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Al Gore: George Soros Should Have More Influence Over American Politics

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On February 2, 2013 @ 10:38 pm In The Point | 23 Comments

Apparently controlling the White House and the Foreign Policy of the country via the Soros Money Machine isn’t enough [1]. Not until the entire Senate and Congress bows to the new Emperor of America.

Billionaires influencing American politics is bad. Really bad. It’s a grave threat to Democracy. Unless they’re liberals.

During an appearance with CBS anchor and host Charlie Rose at the 92nd Street Y in New York City on January 29, former Vice President Al Gore said that progressivism cannot compete with “the money situation” that is funding right wing media outlets and messaging firms.

When Rose countered that well-heeled progressives fund liberal causes, Gore cut him off and said that he was making a “false equivalence.” The crowd burst into applause as Gore added that progressive millionaires like George Soros should have more influence in American politics than they presently enjoy.

Rose strikes a small note of honesty, quickly walks it back, while Gore proclaims to audience applause that liberal  billionaires should have more influence over American politics.

This is the sad spectacle of the Orwellian left glorying in their own power while pretending that they’re really fighting to restore people power.

There’s nothing that quite says decadent liberalism like the combination of Charlie Rose, the 92nd Street Y and Al Gore. It’s like the elevator music of 90s liberalism. Put all of them together and you get the frank admission from a corrupt Clinton Era pol who almost became president, then invested in the EcoScam and handed over millions of American households to Al Jazeera, that the criminal Nazi collaborating billionaire who funded the left’s takeover of American politics needs to have even more influence.

For the people.


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