Algeria Hostage Takers Were Also Involved In Benghazi Attack

Isn’t the Arab Spring great. But at least they’re dead now, thanks to the Algerian government, doing the work that Obama won’t do.

Several Egyptian members of the squad of militants that lay bloody siege to an Algerian gas complex last week also took part in the deadly attack on the United States Mission in Libya in September, a senior Algerian official said Tuesday.

The Egyptians involved in both attacks were killed by Algerian forces during the four-day ordeal that ended in the deaths of at least 38 hostages and 29 kidnappers, the official said. But three of the militants were captured alive, and one of them described the Egyptians’ role in both assaults under interrogation by the Algerian security services, the official said.

If confirmed, the link between two of the most brazen assaults in recent memory would reinforce the transborder character of the jihadist groups now striking across the Sahara.

But Obama is obstructing France’s intervention in Mali and his spokesmen are babbling about needing a clearer picture.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is scheduled to testify before Congress on Wednesday about the Libyan attack that killed the American ambassador and three staff members, raised the specter of regional cooperation among extremists soon after the mission in Benghazi was overrun.

In particular, she said the Islamist militant takeover of northern Mali had created a “safe haven” for terrorists to “extend their reach” and work with other extremists in North Africa, “as we tragically saw in Benghazi,” though she offered no clear evidence of such ties.

That means two things

1. Hillary Clinton already knows this

2. Obama Inc. is so far left that Hillary Clinton is its hawk. And now that she’s leaving, it’s going to be an Obama-Kerry-Hagel appeasement party.

Instead, he focused on the chaos unleashed by the recent uprisings throughout the region, leaving large ungoverned areas where extremists can flourish.

“This is the result of the Arab Spring,” said the official said, who spoke on condition of anonymity because investigations into the hostage crisis were still under way. “I hope the Americans are conscious of this.”

No, the Americans are not conscious of this. America is being ruled by people who are as unconscious of this as if they were in a coma.