Al Qaeda Linked Gaza Terrorist Group Claims Credit for Arizona Wildfires


Whether you believe Masada al Mujahideen or not is another matter, but arson has been their M.O. for a while now. They claimed credit for a series of fires in Israel and for the Reno, Nevada wildfires last year. But an elderly man came forward claiming to have accidentally started that.

So it’s entirely possible that Masada al Mujahideen just makes things up.

A Palestinian jihadist group, Masada al Mujahideen, recently claimed credit for ongoing wildfires in Arizona in a statement posted to jihadist forums today. The statement, titled “Masada al-Mujahideen Fulfilled its Promise and Attacked America Again After the Expiration of the Period with Fires that Achieved Historic Results,” was obtained and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group.

“We had previously announced an unconventional war against the occupation state of Israel, and then we escalated this war to reach its main supporter, America, so that it receives a major share of it, which will destroy their flora and fauna, with permission from Allah and then with our hands,” the group said.

The statement further said that the group targeted the United States “in order to make it clear and to make it know we can reach it when we warn it, and to make it certain that our hands don’t just reach it but also strike it.”

The group warned that the attacks “will not be the last…if America does not respond to our demands.” The statement boasted that 19 firefighters had been killed in the fires.

Contrary to the claims of Masada al Mujahideen, authorities have said that they believe the fires were started as a result of lighting.

The authorities do have every reason to cover up Al Qaeda attacks in the United States considering Obama’s current policies, but I would still say that the lightning is more likely. And that Masada al Mujahideen are clowns who take responsibility for any  fire that appears in the news.

  • TMIco

    Muslim terrorists tend to deny deeds if they are not involved. The old man could have psychiatric problems and be similar to all those people who come forth and take responsibility of murders, although they had nothing to do with it. Palestinians get funding from the U.S. and various organizations. Seriously doubt they would admit something that wasn’t theirs.

  • George Collord

    As devastating as wildfires are in California and throughout the West, I’ve long wondered why terrorists haven’t made them a major weapon in their arsenals. Simply, cheap, effective in shutting down an economy, and destroying millions in property, not to mention the abject terror.

    • TexasStomp

      shush! It’s not like they don’t have plenty of options as it is, lol! :-))))

    • ziggy zoggy

      They definitely are thinking about it. They are also thinking about our water supplies, food sources, national monuments, parks, etc. I remember running into a rental van-load of dune c00n islamopithecines at the Elephant’s head entrance to Yosemite in 2000. They were obviously casing it out for demolition. Five islamopithecines in a rental car with no hiking gear or food who didn’t appreciate the natural splendor in front of them and who got nervous because I scrutinized them? I have no doubt in my mind that they were terrorists researching a target. Back then, there was no use in alerting the authorities. If I had, I would have been the one investigated with a rubber glove up my @$$.
      It’s only a matter of time before the little scum-lickers carry out some successful attacks against our natural treasures and infrastructure. The only good muslim is a dead muslim.

  • Jsjk

    I think they’d just as easily take credit for a hurricane, so long as the storm left a lot of American casulties in its wake.

  • onecornpone

    ,,, in order to make it clear and to make it know we can reach it when we warn it and to make certain that our hands don’t just reach it but also strike it.

    Whoa..what a terrifying (not) sack of sh… screed…

    Someone should warn those Mujhis that o-hole won’t warn them when he decides to reach out and touch it. ;) Poof!!!

    The morning call to vaporization, the most beautiful odor on earth.

    • TexasStomp

      Hey Cornpone,

      talk’s cheap.

      AQ may just see this as a chance for a publicity bump. But either way, I’m not bettin the rent money on obama doing one thing.

      This could also be the administration via media planting a story to “justify” NSA spying and “startle the sheep” into backing down.

      Either way…it’s Arizona. obama could give a rip. They provoked him in his first year, dared to defy him and to my knowledge he’s still suing them for over a couple of things. He won’t even finish the dam fence.

      • crusader2010

        Here in Arizona as with Texas we don’t need the Muslim-in-chief. We will take care of our own.

  • cathy


    Al Qaeda threatening to start wildfires in US
    Thursday, May 03, 2012

    WASHINGTON (KABC) — Al Qaeda terrorists are calling on followers to ignite wildfires in the U.S., which could make California a target.

    Californians have seen their share of devastating wildfires, some large enough to wipe out whole neighborhoods in a matter of minutes. It is the kind of destruction terrorists are now hoping to take advantage of. An al Qaeda-linked website is now calling on extremists to set fires in remote areas.

    The websites even provide instructions on how to make fire bombs and
    firefighters are taking it seriously.

    “It does not seem all that farfetched. A wildfire moves quite quickly and can
    inflict damage, and if people have that intent, it’s very frightening,” said
    Battalion chief Julie Hutchinson with the California Fire Department.

    The instructions to extremists come from Inspire, al Qaeda’s online publication which was started by American-born al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki. Al-Awlaki was killed by a U.S. missile strike in September, but the publication is still being produced.

  • Mac Gregor

    When Bin Laden was killed they uncovered a detailed campaign for starting fires throughout the West.
    Economic Warfare Institute at American Center for Democracy: