Al Jazeera Reaches 0.1% of its American Audience

al jazeera

Objectively 1 in a 1000 is not that bad, but it means Al Jazeera’s news channel, which it paid a sizable fortune to Al Gore to buy, is reaching less viewers than most local newscasts. It’s reaching less people than many YouTube channels.

Not surprisingly given the low-rated channel it replaced (Current TV), and the fact that it lost a few million homes from AT&T before launch (it is currently in just over 40 million homes), AJAM’s launch ratings were pretty low by traditional cable news standards.

The highest rated show on AJAM last week was the Thursday evening edition of “Real Money with Ali Velshi,” which drew 54,000 total viewers.

The 2 PM Saturday edition of “News Live” averaged 48,000 viewers, while “Inside Story” Thursday at 12:30 PM averaged 41,000 viewers. “News Live” Thursday from 12-12:30 averaged 40,000. The debut edition of “The Stream” on Tuesday averaged 38,000 viewers, below Nielsen’s accuracy threshold, while the debut of “America Tonight” averaged 34,000 viewers.

Basically the only thing people picked up on Al Jazeera for was business. The rest were generic show names. There’s no brand and a lot of the viewers are probably one-offers or channel flippers.

  • Gee

    The Muslim propaganda is funded by terrorist governments and that is their sole objective

  • BenJabo1Machal

    Aljazeera hired the castoffs of other channel,s who had no audiences in the first place

  • defcon 4

    If my cable channel picks up Al Jiz, I’ll be dropping them like a day old newspaper, which is what the rest of the infidel/kuffar world should be doing.