Al Gore Nearly Destroyed Twitter, Sold it to Al Jazeera


Al Gore became famous for inventing the internet, also accepting money from China because there was no legal controlling authority and then growing a beard and claiming that he was the real president.

Then he transitioned into a doomsayer claiming that the North Pole would melt unless everyone stopped using oil and paid him a Carbon Tax and then he created a failed copy of MSNBC and sold it to a terrorist oil state.

But Al Gore did have a plan for the internet. And it was the worst plan ever.

Around the beginning of 2009, as Twitter was gathering momentum, cofounders Ev Williams and Biz Stone were “regularly turning down overtures to buy the company,” reports Bilton. Among those making the overtures was former Vice President Al Gore, who “pitched Williams and Stone one night over copious amounts of wine and Patron tequila at his St. Regis suite in San Francisco.”

“It was an idea for Current to merge with Twitter,” he says. “Al helped me to pitch the idea to Ev and Biz. I just thought it was a great idea.”

Current TV was Al Gore’s failed liberal cable news network. Twitter is a 140 character social media stream.

Merging them together makes as much sense as Microsoft and NBC creating a news network called MSNBC. Oh wait, that actually happened. Also one time, AOL drunkenly merged with Time Warner.

But Twitter and Current coming together would have been the height of insanity.

Al Gore nearly destroyed Twitter and then sold the leftovers to Qatar’s Al Jazeera. Considering how Twitter has come to define the internet, it turns out that Gore never did invent the internet, but came close to destroying it.

  • truebearing

    Destroying stuff is the Left’s only talent. It’s not a talent that does them much good when it comes to governing, however. When their hare-brained schemes start to unravel, they solve the problem by killing the critics. Just like the Muslims, death and destruction are their permanent default solutions.

    What does that say about ObamaDon’tCare? You better stay healthy because the only thing left functioning, after the rest of it crashes and burns, will be the Death Panels.

  • Verity

    That man is so dangerous. People underestimate how dangerous he really is.