After 100 Shot in Chicago, Dem Rep Asks for Illinois National Guard


Somehow I don’t think the Illinois National Guard are going to be enough. Not when it comes to securing Chicago. We’re talking about Iraq War II here.

State Representative Monique Davis (D-27) thinks it is time for dramatic action in the streets of Chicago. In view of the street gun violence since July 1, in which over 100 individuals have been shot and 14 dead, Rep. Monique Davis says it is time for dramatic action. Rep. Davis yesterday called on Governor Quinn and Mayor Rahm Emanuel to call out the National Guard to restore safety to the black community.

In a press conference at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, CBS St. Louis reported that Rep. Davis said, “I am requesting with this press conference that Gov. Patrick Quinn order the Illinois National Guard (and) the Illinois State Police (to) come to Chicago and work with our mayor Ron (sic) Emanuel to provide safety for the children, especially.”

However, she said that if these state personnel are called in, a special commission must be set up to make sure they have clear orders on what to do each day.

“We don’t want them to have us fearing them also,” she said.

I don’t think Davis is too clear on what bringing in any military into a city is going to look like. They’re not the cops. They’re not going to play games.

But the Illinois Guard only has 13,200 members. That’s nearly the size of the Chicago police department. You could just expand the Chicago PD ranks. The Chicago Crime Commission report called for 300 more officers. Rahm Emanuel wants to hire 1,700 more. But considering Chicago’s insane police overtime budget, it may just be easier to bite the bullet and hire a lot more cops.

But Chicago already maxes out the cops per citizens ratio. And Chicago’s budget crisis makes hiring more cops nearly impossible. But trying to pass the buck up to Illinois is hardly an answer.

Deploying the Guard was proposed in earlier summers as well.

Gov. Pat Quinn said today that he will not deploy members of the National Guard to help patrol city streets unless requested to do so by Daley. Quinn said it could be counter productive to police efforts, as law enforcement officers and military personnel are trained differently.

The governor suggested the National Guard could be most helpful by providing intelligence assistance and the use of helicopters for aerial surveillance. But even that step would be extraordinary, and Quinn said it would not happen without a request from Daley — a possibility that seems remote.

Ousted Gov. Rod Blagojevich was summarily dismissed by the mayor when he suggested sending in the National Guard two years ago.

  • UCSPanther

    I think setting up “search and destroy” teams and setting them against gang hideouts would work better…

  • Melinda Craig

    does anyone remember when J@ck@$$0n came out and tried to hire the thug gangs of Chicago for his wars on whites?

  • RedStateVet

    I don’t know about the National Guard, but maybe we can let the 509th bomb wing take a sortie or two….

  • bluffcreek1967

    What does it tell you about a race of people when every city they dominate in numbers throughout the world, they murder each other and commit all manner of thievery and mayhem? Why is that every black run city and country throughout the world is bankrupt, mismanaged, and dependent upon the kindness of whites to fix? Why do so many of them commit a disproportionate amount of crime? Who are these people, and why are whites so stupid in fawning all over them?

    • ratonis

      They have been totally corrupted and rendered STUPID by their Democratic Party plantation owners, white and black alike. These are people who think Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are admirable people but who would not give a Thomas Sowell or a Walter Williams the time of day. They are literally dumb people, rather like the zombies of “The Walking Dead.” They are also the products of the America system of teacher-education schools, which institutionalizes ignorance especially among minorities.

      • bluffcreek1967

        You’re right about much of that, but those are all symptoms. No doubt that the Democrat party, liberal ideology, and the educational system has contributed much to the ‘black problem’ – but that doesn’t explain the continent of Africa where no matter how much humanitarian aid is provided, blacks are still unable to move into the 21st century.

        Most conservatives blame black problems on liberalism and the welfare state. But it’s only a half-truth that never bothers to deal with the much deeper issues of blacks’ low IQs, impulsive nature, temperament, criminal proclivities, general laziness, and their aversion to formal education. Blacks, on average, so often fail in life because of who they are (genetics, culture and all). All of this is a reflection of their nature, and not merely because of their environment or lack of opportunities. This explains why some blacks succeed in life, but why so many more don’t.

  • Spikey1

    The Democrats simply need to:
    1. Secure the cities – making sure no one enters and no one leaves even for work. It could even be a fence – electric- with posted warnings. such as; “The Democrats are in the process of securing this city”.
    2. Go house to house searching every square inch of each; house, condo, garage, apartment, shed, along with behind the walls in the attic etc…, for illegal guns. Don’t forget the yards, fields parks etc. a metal detector will help. No prior notice need be given – just hand them a piece of paper after breaking down the homeowners door that reads; “Democrat gun control search in progress”.
    3. Search every single vehicle. I’d recommend expanding the DMV for this.
    4. Search every single person and their belongings – have them line up. Big sign saying “Democrat gun search line” will help.
    5. Lie detectors and water boarding will help uncover a lot of illegal guns. PSA’s of; “This water boarding brought to you by the Democrats; It will sooth the pain and quench thirst”.
    6. Sign off on the city being gun free with the Democrat in charge and the person doing the search being held liable if a gun appears in the future.
    7. Move on to the suburbs.
    8. Once this is completed for the entire USA, then we can start the talks about getting rid of some of the legal guns.

    Problem solved…..

  • Rick Serafin

    Let them kill one another, who cares!

  • tickletik

    Simple solution: Concealed carry and stand your ground laws. Get out of the way, and let the men fix the problem. As a bonus, you’ll be able to fire half the police force since they won’t be needed. You’ll even be able to retire a lot of the lawyers and judges, and the extra testosterone boost will encourage the Men to take back their city from the politicians that have been running it into the ground.

    But that’s the REAL problem isn’t it?