American Muslim Brotherhood Member is New Syrian Prime Minister

America and Europe have served as safe havens for a generation of Islamists looking to take over their own countries. Iranian Islamists like Khomeini hung out in Paris. Arab Islamists hung out in the United States.

If you loved Morsi, meet Ghassan Hitto, the choice of the rebels to be the Prime Minister of an imaginary government. Hitto was no doubt chosen for his American background and his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Just last year Ghassan Hitto was an IT executive in Dallas whose focus was probably lines of code or how to deliver a project on time. But today he was giving a speech in Istanbul in which he insisted his new priority was to utilise “all conceivable means” to topple President Bashar al-Assad and provide desperately-needed aid to the beleaguered people of Syria.

He was voted in by 35 of the 49 coalition members who cast ballots, but another 15 members were not present – with several walking out in protest at Mr Hitto’s perceived links to the Muslim Brotherhood and its backers in Qatar.

Alongside the legitimacy issues caused by the expatriate nature of the opposition, the coalition has also been beset by divisions between Islamists and liberal members, and Mr Hitto’s election was no different. And despite being touted as a “consensus candidate” that could unite both sides, former Syrian National Council head Burhan Ghalioun and prominent dissidents Walid al Bunni and Kamal al-Labwani were among those who abstained from the vote.

Mr al-Labwani told The Independent that outnumbered liberals could do little to get their voices heard and said he planned to resign from the coalition.

“The government is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Qatar government,” Mr al-Labwani said. “We will be against this government and will not give it legality. Democracy is from the land and from the people not from a council that is composed by the government of Qatar.”

Known for being religiously pious, Mr Hitto had been an active member of the Muslim community in the US. He headed the board of the largest Islamic school in the country and was also a board member of the local chapter of the Muslim American Society, according to friends. The society was set up by the Muslim Brotherhood but now downplays its links to the organisation.

Dallas-based security adviser Mohamed Elibiary, who has known Mr Hitto for the past 10-years described him as “more of an intellectual Islamic activist than a rank and file Islamist type”. “He is broadly respected amongst various segments of the Muslim community including by Muslim Brotherhood members,” he said, adding that he was a “consummate hard negotiating diplomat.”

Mohamed Elibiary is not exactly the guy you want to be defending your credibility, but at least some of the Brotherhood’s stooges are coming out of the closet now that it’s time for them to take power.

  • Arlie

    If they would all leave America and go home…give up jihad for the sake of peace and Israel was safe…what a wonderful would it could be. But, no they are all over the globe with their jihad supremacy attitude and killing.

    • The Mirror

      Middle Eastern version of the above comment …..if they (Americans) all left middle east and Muslim countries ; stopped murdering Muslims for oil and domination; stopped supporting Israel, what a wonderful world that would be. But they (USA) got their bases setup everywhere with their "World Policeman" attitude and killing.

  • AdinaK

    This should have been the expected result, at least to those paying attention. The Brotherhood Mafia has been DEEPLY embedded within America for decades. This is a recurrent theme at my blog, and it is not an exercise in futility. I have been involved with this subject, ever since my efforts on behalf of the HolyLand trial, THAT trial, which housed Brotherhood Mafia/Al Qaeda offshoots at 555 Grove Street, in the suburbs of Herndon, Virginia.

    The fact that the Islamist-in-Chief is tied at their hip gives them the impetus to go for broke. And Benghazigate was designed for just this result, the empowerment of a Brotherhood leader in Syria, just like in Egypt and beyond –

    This is the Brotherhood's overall American plan –

    Adina kutnicki, Israel

  • Elishawah

    Keep not thy silence,O' GOD:hold not thy peace,and be not still,O GOD;for, lo, thou enemies has made a confederatcy.They that hate thee have lifted up the head.they have taken crafty counsel against your choosen ones and against there constitution,bill of rights and laws:they have lifted up the banner that will rule the world with sharia law.they have encircled the only light of hope in the middle east"ISRAEL" is surrounded.set a watchman on the wall for lo.the smell of war is in the air.

  • Ar'nun

    The Brotherhood now controls Egypt, Israel's Southern neighbor. They own Libya, which has coastal access to Israel's Western Coast. And they soon will have Syria under their diabolical control to Israel's North, while Lebanon is controled by Hezzbollah.

    Seeing this, and President Obama's map that practically gives Hamas complete control of Israel's Eastern border, we can easily see the plan coming together.

    Libya will send ship loads of Muslim Brother hood Militants across the Mediterranian and stage them in Gaza. Egypt along with the tanks and Jets Obama gave them will move across the Sinai. While the Syrian militants will move through the Golan Heights. And of course the PA militants and Hamaas will push West throught the West Bank.

    Meanwhile Iran distracts everyone with a Nuclear arms race. Weather Iran is ever successful will determine what role in this they will play. Either they will sit back and use it to help their brothers as a last resort, or they will use their nuclear capabilities in order to scare the US and other allies from getting involved.

    And Obama's plan for the 2nd Shoah is complete.

  • localnet

    How many of these sleepers are in our country? They are not all would be dictators… Where there are dictators there are soldiers. Just making an observation.