muslims."
    The far-right and the English Defence League are using social media to exploit the terrorist attack, writes Jake Wallis Simons.
    Since the Woolwich attack, far-Right groups like the English Defence League (EDL) have hugely magnified their presence online, in an effort to harness public anger. This has largely been successful; their Facebook page has received thousands of new "likes", and their Twitter account has garnered many new followers.
    However, it is possible that they are also using covert means. A Facebook page entitled RIP Woolwich Soldier has sprung up, and so far has accumulated 1.1 million "likes".

    The Woolwich killers are of Nigerian background, sources have confirmed, but both are understood to be British citizens.The men, who are being treated in separate hospitals while under arrest, are most likely to have converted to a radical form of Islam, it is understood. They are not thought to have links to terror groups based in Nigeria, such as the militant organisation Boko, which is the most prominent terrorist threat in Nigeria.

    The macabre manner of the killing and the propaganda associated with it was meant to terrify and frighten people, because that is the nature of what terrorists do – which is to try to impose their will on others, through fear and indiscriminate violence.

    • Lan Astaslem

      too late bashy – muslim filth strikes again — too bad the 95% that acts like savages ruins it for the 5% that isn't violent.

      • Bashy Quraishy

        Dear Lan
        You should have checked if you are good at math before commenting my post.
        Do you really mean that 95% Muslims act violently and only 5% are good people. If that was the case, then you would not be able to breath.
        The fact is that 99.9 % Muslims are law abiding, decent and hard working citizens as are Christians, Jews and Hindus etc. I am one of them. So please be less dramatic and more nuanced in your approach, otherwise you would like a hate monger. Am I right?
        Kind regards

        • Drakken

          You muslims can keep up the propaganda nonsense until your blue in the face, you and your ilk are a scourge upon humanity. The day of reckoning is fast approaching. Deo Volente !

    • stern

      When we see Muslims en masse standing up and denying the terrorists among them, when we see ordinary Muslims denouncing the radicals who are plotting acts like this one, when we see the silent majority of Muslims becoming loud and vocal and yelling "Not in my name" … then we might have hope.

      Personally, I don't expect any of these things to happen anytime soon. Sure, we'll see the occasional lone Muslim brave enough to speak out, but as long as s/he is in the minority, we have to accept that the fanatics and the killers and the terrorists are the ones who speak for true Islam.

      • ziontruth

        "When we see Muslims en masse standing up and denying the terrorists among them,…"

        What we didn't see after Beslan. The contrast between that and the rioting following the Danish cartoons was what convinced me it is best to err on the side of caution regarding all matters Muslim.

        "Sure, we'll see the occasional lone Muslim brave enough to speak out,…"

        Like the Moroccan cleric who said war was not the way Islam should win believers and was promptly put under a death fatwa by other clerics in the country. What little hope there is in the Muslim world is in the danger of being immediately snuffed out as soon as they come out in the open.

      • Bashy Quraishy

        Dear Stern, Muslims always denounce acts of violence but the media is not interested in giving them a prominent space. Do you know, how hard it is to get a small letter to editors published in the western media?
        If you have read the British media in the last two days, you would have noticed that all important Muslim NGOs and intellectuals were standing in line to denounce this barbaric action of two lunatic men.
        So please spare me this nonsense that Muslims do not condemn violence. They always do. The question however is ; Why should all Muslims be held responsible for the actions of individuals. You do not condemn Obama for sending drones and killing hundreds of innocent children and women in my country-Pakistan, nor do I ask you to do that.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Dear Stern, Muslims always denounce acts of violence but the media is not interested in giving them a prominent space. Do you know, how hard it is to get a small letter to editors published in the western media?"

          So in September of 2012 when all of those protests were covered, that was Islam-o-phobia I suppose. In reality Muslims protest with just as much emotion when someone commits "jihadi violence" and "defames Islam" in that way?

          Why not buy some of your own cameras and we'll help you propagate these videos of Muslim protests against violent jihad. Show us this evidence. We need to see people getting angry at violent jihad at least in proportion to their anger at rumors of burnt books and so forth.

          But you and I know that the press is on the side of minimizing the problems with Islam.

          So really, you're arguments if you put them forth sincerely are purely delusional. That's the most hopeful, optimistic thing I can say based on the clear evidence we have.

    • Mary Sue

      will you and those others condemn the doctrine of Armed Jihad and renounce it?

      • Bashy Quraishy

        Mary Sue, where have you read or heard that Muslims carry on the doctrine of Armed Jihad.
        Since you have asked, let me enlighten you that Jihad does not mean Holy War or Armed offense. JIhad means "To struggle against your own evil desires or wishes.". This is called the Great Jihad. Then there is the second type or the little Jihad, which is only allowed and have to be sanctioned by the Islamic State if and when someone attacks the state, your family, your nation and so on. It is strictly a defensive matter and can not be called an offensive.
        Of course, there are idiots in Islam who use this concept for violence, terrorism and extreme actions. That is strictly forbidden in Islam. My understanding is that individuals or groups when find themselves in a weaker position and have no means to fight back with words, use violence as a defensive mechanism. This is an explanation.

  • PowatodaPeople1848

    Is it any wonder that Muslims are enraged at the West (assuming this wasn't a false flag attack), given that the fascist NATO countries have killed and terrorized hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims for oil, empire, and "Israel"? The chickens are coming home to roost. International socialism is the only answer. We must together end the reign of capitalism, imperialism, racism, Zionism, and Islamophobia! No justice, no peace!

    • Drakken

      Know islam, no peace.
      No islam, Know peace.
      Commis like you who are traitors to us westerners really are vile.

    • SpiritOf1683

      And you belong in North Korea. Of course, you side with the vilest form of racism on the planet.

  • ♜ MOD. TV COM VOCÊ ♜

    The west is weak and ready to fall..

    • Drakken

      We ain't dead yet, so we are far from falling.

  • Elizabeth 2

    Beaheadings in London? During afternoon crumpets and tea no less. What my dear has become of the peasantry? Perhaps its the new slaves we have welcomed into our 'city of the majestry'.

  • Jeff

    The murder in Great Britain is unusual in many ways. Comparison with barbaric lands like Syria, Afghanistan, or Somalia is appropriate. The barbarity is one of the anaomalies. That it was done in a public place in broad daylight is another. That the perpetrators were so intent on communicating their threats and being identified is another surprise element. That a woman reprimanded them after their heinous deed and was not herself killed is another bizarre element. That they were shot by the police and not killed is also odd. The British are facing are horrible situation, and should begin deporting Somalians immediately, and without question not admit one more Somalian into their country (assuming these murderers are Somalian). It's not being anti-African. It's self-defense.

  • Bashy Quraishy

    In my comment, I tried to present another picture from London, where the whole society is condemning this savage attack. In reply, some people wrote without knowledge or even bothering to read. For example, Jeff is asking for all Somalians to be deported immediately and no Somalian to be admitted in to Britain in future. He then goes on to admit that he does not know if the perpetrators were Somalians. Actually, I have mentioned in my comment that the Woolwich killers are of Nigerian background. Jeff apparently does not know that Somalia and Nigeria are two different countries on the opposite side of the African continent. If this is the level of knowledge of FrontPage commentators, then I rest my case.
    Even the writer of this article, Daniel Greenfield is so ignorant that he also call these brutal killers as Somalis. He should have checked his facts before spreading poison on the internet.
    By the way, Islam does not allow anyone to take an innocent life and Jihad does not mean Holy War as the western media and some brain dead extremists among Muslims have presented. Jihad simply means to strive to be a better human being and is called the Greater Jihad. Then you have a smaller Jihad, which is only allowed as defensive measure and refers to defend your country, nation, family, and religion, under very specific instructions.
    Now, the racist and anti-Islam lobby would have you believe that Jihad is an obligation in Islam but it is not. Check your facts and write to inform and not propagate, my friends.
    We live in an age, where information spread too fast. If people dish out false rumours, all it does is spread hate and conflict. This should not be welcome development as it is also horrible to see this brutal killing. We should condemn such negative trends and stand together against hate.

    • SpiritOf1683

      They were converts to Islam. And when a Muslim condems atriocities, it is alweays with acondition, that we did something to deserve it. Your book is putrid, your religion is evil, and slaughtering the unarmed like sheep is the glove that fits Islam. Muslims have done it for 14 centuries ging back to the Banu Qurayza, Hindu Kush etc, then squealed like piglets when they've come up against a better armed, led, and equipped foe and been soundly beaten after first starting the aggression.

      • SpiritOf1683

        They were converts to Islam. And when a Muslim condems atrocities, it is always with a condition, that we did something to deserve it. Your book is putrid, your religion is evil, and slaughtering the unarmed like sheep is the glove that fits Islam. Muslims have done it for 14 centuries ging back to the Banu Qurayza, Hindu Kush etc, then squealed like piglets when they've come up against a better armed, led, and equipped foe and been soundly beaten after first starting the aggression.

    • Michael Copeland

      “DJIHAD(A), holy war. The spread of Islam by arms is a religious duty upon Muslims in general.”
      (Shorter Encyclopedia of Islam, online)

      “In the language of the Divine Law, this word (jihad) is used specifically for the war that is waged solely in the name of God against those who perpetrate oppression as enemies of Islam. …. One who avoids it is a sinner. His every claim to being a Muslim is doubtful. “
      Maududi, famous scholar, Towards Understanding Islam,


  • cecilhenry

    The problem is: "Africa? for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everyone!! NO!"

    AS Peter Hitchens recently admitted to no ones surprise:

    "We were all in favour of as much immigration as possible.

    It wasn't because we liked immigrants, but because we didn't like Britain. We saw immigrants – from anywhere – as allies against the staid, settled, conservative society that our country still was in the Sixties."

    It was ALL about who he hated:

    Multiculturalism is worse than murder. It is worse than mass murder, being akin to genocide.

    Whites have become the ultimate refugees, lost at home, refugees in their own nations, wanderers in their own cities.

    The citizen of the first world often finds that he seems to belong less in his own country than the refugees flooding it.

    DIVERSITY is just a codeword for anti-white.

    You can target a race for genocide by selecting every community of that race for immigration and assimilation. All it requires is that you suppress anyone who points it out.

  • timmyk

    This does remind me of the 2000 Ramallah lynching
    Viber Spy | Viber Spy Pro

  • joseph poole

    Dear author: When you write an article about an atrocity, you need to describe what the atrocity was (and not assume your reader already knows).

  • Smote

    The serpent is showing its true colours. Only a dumb leftist would try to apologise for the crimes of Islam. My thoughts are with the poor murdered man and his family.

  • @undefined

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  • Bashy Quraishy

    One thing, which has always bothered me to no end, is that western media and societies always demand that all Muslims in the world should denounce the brutal acts of violence committed by individuals.
    There are two points in this issue to remember.

    Most Muslims do denounce such acts but that gets very little coverage in the media. I know from personal experience that it is very difficult for people to even get a little letter to the editor published let alone have an invitation to appear on national TV to say express opinions.

    Secondly, I never heard such demands of mass apology from American Christian public when Timothy James "Tim" McVeigh, an American terrorist detonated a truck bomb in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995 and killed hundreds of innocent American or someone asked the Norwegian public to take responsibility when Anders Behring Breivik bombed the party headquarters of the Labour Party in Oslo and then carried out mass shooting on 22 July 2011 killing 77 of innocent youth.

    There are many other examples of individual terrorism, killing and mass murders committed by people in the west, especially in the USA where the shootings of innocent people is almost a weekly occurring.

    I neither heard media describing such actions as Christian terrorism or demanding an apology or denunciation from the western public at large who are of course of Christian heritage.

    So why this hypocrisy?
    I am just asking question.

    So let us have a sober deabte about it.

    Please be civilzed.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I neither heard media describing such actions as Christian terrorism…"

      They'd love it if they could find any evidence. "Christian terrorism" is oxymoronic. Islamic terrorism is a fact of life since the original Muslim terrorist Mohammed claimed to be a prophet.

      "So why this hypocrisy? I am just asking question."

      You're completely deluded about the facts. Or you're a liar. Or both.

    • Drakken

      The time for debate with you muslims is over, only war with you savages is going to solve the problem, so get out of the west before that new game of cowboys and muslims becomes a reality.

    • Mary Sue

      Um, WRONG-O! Timothy McVeigh was NOT a Christian.

  • Bashy Quraishy

    Is it absolutely impossible to have a sober discussion with the readers of FrontPage? It seems that the vulgar language and hatred has taken over these commentators.
    Threatening me or others peaceful people from Muslim communities only goes show that some people are as ignorant and extremists as those nut cases who killed this poor British soldier.

    • Michael Copeland

      The "nut cases" quoted the Koran, surah At Tawba, (Chapter 9) as "forcing" them to do what they did: "KIll the unbelievers wherever you find them" (9:5). They were being orthodox muslim, carrying out orthodox Islamic commands in the unchangeable Koran. Denial of any verse in it is a capital offence.

  • Ellman

    This kind of barbarism does not need to be understood. It needs to be stopped, not rationalized, "explained", "justified". That a savage can behead someone in the streets of London, then lecture the onlookers with blood on his hands, means that the culture of murder and barbarism has been transplanted from Africa into Britain. The barbarians have invaded Britain as they did the Roman Empire in the 4th Century AD. The outcome is likely to be the same because Britain's politicians are not any smarter or wiser than were the rulers of Rome before it disintegrated.

  • @undefined

    as Fred explained I'm amazed that people can earn $8836 in four weeks on the computer. did you look at this page… up444.c­om

  • Bashy Quraishy

    Michael Copeland says in his comment: “The “nut cases” quoted the Koran, surah At Tawba, (Chapter 9)”

    Michael, if you knew or read Quran and especially Sura At-Taubah ( Chapter 9), you would have known that it contains 129 verses. The whole Sura talks about the situation of Prophet’s struggle with the Pagans of Mecca who were prosecuting Muslims of that time.

    Read for example Verse 5.

    Then when the Sacred Months (the Ist, 7th, 11th, and 12th months of the Islâmic calendar) have passed, then kill the Mushrikûn wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and prepare for them each and every ambush. But if they repent and perform As-Salât and give Zakât, then leave their way free. Verily, Allâh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

    First of all, Michael, to use such verses and connect these to London, Madrid or New York attacks by some deranged individuals claiming to be Muslims is not only stupid but an insult to common sense.

    As you can see, the Quranic verses dealing with the issue of war were for that time. It should be understood in the context of that time, situation and circumstances. Anyone – Muslim or non-Muslim who try to use or misuse the verses and selectively quote these is not only wrong but also an enemy of the society.

    Coming to what scholars say, if we take every Tom, Dick and Harry’s personal understanding and violent interpretation of Quran then there never will be peace. The misuse of religion is a universal phenomenon and cannot be attributed to any religion. When President Bush was asked if he has consulted his father before invading Iraq, he raised his finger towards the sky and said; That father.

    Hitler also used Christianity to murder 6 million Jews and the father of the reformation of Catholic dogmas, Martin Luther’s book; The Jews and the Turks is the worst racist doctrine of violence. Crusades, Inquisition, slavery, colonialism, extermination of native Indians and Australian Aboriginals by Christian settlers and European Wars of Religions are few examples of Christian violence. But Jesus or Bible did not sanction it but Christians used it anyhow to destroy tribes, cultures and nations. Christians should be the last one on earth to teach anyone a lesson in peace.

    On top of this, those ignorant who say that Islam was spread by sword elegantly forget that the Constantine the Great who was proclaimed emperor by his troops at Eboracum (York) in 306 embraced Christianity in 312 after deciding that he owed victory in the battle of Milvian Bridge to the Christian God. And from thereon history recoded that Christianity spread through conquests by various kingdoms – swords, plunder and extermination.

    But connecting all that to the peaceful teachings of Jesus Christ and the gospel of love in Christian Bible would be foolish as it would be idiotic to connect Islam with violence and extremism.

  • Esthea

    The attacker with the bloody hands and knife has no blood on his clothes. This is very strange and speaks for a false flag. 9/11 was also an inside job so as to justify the invasion of Irak. Just google it : 9/11 inside job. Documentaries are coming out with undeniable evidence that those twin towers were pulverized by a controlled demolition. Wake up people! There is more than meets the eye. This is all done in the pursuit of a world government – the New World Order -1984! Create an enemy which then justifies government control of its citizens which would never fly without it being called: emergency measures. Wake up people!!!

  • Esthea

    I forgot to add to my previous comment that the government is using and fostering multi-culturism to open the door to Islam and Muslims so as to create tensions which then justify terrorist attacks staged or real. It is obvious that Islam is not compatible with Western style democracies but this is exactly why the doors to Muslim countries have been opened for uncontrolled immigration. It will cause problems to which the government will propose solutions that will undoubtedly infringe on our rights and freedoms – bit by bit until it is too late and the citizens are controlled like rats in a cage – all in the name of fighting terrorism.