Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood Meet to Plot Terror in Egypt


Despite all the liberal claims otherwise, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda have a good deal in common. Al Qaeda leaders have come out of the Brotherhood and have worked together for common goals.

A chunk of Al Qaeda began as an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood splinter group. Its former leader now runs Al Qaeda. And they have some scores to settle down Egypt way.

Al-Qaida and the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood met secretly last week in Jordan according to a source quoted by the Egyptian daily Al-Youm al-Sabaa on Saturday.

The meeting focused on the conflict in Egypt and Syria and an altercation broke out between a Brotherhood member and jihadist leader Mohammad al-Miqdad, and the latter asked the Brotherhood not to publicly denounce the actions of the jihadists.

The jihadists discussed their plans to start moving Syrian and Iraqi jihadists into Egypt in order to carry out terror operations there after the Eid al-Adha festival, which falls on Tuesday.

It was explained in the meeting that the attempted assassination against the Egyptian interior minister and the attack on a satellite dish, which is part of the state’s TV communication system, were meant to demonstrate that they could access vital institutions in Cairo.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al-Qaeda’s current leader, joined the Muslim Brotherhood at 14. He rose to head the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which he eventually folded into Al Qaeda.

Zawahiri’s core Al Qaeda has been somewhat sidelined, but this is a chance to head up a terror campaign in Egypt together with his old Brotherhood pals who have extensive western contacts.

The old gang is getting back together again.

  • Drakken

    Note to Egyptian military personnel, this is your open season on the MB, time to wipe them off the map and use extreme measures to do so, you also have the added benefit of a thumb in the eye of the MB operatives in the White House.

  • N. Wasse

    And surprise surprise we have two supporters of the terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in our government: Mohamed Elibiary and the creepy Dalia Mogahed

    Oh and Egyptians? They are saying that the Obama supports the MB, the MB is a terrorist organization therefore Obama supports terrorists

  • A Z

    Zawahiri was not part of the Muslim Brotherhood proper. He supposedly formed his own group of 20 to 50 people. Maybe it was smaller.

    By the time Zawahiri set up his clinic in Pakistan, I am sure he knew many MB players. they were all cooperating in the 1980s at least in the Afghanistan theatre with the usual power struggles thrown into the mix.

    I base this on reading the book “The Looming Tower”

    ISBN 978-1-3084-2

    I though the looming tower of the book’s title was the World Trade center Towers. It is more medieval. It is a from a poem, which I think predates the towers.

  • PAWatcher

    We know where obama’s loyalty lies………..smack dab in the middle of the heart of the MB/al Qaeda along with valerie and her ilk. Would love to know how much money and arms he is smuggling to them- paid for with Our tax dollars.
    Ya know he’s probably not smuggling or sneaking aid- he is arrogant enough to do it in clear view of DC corruptocrats…………..they will do nothing against their king.