After Iran: Obama Proposes Lifting Embargo on Cuba


Not only is Obama pushing a “new approach” toward Cuba, he’s doing it in Miami. Naturally he isn’t using the exact words yet. For now there’s the usual rhetoric about smarter policies to update the old outdated pre-internet embargo. And he met with some dissidents to give him cover.

Barack Obama says it is time for the United States to revise its policies regarding Cuba. Speaking in Miami Friday, Obama said it doesn’t make sense that policies put in place more than 50 years ago would still be effective in the Internet age.

The president pointed out that Cuban leader Fidel Castro came into power in 1961, the same year Obama was born. The United States cut off diplomatic relations with Cuba that same year and imposed an economic embargo a year later.

The embargo doesn’t have anything to do with the internet, but Obama has learned that progressives robotically respond to idiotic rhetoric like that.

The Obama administration has engaged in recent discussions with the Cubans on migration and mail, and has relaxed travel and remittance rules for Cuban Americans.

And that’s worked out really well… for Castro.

Americans are visiting Cuba in record numbers despite strict travel restrictions.

Just over 98,000 U.S. citizens visited Cuba in 2012, up from 73,500 in 2011 and twice the number compared with five years ago, according to an online report by the National Statistics Office

U.S. citizens are barred from traveling to Cuba without government permission under a U.S. trade embargo imposed half a century ago that can only be lifted by Congress.

But Congress, Schmongress. Obama makes his own laws.

Obama authorized licenses for “purposeful” travel to more than 250 Cuba travel agents and allowed more airports to provide charter service between the two countries.

“This is not about promoting democracy and freedom in Cuba. This is nothing more than tourism … a source of millions of dollars in the hands of the Castro government that they use to oppress the Cuban people,” Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida told a congressional hearing soon after Obama instituted the policy.

One red hand washes the other red hand. And then they both get started on the brainwashing. And the usual suspects are already paving the way for the real agenda.

Religious leaders pushed President Barack Obama in an Oct. 22 letter to step up efforts at normalizing relations between the United States and Cuba.

The letter urged Obama to take several actions, including:

— Initiating direct, high-level dialogue with the Cuban government.

— Removing Cuba from the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism.

— Lifting all restrictions on “people-to-people” travel between the U.S. and Cuba.

I know Bill de Blasio loves that idea.

  • Ed FDNYRetiree

    This incompetent SOB will be responsible for ANOTHER missile crisis, except this time he will bow and apologize and we’ll have Soviet missiles aimed at us from Cuba.

    Congress is committing treason by allowing Obama to commit treason.

    • A Z

      The new books coming out show that the Kennedy’s handling of the Missiles Crises was not as suave as the Camelot marketers promoted. Nor did we verify that they actually removed all the missiles.

      Last week a book came out alleging that LBJ had JFK assassinated. Supposedly the Texas governor told JFK that unless he went to Dallas instead of some other Texas city he would not cooperate with the presidential tour through Texas. Governors talk that way to Presidents?
      Maybe JFK was pushed around by a governor of his own party.

  • Veracious_one

    Obama is much like Jimmy Carter…never met a terrorist that he didn’t like….

  • pupsncats

    Why aren’t they any Republicans, in fact why aren’t ALL Republicans out there every single day exposing Obama for what he really is? Because they don’t care that from his first day in office and every day since then Obama has done something intended to destroy some part of the foundations of this nation. He is a law unto himself and that should scare the h ___ out of everyone with a working brain.

  • A Z

    I believe there are two equally valid ways to go. The 1st is to embargo, so it hurts very badly and hopefully causes them to cave. The second is to promote so many personal and commercial contacts that people in Cuba see how badly they are getting jabbed by the communist oligarchs and rise up.

    IMHO both ways can work.

    The problem is when you 1/2 azz it.

    Or when you have contact and you don’t try to smother them with kindness. If we dropped the embargo, Obama would most likely stop VOA broadcasts as well and anything else he could do to help Fidel.

    Obama is trying neither approach. He just agrees with these people.

  • A Z

    “The president pointed out that Cuban leader Fidel Castro came into power in 1961, the same year Obama was born.”

    The president was using the year 1961 to make a point. He wants to say that it has been so long so should not we have a new policy.

    It should also be pointed out that it has been 52 years and there has always been a Castro in power without elections or sham elections. Maybe Obama should have thought about that fact.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Why wouldn’t he? Cuba serves as the model for BHO economic plan for the USA!

  • Lola

    From your comments, It seems that you know little -if anything about Cuba- or Cuba/US relations, particularly from a historical perspective. Same goes for your readers. This article (and its comments) is more reminiscent of a typical Obama/liberal bash rather than anything meaningful or insightful about the state of Cuba, it’s people, or the future of Cuba/US relations.

  • DoGoodinNC

    The Cuban people have suffered greatly under the embargo (& Fidel, now Raul). Lift the embargo. And, shouldn’t we in the United States be free to travel to Cuba & send money, mainly because many in the U.S. have family there. But, also, we should have such freedom, given that we are the land of the free (right…).

  • Abe1865

    The American people no longer support your embargo. The US Government is never going to invade Cuba. So the militant exiles should try to self invade the big Island of Cuba. Yes that is the hard truth. You will never change my mind and if you try I will be your worst nightmare. Got it scum

  • Unforgettable

    Has everyone forgotten Cuban Refugee Crisis
    caused by Jimmy Carter in 1980? When he
    offered “open arms” to the Cuban Refugee on May 5, 1980 and by May
    6th an estimated 17,636 refugees had landed in Florida. Unfortunately for us the
    American citizens, many of them were criminals that Fidel Castor released from
    his prisons and others were mental patients he released from his asylums.
    By the time our government realized what Castro had done our Courts had
    ruled that it was illegal to imprison they indefinitely, so many were released
    before they were identified as criminals and shortly after the crime wave began
    and quickly spread throughout the United Stated beginning with Florida.
    The 80’s was the decade that many states saw a huge increase of crimes
    (of all types) which were directly or in-directly caused by the illegal drug
    industry which many of the criminal Cuban refugees were involved with.
    Many US
    families became victims to these crimes, most were by the lost of a loved one,
    homicides. Many never recover from the lost of a loved on. SO I SAY KEEP THE EMBARGO! We do not need a repeat of Jimmy Carter’s
    biggest mistake. Now, do we?