Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas Aggressively Trying to Infiltrate the CIA


Why not? The CIA has been aggressively trying to recruit Muslims. A sizable percentage of the young college grads with a background in international affairs studies that they would like are politically active and usually Muslim Students Association members, which is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood.

We know the number that were flagged. How many went unflagged?

An estimated one-fifth of a subset of all applicants for Central Intelligence Agency positions had significant ties to the terror groups Hamas, Hezbollah and al Qaeda, a newly released document from NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s collection revealed Monday.

Terrorist groups worked hard to infiltrate America’s top security agencies. CIA officials uncovered thousands of applicants, roughly one in five of a subset, with “significant terrorist and/or hostile intelligence connections,” the document states

The specifics of those ties were not revealed, but the groups most often cited as attempting to infiltrate the U.S. intelligence network were al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah.

Al Qaeda would probably have a harder time making it in. But I imagine there are any number of people affiliated with Hamas or Hezbollah on the payroll by now.

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    We must have more immigrants, more I tell you, especially Muslims. More!!

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    Well they’ve already infiltrated the White House………….

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      And the FBI and the State Department and Homeland Security

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      Your about an idiot. You obviously have no clue about the ties between radial Islam, the Nazi’s and the CIA which date back to the mid 1940’s when it was formed.

      My guess is you never read National Security Council Directive 166 either.

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    Mr. Brennan.

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      I wonder what Brenna’s muslime name is?

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        Hasn Bin Lade. 3:)

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    No doubt you are on something!
    If Ms. Carlos Danger was vetting, they all pass!

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    The enemy is inside the Gates.

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    They don’t have to infiltrate. They’re being invited in by the regime in power

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    Get rid of religion and Satan will vanish on thin air for ever. Is either that, or get rid of humans … by humans and then, get rid of yourself. Your choice!

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