Al Jazeera America Paid $25,000 Per Viewer


How badly is Al Jazeera America, the news outlet of the Qatari government, doing? Their viewer 25-54 demos are falling into the zero category in some cases. That means they can forget about any ad money.

The network’s worst performer in primetime last week was 10 p.m.’s Consider This, hosted by Antonio Mora. The current affairs talk show finished out the week with an average of 9k total viewers and only 3k in the demo. According to Nielsen ratings figures, on Thursday evening the show racked up a 0 in the demo score.

The network’s flagship program, 9 p.m.’s America Tonight never hit rock-bottom with the 0 demo rating, but things didn’t look so pretty regardless. The newsmagazine-style show pulled in an average of 18.6k total viewers, with 7.4k in the demo.

Shows like America Tonight were the whole reason why Qatar spent $500 million on Al Jazeera America. The Islamist tyranny was hoping to influence Americans with its own news cable station.

The last ad on its YouTube channel got more views than a lot of its programming.

So what did Al Jazeera America end up paying per viewer? Forget the demos. Even average viewership is in the under 20k range. Qatar’s ruler blew 25K per viewer spending 500 million to reach a few thousand viewers an hour.

That’s a valid metric because ad rates are based on CPM or the price per thousand viewers. So for example FOX News has a CPM of 4.3 and CNN has a CPM of 2.58 while MSNBC has a CPM of 3.95. Al Jazeera spent $500 million to reach 20,000 viewers giving it a CPM of 25000000.


  • chelmer

    I’d be happy to watch two hours a day for 5,000 a month. 1099 form. Call me.

    • DogmaelJones1

      I”d be happy to watch All Jazz All the Time for $5,000 a month, but under the table. Gotta be able to pay those Obamacare premiums somehow!


      I’ll record with my DVR – Direct to /dev/null

      30*25K = 750K per month.

  • Bryan Schmick

    Al Gore must be laughing all the way to his coal financed bank. If you are a Comcast customer, contact them to remove the channel. Followed by MSNBC.



  • Warren Raymond

    Never underestimate your enemies!

    Don’t forget that these people are in for the long haul; they are all cashed up and they have reports from the front lines way better than anything our enemedia serves up. Yes, there’s of lot of victimhood, jihad promo and pro-Islamic claptrap, but our media is just as bad.
    Apart from the spin, Al Jizz offers some pretty good reports.

  • A Z

    Qatar has the ability to stick with this for several years.

    It is not over until the fat lady sings.

    • Bob

      They will not let her sing

      • A Z

        I hope you are right. I hope they hemorrhage money.

  • N. Wasse

    Let me see many Egyptians are saying that al-Jazeera supports the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists
    But you know what makes me very happy if al-Jazeera in the US goes out of business and this annoying Ali Velshi is out of a job
    What a disgusting man

  • tpc4545

    Al Gore sold His country out,when he was negotiate with these terrorist goat scum!

    • Ruth Kaempf

      Good point, but then don’t blame AlJazeera. The latter simply seized the opportunity to create a business. It is tough to find out that one has been duped by a compatriot, isn’t it. Yet people are still beholden to him. Sad!

  • Ruth Kaempf

    I like what I’ve seen so far, especially their documentaries. Every channel shows the same news items for hours on end, so I find it pleasant to watch something that is new to me. For example today I watched something called Street Food during which I learned about street food in Beijing as well as in Jerusalem. Since I haven’t travelled to either of these places I appreciated the documentaries.

  • Ade

    what a stupid article is this? who wrote this disaster of an article? a few points:

    1. qatar is one of america’s biggest allies. (the largest military base in the me, is located in qatar)
    2. qatar donated $100 million dollars for the victims of katrina

    3. aljazeera knows it wont attract enough viewers for the first years
    4. aljazeera is the richest media conglomerate on the planet, so for the ignorant people who think aj is gonna back down, keep dreaming.
    5. aljazeera english didn’t start with good ratings either in 2006, now it’s one of the big three.
    6. aljazeera is the only news channel with more then 80 bureaus around the globe and its the channel with the most correspondents.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Your comment can be summed up as “Qatar has a lot of money.”