Al Gore Sold News Network to Al Jazeera for $500 Million Because of Shared Ideology and to Avoid Higher Taxes

Remember, religion is crazy unless it’s practiced by peaceful Jihadists and paying high taxes is patriotic… unless they’re the ones who have to pay them.

Al Gore’s Current TV, whose only asset was formerly being associated with Keith Olbermann (if you can call that an asset), was sold to Al Jazeera for a cool 500 million dollars. Gore’s personal payout from that deal comes to 100 million dollars.

But don’t get the idea that Al Gore sold out to Al Jazeera because he likes swimming in piles and piles of money. It was a shared hatred of America and love for watching old Bin Laden videos that brought those two crazy kids together.

When considering the several suitors who were interested in acquiring Current, it became clear to us that Al Jazeera was founded with the same goals we had for Current: To give voice to those whose voices are not typically heard

Of course the most prominent fellow whose voice wasn’t being heard whom Al Jazeera gave a voice to was Osama bin Laden.

That influence has recently been demonstrated by Al Jazeera’s important and impactful coverage of the Arab Spring, which was widely credited as being the most thorough and informative coverage from any media company.

The coverage was “thorough” because Al Jazeera is the propaganda arm of Qatar, which spent a lot of money to create the Arab Spring, and is now profiting by selling gas to Egypt, a country that formerly exported gas.

But conflicts of interest like that are the soul of Al Gore’s entire hypocritical career.

As you may know, Al Jazeera is funded by the government of Qatar, which is the United States’ closest ally in the Gulf Region,

Or Saudi Arabia. Who can tell? Both support Al Qaeda and Qatar, like the Saudis, played a major part in the attacks of September 11, with a member of the Qatari government and its ruling family helping out Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the September 11 attacks.

But what exactly makes Al Jazeera different from RT or Xinhau or PressTV or any other regime propaganda network? Nothing.

Current TV could just as easily have sold itself to Moscow or Beijing.

 I will be holding staff meetings in the next few day sand will introduce the senior folks from Al Jazeera who have led the planning for this entry into the United States.

Sadly Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will not be able to participate in the meeting due to the unfair policies of the United States.

Getting this transaction done was very difficult. One of Current’s distributors, Time Warner Cable, did not consent to the sale to Al Jazeera. Consequently, Current will no longer be carried on TWC.

Thank goodness for Time Warner. Who expected them to do the right thing? We should work to campaign and put pressure on other cable distributors to dump Al Jazeera America/Current TV as well.

But just remember this is all about journalism and telling truth to power and waving your fast in the air with handfuls of cash.

Al Jazeera did not disclose the purchase price, but people with direct knowledge of the deal pegged it at around $500 million, indicating a $100 million payout for Mr. Gore, who owned 20 percent of Current. Mr. Gore and his partners were eager to complete the deal by Dec. 31, lest it be subject to higher tax rates that took effect on Jan. 1, according to several people who insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

Liberals think paying taxes is patriotic. That’s why they dodge them at every opportunity.

  • Ar'nun

    I will be writing a very detailed and clear letter to my provider (Verizon) as I will not pay for that filth to even be an option in my home. I have been contemplating dumping them for a while anyway.

  • NoahDavidSimon

    don't put to much faith in Time Warner. A left wing package like Al Jazeera could sincerely eat away at CNN's profits.

  • Scott from AZ

    Just sent Direct TV my demand that they drop Current from their lineup.

    • AdinaK

      Most intrinsically, Gore – an anti-American hypocrite – definitely is a poster boy for the red's morphing with the green, both ideologically and dollar-wise.

      The same ideological bindings which melds Hill to Huma (plus other personal factors) are of piece with Gore and Muslim Brotherhood types. And anyone who doubts their fealty must get caught up to speed, forthwith –

      While greed IS Gore's driving factor – capitalism for me but not for thee – make NO mistake, he hearts Islamists. Therein lies America's internal dangers – the red/green alliance!

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • Mary Sue

    Wow, when did Time Warner grow a brain? Or at least part of one?

    I heard just about an hour ago that Glen Beck offered way more than al-Jizzeera but was refused.

  • Ghostwriter

    Hey,I don't watch a lot of Current TV anyway. Why should I watch Al-Jazzera America? And,to be honest,why IS Al-Jazzera setting up an American branch anyway? They're pretty much anti-American anyway so why should I watch?

    • Michal

      You probably won't watch. The fact remains, however, that there are tens of millions of American America haters who will. Nothing good can come of this. Nothing good at all.

  • John Spielman

    Al Gore is a hypocrite and traitor. He should change his name to Mohammed Al-Gore.

  • aysarodeh


    • Michal

      You've got to be kidding.

  • tanstaafl

    It's like if the Nazis had bought an American wire service.

  • mjazzguitar

    As long as there remains a BDS movement against Israel, I will boycott any company that advertises on al-jizzeera

    • john spielman

      even better would be to dump any cable company that carries Al Gore-Jazeera

  • jeromeennis

    Domestic Terrorist and Con Man Al Gore sells out to a Muslim Terrorist Group, so what else is new about the Corrupt and Subversive Democrats and all those that represent their party??