African Migrants Make Up 1 Out of 8 People in Israeli City of Eilat

Eilat is a pleasant seaside city, a popular resort and a port city. It’s also ground zero for Israel’s troubles with African migrants. With only 48,000 residents, the 7,000 African migrants now make up 15 percent of the city. And that number is clearly unsustainable, especially with a thousand new migrants arriving every week into the country.

The mainstream media has latched on to Israeli protests, primarily in working class neighborhoods, against the migrants, but as the case of Eilat shows, it really is a severe problem. Eritrean and Sudanese African migrants have contributed significantly to Eilat’s unemployment problems and its crime situation.

Some African migrants in Eilat merely take tourism jobs from the locals, others however sell drugs and commit robberies. Entire neighborhoods have been taken over, worrying residents who can no longer feel safe letting their children play in the street.

In 2011, Israeli Police recorded a 45 percent increase in criminal cases against foreigners, largely driven by African migration. Blogs such as Mistanenim, along with the more politically incorrect tabloids, have chronicled the situation in South Tel Aviv and Eilat.

This is what the situation actually looks like on the ground.

Tiger speaks Hebrew peppered pretty good English and a little Arabic. He’s single, 30 years old, and he won his nickname because he is very flexible. Tiger works locally as a soldier in a criminal organization in southern Tel Aviv, one of three organized criminal gangs. “If I do not robbing or stealing, I’m dead,” he says. “Just that I’m alive.’s Something I have to do to make me how to buy food and pay rent. No job and the best I can do.”

“In Sudan.  if you have no money you starving.,then what do we do? Steal, thieves and murderers is part of our life.”

Tiger left Sudan and his parents and five brothers. His face and hands have visible scars. He carries on his person a knife hidden under his shirt in a leather case. Eight years ago he infiltrated Israel, worked in Eilat and escaped three years ago after local police began, in his words to, “sit on my tail.” Later, in conversation he provides another reason for leaving: a conflict broke out between him and another Sudanese opening illegal bars in the migrant areas of Eilat…

The third organization called HaKilerim (The Killers) was considered the most dangerous and specializes in collecting protection money from Jewish businessmen, Sudanese refugees and Romanian workers, Chinese and Filipinos who settled in the area and opened small businesses, as well as prostitutes and drug addicts. This organization also operates betting parlors, massage parlors, nightclubs, cafes and restaurants. In addition to all those engaged in smartphone robbery, kidnapping cases, pimping, drug dealing in very large quantities, bike theft, running stalls selling ethnic foods and making deals on the street.

Successful foreign criminals wear the best brands, Nike or Adidas, wearing gold watches, necklaces and bracelets, and sunglasses luxury. Many of them resemble the look nicer part of American rappers. While the soldiers are living in apartments and moldy old room south of the city, senior bosses can afford to rent apartments of three and four rooms and frequently travel in taxis.

In southern Tel Aviv, on Neve Shanan Street, as soon as darkness falls, the criminals go out and business owners go on alert. “By five – six pm most shops are closed fearing criminals will steal, rob and take protection money,” says a man who sell shoes in the area. “Whoever stays open gambles with his life. Those who do not pay, the criminals break the windows of their stores and put their knives to his throat, destroying and stealing merchandise. They are not afraid of the police. They have nothing to lose.”

This is exactly what Tiger does. Although his appearance is not particularly scary, he makes his rounds of the stores and collects the  protection money and gives the money to his boss. “That’s what I do in Sudan. Never learned in school, my parents had no money to send me to school, and to my family not be hungry we were stealing from shops, houses, anything that could get us money,” he says. “I know the South Tel Aviv as if I was born here. Jews also pay us money to keep them in business. Those who do not pay, we destroy his business and steal his money.”

Tiger knows all about the hundreds of cases of violence occurring compound year Neve Shanan and bus station in Tel Aviv, but not reported to the police.

“Those who do not pay us, we break a bottle over the head,” says Ibrahim, a member of the criminal organization “The Killers.”

Nobody messes with the Sudanese and Eritreans,” says a clothing store owner in the area. “The Chinese were very strong here but have now almost disappeared. They are afraid to enter into a tussle. Even the police do not deal with them. There were some that came to my shop, because I did not want to give them free clothes, they took what I had and fled.”

This is the real face of Israel’s African migrant crisis.

  • Lady_Dr

    For those who do not know Tel Aviv – the central bus station and surrounding area is a real danger zone. I would never, ever, take a bus into or out of Tel Aviv as there are too many African thugs around.

    • AnOrdinaryMan

      Israel's situation with African immigrant parasites is a real shocker. The Israeli police have been described to me, many times, by Israelis living in America, as "brutal." For sure, if you or I engaged in this type of murderous shakedown behavior, we would see the inside of an Israeli jail, pronto, and they would throw away the key. The Israeli police are certainly capable of taming these African thugs; why don't they?

    • AdinaK

      This is the result of leftist hegemony, which permeates Israel's power centers. In fact, if not for the mischief making via the court system – ratcheted up under the social engineering purview of ex Supreme Court head, Aaron Barak – Israel would not have this illegal issue.

      As to how the illegal infiltrators affect the people's army too, see within –

      Even more so, the "social justice" crowd is mainly whipped up by leftist operatives from Washington (and elsewhere), and they champion illegal infiltrators ALL the time –

      Stanley Greenberg, and the assorted tentacles of George Soros, is behind much of Israel's leftist mayhem.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • Silverio Facundo

    As if Israel didn't have enough problems, now it has to deal with this rabble of un-productive parasites, which only amount to a social burden and to a very present danger. Aided with the fact that getting rid of them would allow the masses of leftists, useful-idiots and garden-variety antisemites to shout "racists" at the Israelis, this riff-raff wil increase in numbers with the passing months, as anybody within the Israeli government will be too timid and too scared to do anything about them.

    This issue also allows one to raise the question: If Israel is such an apartheid state, why do masses of black Africans want so badly to make it into Israel? Do they enjoy being discriminated against? Why don't they try Saudi Arabia or Egypt or Jordan, countries not only nearer to them, but which also share the same evil, backwards religious beliefs and have a similar lack of moral, ethical and social values?

  • Ghostwriter

    There are Africans in the U.S. as well,but I've heard very little trouble from them.

    • Silverio Facundo

      Well, you're overlooking the fact that American blacks, or to use the political correct (PC) term "Afro-Americans" are precisely that, Africans. Last time I heard, until keeping track of it was banned by the MSM and the PC crowd, in the US, the majority of murders, violent crimes and crimes in general are commited by blacks. Blacks in American jails are over-represented as per their percentage in the general population. Even though stating these facts is taboo, and anyone stating them is immediattely branded as a "racist", it still doesn't invalidate the facts.
      So much for "very little trouble from them".

  • JacksonPearson

    I hope Israel realize what they're doing on multiculturalism, because if whoever they're importing are not being productive or have something to offer, than they'd better rethink it thoroughly. European countries have been doing the same, by putting them on the dole, and besides long term political consequence, are slowly depleting their treasuries.

    • ruby

      they are not importing them- they are coming in illegally.

      • JacksonPearson

        "they are not importing them" – My bad.
        Illegally would be liken to California or the United States vs. Mexico's shotless invasion. The government claims we have about 12mil illegal immigrants here. That happened once before. They estimated one million…gave them all a one time amnesty, and then like magic, surprise, surprise, three million came out of the woodwork. I've lived in the Southwest and Western part of the U.S. most of my life, I am sure the government's estimate is wrong. I'd bet it's more like about 40 million. Anyway, uncontrolled immigration can destroy a country.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    When I saw a photograph of an African illegal defecating in the middle of the street in Tel Aviv (in the daytime), I thought that surely the Left couldn't possibly be for this. Turns out, they are. Let's see what happens when they do that in the middle of Beverly Hills!

    Netanyahu has recently congratulated himself on ending the illegal infiltration problem. I guess he means they're not entering the country anymore 'cause they're already there and settled in. Now parts of Israel are little Sudans and Eritreas. Yuck!

    • Charles Roberts

      From my experience, living in various areas of the world with high populations of Muslims, they like to place their poop on top of the ground, wherever it is convenient. Something that reminds one of an animal. Even when they have the use of a public bathroom, they seem to insist on smearing poop everywhere…..on the walls, all over the floor, etc. In this respect, their behavior is below that of animals….. I'm sure there is a psychoanalytical term for this.

  • Domus Canus.

    Get Them Out. Let the left rant, but you cannot possibly continue allowing these violent and criminal Africans in to Israel, a country so hard fought for with so many Jewish lives lost in the basic need to secure a return to their ancient homeland. Get Them Out.

  • Maya

    I am appalled by the racist comments made by the author of this article and by those who have made comments. It is obvious that your writing is based on pure prejudice.

  • Jillian

    I am appalled by the racist comments made by the author of this article and by those who have made comments. It is obvious that your writing is based on pure prejudice, not facts. People, educate yourselves!!!!

  • chicagorefugee

    Oh dear. Maybe Barbara Lerner Spectre should go home (she has made aliyah, right?), since her sage assistance in leading the masses to the multi-cultural transformation that “must” happen seems to be needed at least as much in Israel as in Sweden?

  • LindaRivera

    A huge, violent, army of Muslim invaders is allowed to OCCUPY tiny Israel. Just as this crime against our people is allowed to take place in Britain and Europe where there are many no-go Muslim areas all over Europe and Britain where it is too dangerous for non-Muslims to enter. Outside of the no-go Muslim areas in Britain and Europe, hated infidels are continually raped and attacked by Mohammadans.

    Our leaders have utterly betrayed us! The top priority of a nation is the protection of its people! Our leaders REFUSE to protect us! They are unfit to be leaders! They are enabling the Muslim conquest of our countries! How dare they send our military to Afghanistan when our military is urgently required to protect our people from constant Muslim attacks in our countries?