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Allen West at CPAC: “There’s No Shortage of People Telling Us We Must Change Our Values to Fit the Times”

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On March 14, 2013 @ 4:27 pm In The Point | 46 Comments

(video via Vlad Tepes [1])

“I’ll give it to you straight. Last November we did take one on the jaw, but this movement, this fight is not determined by the punches that we take. We’re defined by how quickly we pull ourselves off the mat and our perseverance.

There’s no shortage of people telling us what Conservatism cannot accomplish. What we can’t do, how we cannot connect, how we must change our values to fit the times.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to tell you that that truly is a bunch of malarkey. Last time I checked a bended knee is not and nor shall it ever be a conservative tradition.”

When British tyranny besieged our colonies, we survived. When flames danced from the White House windows in 1812, we endured. When the Union split itself into two, almost perishing from this earth, we rebuilt. When the soup lines of the depression stretched down shuttered city blocks, we recovered. When an unstoppable Nazi regime and war machine threatened to extinguish the light of free nations, we triumphed. And ladies and gentlemen, when Barack Obama packs his bags and beats a hasty retreat back to Chicago, we will persevere.

Allen West may no longer be in office, but he is still the most inspiring Republican politician out there. And the CPAC speech, the best one to come out of CPAC, reminds us why.

West reminds us of what was lacking in the last election. Leadership. We have plenty of political saviors telling us how to evolve and where to evolve to. (Will we evolve on immigration, on gay marriage, on the war on terror?) We have no shortage of people eager to convince us that some aspect of conservatism is as dead as a doornail. We have publicity stunters and aspiring presidents who couldn’t win an election outside their own safe territory. And then we have Allen West who actually knows how to fight.

Allen West knows how to fight outside the safe territory of safe interviews to conservative media. He knows how to fight back when he’s attacked, instead of putting on a smile and hoping not to be hated. Allen West knows that life is a battlefield and that winning is done with principles, not by retreating to the left in the hopes of being liked.

And West, unlike everyone the Republican establishment and media are pushing forward, understands that we are in a life and death struggle with Islamic terrorism as well as the left.

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