Afghans Release 250 Terrorists Captured by the United States

The Afghanization of the war is going about as well as expected with American personnel being killed in insider attacks and the Taliban getting the keys to the country.

Some 250 prisoners formerly held by the U.S. have been released by Afghan authorities in hopes that this will lead to reconciliation in the 11-year conflict, a Defense Ministry spokesman said Friday. Police Maj. Jalal Uddin said that 80 were freed from prisons across the country that day, the latest batch of a total of 400 to be released this week. The released prisoners had been captured in operations against the Taliban and other groups.

Other groups would include Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda allied militias.

“We are certain they can help to bring peace in Afghanistan and will support the government,” he said. Uddin said that members of the Afghan High Peace Council as well as relatives were at the Kabul prison for the release. The council is tasked with seeking a peace agreement with the Taliban and other militant groups before NATO, including the United States, withdraws most of its forces by the end of 2014.

The council also hopes that the release of 26 Taliban prisoners by Pakistan over the past two months will help end the conflict, with the freed serving as intermediaries between Kabul and the Taliban leadership.

The U.S. military held thousands of prisoners at a facility on its base in Bagram near Kabul but, since an agreement with the Afghan government last March, more than 3,000 were transferred to Afghan control. President Hamid Karzai has criticized U.S. forces for still keeping some prisoners under custody.

Washington believes that the Afghans are not ready to take over the handling of all the prisoners, while insisting that the Kabul government agree to hold without trial some detainees that the U.S. deems too dangerous to release.

But I’m sure the Afghan government will be happy to release them for us.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: "Afghans Release 250 Terrorists Captured by the United States"

    Coming to a protected American Mosque near Gnu….

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The detainees are more of a nuisance for Americans to hold on to than is possibly in
    thier minds, worth the effort. Why were they taken prisoner in the first place, the SS were
    given no quarter by Eisenhower, they were shot when apprehended like the criminals they
    were. No gesture of good will works with the jihadists, terrorist entities stop what they do
    when killed, not when invited to dinner or freed to go out and murder again……….How many
    of the released prisioners will take part in continuing violence against Americans
    and Afghans that want peace, or will take part in the assassination attempts on Karzai, more
    than likley all of them…………………………..William

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Maybe we have a troll, a Taliban troll……………..William

      • Maxwell Smart

        OR! There's none so blind as those who must respond to their own posts,….

        And refuse to smell their own waft.

      • Maxwell Smart

        "Maybe we have a troll, a Taliban troll……………..William "

        You humorless twit. Maybe you need an enema to relieve your lower eastern bowell twitch

    • Historian

      SS divisions Wiking, Totenkopf and Das Reich were about 10 times better than any US division. American troops were garbage and didn't dare to do anything without total air superiority *and* badly outnumbering the enemy.

      As for being criminals, I believe that description fits better for someone firebombing women and children from 20.000 feet than someone fighting communist savages who used the Geneva convention for toilet paper.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Lets see "SS divisions Wiking, Totenkopf and das Reich were about 10 times better than
        any US division". They lost…………….William

        • Historian

          Following that logic, Mike Tyson was a poor boxer because he lost against twelve attackers in prison.

          In an infantry fight on equal terms, the SS divisions mentioned above would wipe the floor with their American "counterparts". Everyone not in denial knows that.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "“We are certain they can help to bring peace in Afghanistan and will support the government,” he said. "

    The peace of Islam: sharia. You'll experience peace when you're dead.

  • patriot

    What does obama say to the thousands of maimed, wounded and deceased soldiers about this?
    There aren't as many shovel ready jobs as I claimed?
    I really like the taliban?
    It was Bush's fault?
    what me worry?
    I won twice?
    Don't blame me – the devil made me do it?

  • Thomas Wells

    Afghanistan-graveyard of false hopes.

  • slider 96

    All the more reason to get the hell out of Afghanistan ASAP .

  • BatmanSmith

    Just get out of the middle east and cut off aid, let them sort themselves out.