Al Gore Now Richer than Romney, Thanks to Oil, Not Green Energy

The difference is that Mitt Romney made his money investing in companies and Al Gore made his money being a professional hypocrite and ecoscam artist.

100 million dollars of Al Gore’s estimated 300 million dollar net worth comes from Qatar, an oil tyranny that funds terrorists and he got that money by selling the political access that he used to illegitimately gain access to 60 million viewers for the Current TV cable network.

Forbes notes that as a Green Energy guru, Gore has been a failure.

Over the five years since Al Gore joined KPCB to promote environmentally-correct “green tech” investments, the results have been pretty dismal. According to VentureSource, of the more than 60 companies that have received KPCB equity backing, only three have been acquired or merged into other companies. And since the time Gore joined KPCB, only two have managed to go public. Shareholders of one, Amyris, Inc. a biomass company, have lost 80% of their value since the firm’s 2010 IPO. The other, Enphase Energy which went public last March, was listed by the Wall Street Journal in December as the worst IPO of the year.

In the White House, Gore cashed in by selling access to China. Outside the White House, Gore cashed in by selling access to Qatar.

But in one setback for the House of Gore, he didn’t manage to dodge his patriotic taxes on money gotten from a terrorist state.

“Unfortunately for Mr. Gore, the purchase wasn’t consummated until January 2nd, depriving him of success in his efforts to beat the clock on an estimated $100 million payback before higher tax rates kicked in on January 1.”

  • carrie

    Gore has been a hypocrite since day 1 of his global warming scam. You simply had to look at his lifestyle and actions and ignore his rhetoric .

    Democrats are extremely greedy.
    Just as the Clintons left the WH in debt to attorneys and are now filthy rich,so is Gore and Biden and Barry will be also.

  • Little Knight Music

    Albert Gore is a pretentious Nouveau Riche parvenu.

  • Little Knight Music

    ….AlGore really knew how to catch a phart and paint it GREEN.

    • AdinaK

      What Gore represents is the same hypocrisy all limousine liberals exhibit, as they preach anti-capitalism yet become richer than kings through its basis. A good example is Michael Moore, and too many others to enumerate.

      While Gore is more than a mendacious, anti-American, he knows how to multiply the green – in dollars!! In any case, exposing the Islamic devils he aligns with is the real issue, starting with here –

      Therefore, his deal with Al-Jazeera is where the focus must lie. As to big oil, well….

      Adina kutnicki, Israel -

  • marios

    How wonderful to be Democrat in this country! If you are democrat … you can steal, you can deceive, you can not pay taxes, you can lie under the oath, you even can kill and no bad consequence, no punishment. MSM will cover up this person or just keep silence which is the same. But if you Republican…. What country we are living in 21st century?
    Our Founding Fathers even in horrible nightmare could not imagine that this could happened.
    Al Gore is ultimate scoundrel, His cynical hypocrisy is over the roof. MSM controlled by neo-commies are accomplices of those so-called "Dem's" villains. I stoped subscription on all such MSM.

  • marios

    actually what Al Gore did by sold his channel is a treason. Can we imagine that FDR just allowed to air Nazis in USA during WWII? Islam is war with us and Islamic leaders said about it many, many times. So, why there is no law to ban any promotion of our enemies during the war time?

  • Raymond in DC

    “Unfortunately for Mr. Gore, the purchase wasn’t consummated until January 2nd…"

    So the "best laid plans" of one of the hypocritical 0.1% went awry, and Al got Gore'd.

  • Jake Tobias

    "Al Gore Now Richer Than Romney, Thanks To Oil, Not Green Energy." I think just that headline alone should win a Pulitzer Prize.

    • Jake Tobias

      On the other hand, I have to dispute the article's claim that Al will have to pay taxes on his profits.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "On the other hand, I have to dispute the article's claim that Al will have to pay taxes on his profits."

        I was thinking the same thing. In theory his tax rate went up. In practice, I'm highly skeptical it will matter to his bottom line.

  • Mathchopper

    I'm very hard of hearing. Will someone please advise me to when the whistle blows. I'm a vet and I'm ready and willing.

  • MikeyB

    I'm waiting for the libtards to come after his earnings. I think I'll die before the wait is over. They can't think for themselves; rather have to be told what to think. It must be a painful affliction to be that stupid.