Amnesty Background Check Prevents Law Enforcement From Deporting Criminals


What good is a background check that doesn’t actually penalize criminals? Like the rest of Amnesty 2013, it exists only to aid the Democratic Party’s culture of criminality.

Their concern is with a clause that would, during the background check process, prohibit immigration officials from forwarding criminal histories to law enforcement for deportation purposes.

“The idea is we are supposed to be weeding out the bad apples,” said Steven Camarota, of the Center for Immigration Studies. “But the big problem with the bill is it does not require those denied the amnesty to leave the country. In fact, a confidentiality provision in the bill prevents law enforcement from using information in the application to go find you.”

That means felons and fugitives — particularly those with three or more misdemeanors, who are not supposed to be eligible for legal status — can remain in the shadows, in the U.S. Critics also say the check is no more than a rubber stamp, with no personal interview, reference check or state-issued identification required.

“I don’t mean to be flip,” Center for Immigration Studies Executive Director Mark Krikorian told a Senate panel recently. “But this section could have been subheaded ‘no illegal alien left behind.’ The goal seems to be get amnesty for as many people possible.”

The background check, like the border security provision, is camouflage for the real goal of maximum amnesty.

Immigrant rights supporters argue people with small offenses on their record who are otherwise qualified to immigrate to the U.S. should not be excluded, and that those with children or spouses in the U.S. should not be sent home because of an old felony or gang affiliation.

Well sure. Why would we want to lower Chicago’s murder rate anyway?

So we’ve got a background check without the background check part that doesn’t lead to deportation for criminals. And the alternative to this amnesty, we are told by its advocates, is de-facto amnesty. I don’t know about you, but de facto amnesty, which costs 6.3 trillion dollars less and doesn’t offer criminals a sweetheart deal, is starting to look pretty good right now.

  • AdinaK

    Amnesty is meant to legalize those who will upend traditional America, a society which has an implied contract that law and order exists for the benefit of a healthy society. It is designed to empower those who are part of a subculture of deviant and criminal elements. For if this was not the case, why would its essence empower those who are dangerous to those who are law abiding? Exactly.

    And who but those who have zero respect for a law abiding society would behave this way? –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • tkellybal

    How is it possible, in a country so overwhelmingly opposed to illegal immigration (including most Democrats), that this issue is so disregarded by our elected officials? I can't think of anything in which the will of the people is so thoroughly ignored.

  • Roger

    Rubio was had. And his chief of staff that was employed by Soros was more successful then he could have possibly imagined.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Immigrant rights supporters argue people with small offenses on their record who are otherwise qualified to immigrate to the U.S. should not be excluded, and that those with children or spouses in the U.S. should not be sent home because of an old felony or gang affiliation."

    Nobody should be excluded. That would be racism. Everyone deserves to be happy. Why are conservative bloodsucking vampires opposed to happiness? I just don't get it.

  • Jeremy

    I don't how the racist photo (that headlines this article), which features a hollywood-produced stereotype of a mexican revolutionary from the turn-of-the-20th-century, which is entitled "crazy-mexican.jpg", has anything to do with present day immigration in America in the 21st century.

    Do you consider this serious journalism?

    Run it against your own guidelines and this photo demonstrates:

    1. Foul/racist visual language
    2. Off-topic imagery, irrelevant to the subject matter
    3. Ad hominem attacks that generalize immigrants as 1. Mexican and 2. Crazed mexican-revolutionaries from the turn of the 20th century
    4. A call to accuse all Mexican immigrants or Mexican-American citizens of being crazy revolutionaries who should be put in jail (someone should report author Daniel Greenfield to the authorities for such hateful and violent conspiracies)
    5. A false advertisement that all Mexicans are crazy revolutionaries
    6. A man named Daniel Greenfield who is attempting to impersonate an actual journalist

    But P.S., I'll bet you don't like being called out so you'll probably wimp out from allowing this comment to be publicly posted to reveal how racist, hateful and spiteful this article is

    • TruthJew


      You appear to be suffering from the delusions and disconnect from reality evident among many liberals, especially Jewish liberals.

      Mr. Greenfield's article above contains absolutely no racist language or racist photos, no ad hominem attacks against Mexicans, no accusations that all Mexicans are crazy or revolutionaries.

      Mr. Greenfield is a gifted, fine journalist who does not suffer from the mental disorders plaguing so many liberals.

      Let's start focusing our concerns on the mayhem, crime victims, diseases, and massive expenses being caused by the illegal aliens, as opposed to finding "racists" under every bed.

    • Judenlieber

      "We don't need no stinking Visas!"
      Relax Jeremy! Try some deep breathing exercises.

  • TruthJew

    Mr. Greenfield,

    As a victim of a drunk Mexican illegal alien criminal driver, I thank you for exposing the betrayal of this once great country by the evil leftist bosses of the Demo-rat Party.

    Liberal/leftist phonies like Jeremy above babble on and on about alleged racism against the criminal voting base of the Demo-rat Party, while totaling ignoring the countless American citizens victimized by the illegal alien criminals flooding into this once great country.

  • pl629

    Mr. Daniel Greenfield, I agree with your column but I find the picture you used racial and defines your prejudice toward Mexicans of this country. Trust me when I add, Hollywood stereotype has done more to spread hate toward Mexicans and lie about the Mexicans as who they really are. Please apologize, to many of American-Mexican have died in American wars for our freedom.

  • Jeremy

    Right, so I'm apparently a liberal, specifically a Jewish liberal (attempted ad hominem attack), because I think this article is trash? And the racism continues…

    Clearly I'm in the wrong place – I'm a staunch conservative who, after defeat in this last election, clearly sees that racism and bigotry is not helping our party.

    We need to win allies from the large Hispanic/immigrant voter-base, which we're definitely not going to do by alienating them with hateful and racist articles like these.

    But such intelligence and strategy is clearly misplaced in this forum. I'll find my news elsewhere, thank you.