After a Decade of Propaganda, Study Concludes Military Suicides Not Caused by War


One of the big weapons in the left’s arsenal has been the claim that military deployment causes military suicides. That cynical and dishonest line of attack has been growing lately.

But now it ran into a problem. The facts don’t back it up.

Combat appears to have little or no influence on suicide rates among U.S. troops and veterans, according to a military study that challenges the conventional thinking about war’s effects on the psyche.

Depression and other types of mental illness, alcohol problems and being male – strong risk factors for suicide among civilians – were all linked to self-inflicted deaths among current and former members of the military.

But the researchers found deployment and combat did not raise the risk.”

In other words, soldiers are people like everyone else. And underpaying them and denying their benefits, the way Obama Inc. has done, is a far more likely cause of self-harm than deployment.


  • Edward smith

    Oh pray tell. No war, no deployments. No PTSD. You people make me sick how you lie and deceive and spin the truth. They’re killing themselves because they know what they’re doing is wrong. They have a conscience.

    That “study” is a whitewash by the military. Try again. You fail. There have been more veterans dying at their own hand, then there have been casualties in the wars in Afghanistan.

  • DogmaelJones1

    No, Mr. Smith, that’s not the reason. Imagine that Abbie Hoffmann, or Bill Ayers, had been elected president, and proceeded to crap on our military and call our soldiers, airmen, and navy men everything but pigs. Then cut back on their earned pay and benefits and medical attention. And expect them to hold umbrellas up so The One doesn’t get wet, and force women into combat roles, and otherwise everyone in uniform keep their mouths shut. And return to a political and social culture that denigrates anyone who’s pledged to defend the country from enemies within and without. Add onto that the man-bashing mantra, the abolition of the restrictions on homosexuals and LHTS’s, and a depressed economy where a discharged individual can’t find work. Complement that with ROE’s that practically guarantee that the enemy will win, and not even urinating in the direction of Mecca. No, they’re not committing suicide because “they know what they’re doing is wrong.” They’re committing suicide because they’re expected to sacrifice themselves to protect your kind of irrationality. This is your culture, not theirs, and certainly not mine.