Amnesty Bill Lets You Forge Two Passports Without Criminal Charges

This is another example of the blatant unfairness of the Republican immigration strategy. Two forged passports are only enough for two people. What about their DREAMER kids?

It’s this kind of blatant discrimination and unfeeling attitude that is going to make it impossible for Republicans to win the Latino vote in 2016.

On Capitol Hill on Wednesday, asked McCain, “Senator McCain, can I ask you a question about the Senate immigration bill? Under the bill, how many passports can someone forge before it becomes a crime?”

McCain said,  “You’re going to have to ask our folks that, I don’t think that we stand for any forgeries.” followed-up, “Can you tell me why that would be part of the bill in the first place?”

McCain answered, “ I cannot tell you that it is part of the bill.”

In the legislation that passed in the Senate, Section 1541 “Trafficking in Passports,” it explains in detail that a person can be charged for a crime if they forge “3 or more passports,” meaning that they potentially would not be charged if they falsely made only one or two passports.

So McCain has no real what’s in the bill that he just worked overtime getting through the Senate. Apparently the only people who know what is in the bill are its critics.


  • cathy

    Now we have Ted Cruz doing a Marc Rubio on a different piece of legislation that if passed will further an agenda of the Islamic appeasing/Marxist in the White House.


    Rand Paul, Ted Cruz Beef Up GOP Support for Military Sex-Assault Bill
    Jul 16, 2013

    Slap in the Face’ to the Military
    JUL 17, 2013

    • MarilynA

      Women knew what they were getting into when the demanded equal status in the military. If women can’t stand the heat they should stay out of the kitchen. If they attract that much attention they need to take some self defense courses. A fact of life that cannot be denied is that most men are obsessed with getting some. And Most women are obsessed with getting even.

  • herb benty

    If America allows in millions of people who have never paid a cent into the kitty, but will receive all the benefits…..well, if you think America is broke now. And then comes “family re-unification”, ( they did this to Canada), meaning ALL the relatives are allowed to come also, who also didn’t add a thing, again, this is madness- it is intended to be.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Interesting. Forging 1 or 2 passports is just fine. So they’re not “forged,” they’re DIY.

    No person can be called “illegal.” You bloodsucking vampires just want to dehumanize future Americans because you’re so selfish and stole all the wealth from the world already.

  • CowboyUp

    How many can you forge without criminal charges if you’re a citizen? I’ll put the farm on “none.”
    This just keeps getting worse every day. I hope there are primary challenges for Republicans supporting this nonsense.

  • Carlos SpicyWeener

    So third time is the charmer?