Afghans Flee Country Ahead of Obama’s Withdrawal

The line for the last chopper out of Kabul starts here.

As tens of thousands of American troops prepare to withdraw from Afghanistan in time for the 2014 deadline set by the White House, another exodus is gathering pace: Afghans fleeing their country’s violence and economic uncertainty.

“The international community is leaving and we are right behind them,” Khalid Gul, a 23-year-old university student, said in a trendy Kabul café. “Ninety percent of Afghans, they want to leave Afghanistan for the same reason: education and instability.”

He and his friends frequently discuss how they would leave and where they would go. Their top choices are America, Canada and Europe.

Some Afghans scrambling to get out any way they can are paying $30,000 to 50,000 on the black market for fake passports and passage to another country, an exorbitant sum in a country where average annual income is estimated to be under the $500 a year. A recent Afghan police raid picked up dozens of false Canadian, Pakistani and Afghan passports and numerous forged visas.

A lot of these “refugees” will end up in the United States where they will cause a whole range of new problems, like the refugees from El Salvador and every war in the Middle East have.

The media has largely refused to cover the loss in Afghanistan and stories like these talk around it. While Obama Inc. claims that Afghanistan has been stabilized, it rather blatantly has not been, and most Afghans believe, rightly, that the Taliban will soon be in charge.

“If Americans – the soldiers and the troops – leave here we will have no proper security and we will have the Taliban here again,” Shorab Shinwari, a 21-year-old IT expert, said.


  • Brian Donegal

    And the Afghans who are fleeing would want to implement islamic law where they are going. Sharia is the reason for their political instability and economic uncertainty. They should stay where they are. No one wants to import their misery.

    • BS77

      Not exactly. Many Afghans who live abroad have adapted to secular and modern global life….Some have converted to Christianity ……Don't stereotype the Afghanis….many detest the Taliban and are afraid what will happen when the US pulls out….

  • AdinaK

    There is no more evidence required, to prove how many disasters have been wrought under Obama's purview. Afghanistan is one of them, as well as the deterioration in Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Libya and now N Korea and Iran. Yes, his "miscalculations" are bearing fruit –

    Adina kutnicki, Israel

    • EarlyBird

      Adina, what "disaster" in Afghanistan has been wrought by Obama? Oh, it isn't Connecticut? No kidding? And it was headed there when he took over?

      If he had not done the surge, you'd be screaming that he had "cut and run" and emboldened our enemies. That he has done the surge, improved conditions, and decided that it's finally time to get out of that no-win situation, and it will fall back into disrepair, he's responsible for a "disaster" in Afghanistan.

      You don't even believe what you write, you hideous witch. Go away.

  • slider 96

    It's about time …get our soldiers the hell out ASAP . This is BUSHJ's Disaster , we should have been out of there years ago . Dont go blaming Obama for finally putting and end to this debacle . If Afghans want freedom from the Taliban , then let them fight for it . We'vce lost enough Blood and treasure there .
    Are you trying to give an erroneous impression that there is some semblence of normalcy in Kabul ? Thus we should stay ??? 5 Americans were just killed there ? Where are all the paid Benghazi whiners ??? Haven't heard a peep ?

    • D-Boy

      we are silent because we let this jackass Obummer get elected… I can see your proud as hell. as another one bites the dust.

      • EarlyBird

        "we are silent because we let this jackass Obummer get elected…"

        Because party comes first, country second, right? So much for your patriotism. It is in America's best interest to get the hell out of that wretched country ASAP, and you know it, but can't possibly be happy for America if the "other" does what is right. You Neanderthal.

    • EarlyBird

      Well said. And for the record, NOBODY on this right wing hate site even believes the criticism they are leveling at Obama in regard to Afghanistan.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    For the Afghans that are human beings and not children of the hellish Taliban with jihad
    in thier black hearts, it will be a turn for the worst and either they will be able to fight or flee
    or die. It will be a hell of a situation but one that Americans can live without……….I would
    suggest our troops leave thier Bible's behind but on second thought the Obama military
    commanders confiscated and burned them………………………William

  • Ar'nun

    Who would have though that the Afghan people, as opressed and uneducated as they are would have learned more from the US withdrawal in Viet Nam and Iraq than Saint Obama.

    • EarlyBird

      "Who would have though that the Afghan people, as opressed and uneducated as they are would have learned more from the US withdrawal in Viet Nam and Iraq than Saint Obama."

      What exactly do you mean by this? At some point if you get into an impossible mission to transform a society, which Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan were each about, you will have to leave, and have to allow the society to return to its normal way of working.

      The "lesson" that should have been learned by W., his neocon advisors and redneck "kill 'em all!' right wing idiots like you is to not get into such wars to begin with. Wake up.