African-Americans Commit Disproportionate Share of Hate Crimes

The Rev. Al Sharpton Leads  "Reclaim The Dream" Counterprotest.

Whites are 63 percent of the population, but commit 56 percent of the hate crimes.

Blacks are 13 percent of the population but commit 23 percent of the hate crimes.

Furthermore since the FBI statistics don’t appear to separately categorize Latinos, it’s likely that the “white” statistics actually includes Latinos. This is an ongoing problem with the FBI sometimes classifying Latinos by victim category, but not by perp category.

More significantly, when it comes to violent crimes, anti-white hate crimes tend to be more violent than anti-black hate crimes.

For example, the FBI lists an anti-white murder in 2012, but no anti-black murder. An anti-white rape, but no anti-black rapes.

The vast majority of anti-black hate crimes were classified as intimidation (635) and vandalism (674) with larger spikes in various forms of assault. It may be that anti-white hate crimes are unlikely to be classified and recorded unless they are particularly violent.

  • TyS

    in related news: Blacks and Latinos account for 75% of violent crime.

  • roccolore

    Blacks also commit the largest share of hate crime HOAXES.

  • Sharps Rifle

    Not a shock at all.

  • kasandra

    These statistics are junk anyway. Local police often fail to report anti-white crimes where racial slurs were used as “hate crimes.” As a result they do not make it into the FBI stats as “hate crimes.” I think my favorite such instance comes from Philadelphia where a violent crime was accompanied by anti-white rhetoric but the police wouldn’t class it as a “hate crime” because there was no evidence that the perps had been discussing their annimous against whites prior to the crime.

  • Inane Rambler

    Shh Daniel, you’re not supposed to admit this or it makes you a vile, evil racist. Shh.

  • A Z

    In the 1993 movie “Rising Sun” detective Web Smith (Wesley Snipes) tells John Connor (Sean Connery) that the ‘hood” is what is going to save America after they are chased by Japanese Yakuza and snipes loses them by driving deep into black neighborhood in LA.

    20 Years, 1 generation has made a difference as has illegal immigration.

    This is from allhiphop dot com
    “Racist Hispanic gangs harassing Blacks into leaving Los Angeles communities”

    “2 Latinos Plead Guilty to Hate Crimes Against Blacks in Compton”

    “Latinos Take Over Compton, Ca from Blacks. Price of illegal immigration”

    • ziggy zoggy

      The crime rate is way down in Compton and the employment rate is way up – so is the English literacy rate.

      • A Z

        I am not sure with a majority Hispanic population that Hispanics will be integrated any more than blacks. The African community has Louis Farahkhan, Jackson and Sharpton stirring sh-t up. The Hispanic population has La Casa Raza.

        You did not provide a link but somehow Id do not doubt the 1st 2 assertions.

        I have already decided what I will do if the liberals and other animals tear down whitey (assuming it can be done). I can happily live in an Asian or Hispanic neighborhood. I bet other whites would do the same. So all these ne’er do well rabble rousers should think about what they are doing. They have a chance to make something of themselves now. After they tear it down, they’ll be worse off.

  • A Z

    Democrat Representative Maxine Waters lives in a majority Latino district. Latino powerbrokers and politicians are letting here remain in office until she decides to retire so long as she carries the water like a good little Democrat. I forgot where I saw that analysis, but I will stand by it.

    “Many of the racial tensions in the school mirror tensions within the larger community, district officials said. In 1990, 40% of Compton’s population was Latino, while 53% was black. Today, officials estimate the Latino population at between 65% and 70%, while the black population has dropped to about 30%”

    Blacks are being ethnically cleansed from Compton. Barack Obama and Eric Holder are not helping the black community.

    Eric Holder will however help Puerto Rican terrorists, but not the black citizen of Compton. A person must have priorities! And Eric Holder does.

    • tu_ne_cede_malis

      Eric Holder’s parents were from Barbados and they taught him not to associate with American blacks.

  • A Z

    Ethnic Cleansing

    “The recent reports of racial harassment and assault in Compton, in which Latino gang members targeted a black family in an effort to ethnically cleanse their turf (Compton, once overwhelmingly black, is now overwhelmingly Latino), is both disturbing and all too familiar.”

    Where in the world is Maxine Waters?

    Where in the world is Eric Holder?

    Where in the world is President Barack Hussein Obama?

    Any liberal want to take a stab at refuting the hate crime statistics or the ethnic cleansing?

    • Notalibfool

      Where is “President” Obama? Why, he is on the golf course trying to think of new ways to destroy the middle class.

      • Black Lotus

        Nope… that was Bush Jr. for most of his presidency, and it worked.

  • Ed FDNYRetiree

    Just ask Al Sharpton and Tawana Brawley.

  • Gee

    I bet that Muslims commit a lot more hate crimes than their percentage of the population too, yet are receive far less than any other group

  • Yonah El

    Interesting. How many blacks were involved in the mortgage meltdown the virtually brought the economy to its knees?
    People have been incited to anger about petty issues and ignore the larger issues that enslave the entire country.

    The crimes against some white people, or some black people pale in comparison to what is being done right in your face. While you are distracted with race, they are cleaning your clock and when they finish, who will you blame for that?

    • nick

      Well then, lets not concern ourselves with this Yonah. I think the point here is that blacks aren’t under siege from whites as the MSM would have us believe but just the opposite is happening. If you believe that this is ok and it’s also ok to turn a blind eye then you’re a very disturbed person indeed. Ask yourself this question: If the article was titled ‘White-Americans commit disproportionate share of hate crimes would you make the same ridiculous comments or would you be as outraged as I would be?

      • Yonah El

        Hi nick. I need you to tell me what MSM is? since I don’t really understand you question, I have a problem answering it.
        MY position is this. There are no white or black people. If you can prove otherwise, I am listening. My concern is not with how many crimes are being committed by one demographic against another. What I am concerned about is how the oligarch and plutocrats are making a killing on all of us while we attach each other. The black community is under siege. They have been for years. The resulting crime issue is a result of abusive administration and it is spilling over into other communities.
        If you want to solve the problem of crime in the black communities, those communities need to come under the complete independent control of certain black people who will institute changes that will have the desired effect almost immediately. Certainly within 2-5 years.

        • nick

          There was a problem yonah to be addressed some number of years ago. The problem being that non-white folk were being targeted because of the colour of their skin. The opposite is true now and the msm (main stream media) wont report it because of their left wing agenda. Check it out for yourself. Every single law enforcement agency in the western world, every single one, including the FBI reports that when it comes to crimes of hate, non-whites are over-represented. Yes we should stand together as one but its important for non-white people to understand that currently we have a left-wing backed agenda (includes blacks and whites btw) that wants to devide us.
          You want the same as me. We all come from the same genes that started in africa. Im white now but my ancesters were black. Fact. Every single human being living today has evolved from black skinned people.

          • ziggy zoggy


            Negroes are the youngest race on the planet – by far. Whites and Negritoes (unrelated to Negroes) left Africa hundreds of thousands of years before Negroes existed. That is why Whites are closely related to Negroes and Asiatics, but Asiatics are not closely related to Negroes, and Negritoes are only related to the distant ancestors of us all.

            Read up on population genetics and ancient human migration. It’s an interesting subject.

        • nick

          Of course you have evidence that backs up your statement that whites commit a disproportionate amount of hate crime or do you just believe what your told by a media that has an agenda. Or do you just want to believe it because it justifies your dislike of white people. Or do you believe that the non-racist white people of today should be hated by black people for past injustices? You’re perfect for your president. A person who is easily manipulated whenever the race card is played. Why dont you do yourself a favour and read a book by thomas sowell. A great man who would have been the victim of racism.

        • ziggy zoggy

          Yo El,

          If there is no such thing as White people and Black people, how can there be racial demographics or a Black “community?”

          White on Black hates crimes are almost never motivated by hatred of Blacks, no matter what percentage of them are charged as “hate crimes.” Nearly all Black on White crime involves hatred of Whites. Blacks owe everything they have to the Whites who pamper them, yet still hate and attack them constantly. Tell me again is justified to feel hatred for the other?

          Obviously you DO sit around typing hatred of White people and increase the vile level that already exists with lies and innuendo completely devoid of truth.

        • misfitsoda

          “black people are justified if they hate whites” face palm. Uggggggh. I assume you’re 19 or 20. Sigh. How’s that first year of college treatin ya?


      actually a huge number of Black Americans were affected during the meltdown….and guess what, they willingly participated

      • Yonah El

        Willingly participated? How do you get that? are you saying that because the bank lied to them about them being qualified for the loan and that the bank lying to them about how their mortgage payments would be affected and them being caught off guard when the lies the bank told them broke and left the people with 2. 3, and sometimes 4 times the increase of mortgage payments that these people did that willingly?
        My research shows that most black people were told by the banks that they qualified even though in fact they did not. The assumed the banks knew what they were talking about.
        The banks made innumerable robo calls and foreclosed an many homes that were not in jeopardy. How was that wilful participation by black people?
        Do you have any valid documentation that black people willingly participated? By that I mean they had accurate knowledge and consented any way…

        • ziggy zoggy


          I think he’s saying that Black people who took out loans they knew they couldn’t afford participated. Your “research” is based on blind racism. Banks don’t like to forclose on loans because that costs them money. They just want to get paid.

          Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac and the Democrats were neck deep in the housing market implosion, and Blacks overwhelmingly support all three organizations and over represent employment and membership.

          You are a mindless cipher and hate filled moron who believes whatever lies support your demented beliefs.

        • misfitsoda

          “My research shows…” Ugh, excuse me, I have to retrieve my eyes as they have fallen out from rolling them so hard.

          Although, I do agree with you on one point; you can’t blame the people who took out the loans for this. I worked in the industry like 15ish years ago. Any expert you listened to said buying a house is the best investment you can make. Loans were giving out at 125% the home value cause, why not? The home will go up in value every year. S the idea of blaming them is nuts.

          Beyond that, whew, are you deflecting the point. So maybe do some more research about what the article is saying.

        • misfitsoda

          HOWEVER, I was in another business for 10+ years and the word you’re looking for is robo-signing, not robo-calling. The idea that homes were foreclosed upon that were not behind enough to foreclose is just untrue. These people were behind in the mortgage enough by in excess of a year sometimes. Robo-signing is in essence a technicality. It by no means means the bank sent well within their rights to foreclose.

    • ziggy zoggy


      Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac are jam packed with Blacks who helped cause the “mortgage meltdown.” So is the Democrat party.

      While Whites are distracted with political correctness, Blacks are attacking anybody who looks like a White victim. Nobody on Wall Street ever sucker punched me.

    • jerry

      Actually there are blacks working in the financial sector that profited and engaged in the financial manipulations. Also, Eric Holder and a certain Mr. Obama have declined to prosecute even one of the Wall Street criminals that were the architects of the financial meltdown. Besides, black people in business have proved every bit as capable of white collar crime as whites.

      However, while all that is true, it’s not relevant to this discussion. Bringing ‘other’ issues up is an attempt to deflect from the point. Black people commit the vast majority of racist violence. There is no excuse for this behavior and just because the media and law enforcement in this country tries to cover this up doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. It’s not petty when you’ve been beaten, harassed, raped or murdered because of your race. Maybe it’s time the black community honestly confronted this issue.

  • Lateen

    It’s time to deport the affirmative destruction action blacks back to Africa – there they will enjoy and create wastelands, it’s what they do.

    • A Z

      How about we stop illegal immigration!

      I do not doubt that if there was a labor shortage wages would increase and their would be private, industry job programs. Private companies will start programs in house to train their hires or to continually train the current workers. Many of those ended in the late 80s. Some version is coming back over that last 15 years.

      During WW2 colleges were suffering from a dearth of students. so they went out looking. among other things they went into the Japanese internment camps. I give that as an example of organizations reacting to stress.

      If we had a labor shortage, there would be no ghettos or ghetto culture. Because people will see and be able to actually experience upward mobility.

      Not everyone will jump on board at 1st. Some will stay with welfare, EBT cards and Obama phones. But after a time it will not be socially acceptable and the holdouts will see the mobility is actually feasible.

    • Yonah El

      They didn’t ask to come here, they were kidnapped and forced into slavery. I agree they should be sent back, but they need to get paid and they need to be paid interest. Not to mention the pain and suffering.
      Don’t you agree?

      • Ardeare

        90% of African slaves were sold by their own tribes. Do you really think 8 white men get off a ship and kidnap 200 black men? I hope not.

      • ziggy zoggy

        The descendants of slaves were born here, and all recent Black immigrants from Africa absolutely did ask to come here. There are no White slave owners or Black slaves, so Whites don’t owe Blacks a damned thing. Blacks owe Whites for affirmative action and all the other special privileges they receive.

        As for our ancestors, some of my ancestors fought in the Union army to free your ancestors – who were sold into slavery by more of your ancestors. And I don’t want anything from you.

    • J!nz0

      That’s messed up. I’m black, haven’t commited any crimes, I don’t attack or destroy stuff, work a regular job, but yet people keep telling me stuff like this all the time. Since when was being black viewed as such an evil? :-(

      • jm313

        Look at the large scale irresponsible destructive behavior of your fellow blacks. There are many blacks in America who have horrible behavior and ruin the reputation of the black community in America.

  • Patriot_ll

    Are we saying that keeping your eye on a black person in a department store is bred by observation and fact? Or, are they getting a bad rap?

    • Yonah El

      black person goes into the store and buys a $1100 baby stroller. They refuse the sale and call the police and charge the patrons with using counterfeit money. The police come and clear them stating that there is nothing wrong with the money… Then the salesmen declines the sale and requests a credit card, or debit card… The refuse to take cash? tell me. what do you call that?

      • ziggy zoggy

        I call that the fakest story I ever heard. If you told me that you had some fried chicken with Bigfoot I would have an easier time believing you.

        What is true is that Blacks have the highest criminal rate in the country by far, so don’t try to claim Blacks are victims. Blacks in bad neighborhoods often refuse service to Whites, and they also lead the way in food tampering, both of which are far worse than your fake story. I’m so tired of scumbags like you claiming Blacks are the victims.of fictional a white oppression.

        • jm313

          Africans(blacks) actually have the highest crime rates in the whole WORLD followed by Latino’s. If you look at statistics Africa has the highest crime rates followed by Latin America. Pretty much anywhere you go in the world Africans commit the most crime followed by Latino’s and that’s true here in America.

          I don’t understand at all why the left-wing who is so anti-gun violence and pro-peace would allow millions of legal & illegal Latino immigrants into America when it is a fact that is backed up by statistics that Latino’s are the second most violent race in the world. Latin America has the second highest crime rates in the world and here in America Latino’s haven’t changed there behavior and have the second highest crime rates. A large part of the Latino community obviously has no respect for the rule of law shown by there insanely high crime rates and immigrating to America illegally and we give these people amnesty. WTF! To bring up these facts though will get you branded a racist and bigot by the left.

      • A Z

        People do not usually carry $1,100 in their pocket. They use credit or debit. Flashing that much cash would set off red flags.

  • Truth be Told

    When people stop acting like baboons (yes! baboons), we will all be better off..unfortunately, per the study in Africa of said baboons, a certain segment of the male population (e.g., the assholes, rednecks, n######s, and you can put in whatever race related epitaph you want for any and ALL races) is either re-educated or placed in prison permanently, this will go on for ages, or until they (the noted segment of the male population) destroy us all. Happy Holidays!

    • Yonah El

      Take the police department. All cops are not bad, but when good cops use the blue wall of silence to protect bad cops, they become accessories after the fact and participate in the wrong…Further, the moment the vicious lying cops get away with the crime, the formerly good cops become conspirators because the next crime is committed with full knowledge of the good cops,, making all of them bad by their actions of protecting the bad ones.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Are you equating cops who prey on the public and the crooked cops who protect them with Blacks and leftists?

        Good analogy.


    Re the title….so far.

  • Al

    When I go to a soccer game for my 12 year old, the opposing teams parents, which also had black players, openly yell out “get that cracker” and other racist comments. When I root for our team I have actually had these people tell me to shut up.
    I know lots of white people have had these kinds of experiences, and this is just one reason why white people are fed up with some black people, they behave like animals even at a kids sport event.
    Who needs to hear any more of their whining?

  • Al

    Compton is a dump destined to go the way of Detroit because the Democrat party encourages black racist behavior, cronyism, and giving the keys to the cash register to the unions.

  • Al

    Also, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Maxine Waters are scumbags, feeding off of racial division to further damage black americans by making them think they are helping them when they are not.
    When will black americans wake up to this? Apparently never.


    Whose doing the other 21% ?

  • Olorin

    If blacks were held to the same standard for a “hate crime” as whites are, it would be more like 90%.

  • trigon400

    This information will NEVER be shown on “The electric Jew” (TV).
    This will never be the highlight story with Nancy Grace blubbering about it.
    This is why TV news is dying to net news.
    This is the way it should be.

  • trigon400

    Keep it up Black folks, we’re obtaining concealed carry by the millions each year & you can expect more Trayvon’s from it.

  • James Milb

    Forget hate crimes— youa re looking in the wrong place. Hate crimes were designed to prosecute whites offending Blacks. the mass majority of black on white violence is never charged as a hate crime. take for instance, al of the knockout game incidents. No hate crimes. ONE WHITE KID punched a Black guy, for the sole reason fo “seeing if a white guy did it, would it make natinal news”.. it did, and he got a hate crime for it.

    If you look at the black on white VIOLENCE, rather than HATE CRIME, you’ll see proportions far larger than what you see here.