American Professor Who Hates America Stabbed in Cairo by Muslim Who Also Hates America

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Sometimes poetic justice is very poetic. Other times it’s ironic. And sometimes it’s a teachable moment about the folly of appeasement.

Not that Dr. Christopher Stone will have learned anything from his experience. Leftist academics are not very educable. Not even when their Muslim teachers are stabbing them in the neck. (via Debbie Schlussel)

A man stabbed in the neck near the US Embassy in Cairo on Thursday has been identified as Chris Stone, an American academic. Stone is associate professor of Arabic and head of the Arabic Programme at City University.

Lebanese political science professor Asaad Abu Khalil described Stone via Facebook as a “model academic and a man who has dealt with Arabs and their causes with extreme respect, sensitivity, and support.” Stone is a strong supporter of the Palestinian cause and writes frequently against Zionism, Khalil added.

According to Al-Ahram, Stone told prosecutors the attack took place while he was on his way to the US Embassy to finish some paperwork for his wife. A young man enquired about his nationality and stabbed him in the neck after he said he was American.

Just in case there was any doubt whatsoever about the motive, Mahmoud Badr, the stabber, who has a bachelor’s degree in commerce, clarified his motive…

The man who stabbed an American in Cairo on Thursday says he was motivated by a hatred of the United States.

Ironically, hating the United States was something that Mahmoud had in common with Christopher. When invited to a seven year old’s Israel themed birthday party, Stone declined by asserting that he didn’t just hate Israel… he also hated America, writing…

“If she had invited me to a party celebrating the US I suspect my response would have been the same. This is not ONLY because of the odious behavior of the US and Israeli governments, but also because of the destruction wrought in the name of nationalism in general.”

So presumably Christopher Stone didn’t do Fourth of July parties. He did however sign a petition demanding that the NYPD commissioner step down for fighting Muslim terrorism. And wrote angry letters to the paper about the Zionist Entity.

Gaza is a virtual prison, and the West Bank is on its way to being chopped up into apartheid-like cantons…

Mr. Morris says the Iranian president’s denial of the existence of homosexuality in Iran ”underscore[s] his irrationality.” State denial of facts was not invented by Iran. Does not Israel’s denial of its own state terrorism underscore its irrationality?

Speaking of irrationality, Stone imagined that he could parade around a newly Islamist Egypt protected only by his hatred of the Great and Little Satan.

He was mistaken.

Muslim violence doesn’t just hurt the “bad” Americans who watch 4th of July fireworks and like the Constitution. It also hurts good Americans who teach Arabic and hate America.

Back in the day, Muslims had special clothing for Dhimmis to wear to signify their acceptance of second class status under Islamic supremacism. Stone though that his Keffiyah did the trick. Next time he’ll know better.

  • rog805

    I'm afraid you are mistaken, there is one regime the US has set up. Remember Komani was put in power by our own Jimmy (peanut) Carter.

  • Jewpoet

    GAG!!! Hahahahaha eating his own words :)

  • ozzyfightback

    It took me 15 min to stop laughing to write this….

  • christina

    Being an American means you have the freedom to believe what you believe, say what you want to say (even the vitriol being spewed on this comments section) and live the way you want to live. Chris Stone is an up-standing American citizen who is also a humanitarian. He has lived abroad among a variety of people and appreciated and understood the struggles of Arabs and Muslims, generally very unfair portrayals. I am willing to bet that most of the people who have commented on how he deserved this and that the perpetrator should have succeeded also count yourselves as patriotic. As an American without religious beliefs, I uphold the importance of humanity and the worth of individuals, regardless of race, religion, gender and sexual orientation; I hoped that others Americans regarded similarly. I really can’t believe some of the narrow-minded and lemmings-like statements that most of you have made. It really shames the people of this wonderfully diverse nation — a real shame indeed.

  • Marti

    How, in the world, do people come up with such hatred for Jews? It's so against any rational thought. No people have been so decimated and so maligned as the Jews. Their land (country) is about the size of New Jersey. They have to protect themselves from attacks because their neighbors bear such hatred.

  • muhammadabdo

    I'm an egyptian and i think the stabber was such criminal or robber who wanted to steal something from foreigner man, its not beyond politics or hatred to usa

  • wildman


  • Patryk

    I wonder if the good professor will imagine that it really was the Mossad, using special Jewish mind-control, that forced Mahmoud Badr to stab him in the neck.


    THERE IS THE HATRED FOR THE JEWISH people.. this idiot who hates America.. but is an American. well.. tell him to give up his citizenship.. Because people around the world would like to be Americans.. so If you hate America so .. DON'T COME BACK.. SIGN UP WITH ANOTHER COUNTRY.. AND DON'T COME BACK..

  • muslmsneedJesus

    I really want to know what this guy thinks now. I'm completely against islam. But I'm against any religion. All I'm concerned with is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I hope, that if this lib dies, that he accepts Jesus Christ into his heart before that happens. We really need to teach our children the true history of the CHRISTianity of our Founding Fathers (American Heritage Series DVD set works great) & teach the Holy Bible in our schools & especially in our homes. By doing this, we won't have to worry about unwarranted attacks such as 9/11 from occurring within our borders (See the Isaiah 9/10 Judgment DVD set based off the book: The Harbinger. The DVD set is 2 DVD's & the guy has all his proof filmed down to showing the news on t.v. to bring it home). May God bless all those who have Jesus Christ in their heart & reach out on a daily basis to family, friends, co-workers or even the stranger that they bump into.

  • Jason Neiman

    He is opposed to nationalist ideology on the grounds it leads to oppression, but is blind to the real threat posed by Islamist ideology. He is a classic example of someone who, to prove that he is "holier" than his neighbors, disparages them and opposes them at every turn, and sides with enemy to make himself feel special. His ideology is one of anti-ideology, and that is perhaps more dangerous than the external threat of Islamist terrorism.

  • Angela


  • Anita Skinner

    I have an idea, why not send all those like Professor Stone to the Muslim country of their choice and let them "feel the love" of those with whom they claim to feel a kinship in their hatred of America.

  • Ollie

    Silly silly columnist. You don’t have to be a left-winger to hate America, you just have to be someone who loves freedom. If you love freedom, America is your enemy.