Amnesty International Protests Death Penalty for New Delhi Rapist\Murderers


The New Delhi rape\murder case was genuinely horrifying.

Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur, Pawan Gupta and Mukesh Sing were convicted Tuesday of raping the young woman for an hour, torturing her with an iron rod on a moving bus and then throwing her naked and bleeding onto the road.

The attack left her with such severe internal injuries that she died two weeks later.

“This has shocked the collective conscience of society,” Judge Yogesh Khanna told the attackers, adding the “courts could not turn a blind eye” to such crimes as he handed down the harshest sentence available.

Her family had earlier said their daughter’s dying wish was for her attackers to be “burned alive.”

The Associated Press reported that they will be hanged.

Who could object to that? Amnesty International

Far-reaching procedural and institutional reform, and not the death penalty, is what is needed to tackle the endemic problem of violence against women in the country, Amnesty International India said on Friday opposing the death sentence awarded by a Delhi court to the four convicts in the December 2012 case of gang rape and murder of a physiotherapy student.

It was a “horrific crime and our deepest sympathy goes out to the victim’s family. Those responsible must be punished, but the death penalty is never the answer,” said Director Tara Rao.

“Sending these four men to the gallows will accomplish nothing except short-term revenge. While the widespread anger over this case is understandable, authorities must avoid using the death penalty as a ‘quick-fix’ solution.”

Actually it’s long term justice. There is no fix for evil except that a society demonstrate that some things it will simply not tolerate. Amnesty International stands for the exact opposite of that. It stands for tolerance of evil.

  • Larry Larkin

    For murdering rapists the death penalty should ALWAYS be the answer.

    • CaoMoo

      I’ll second that. 12 guage to the back of the head in a room with a large open drain that empties into a furnace. Humane… no pain, cheaper than the injection, and it cleans itself.

      • Gee

        Nope – hang them and do not tie their hands. No blood to clean and the rope wouldn’t break with a 10 centimeter drop

  • LindaRivera


    Every rape is a kidnapping. In the Bible, our MERCIFUL God gave the death sentence for kidnapping. The death sentence is to prevent the filthy demonic kidnapper/rapist from kidnapping/raping more victims.

    After the death sentence is carried out, God on the Day of Judgment will give the proper eternal punishment the dirty predators deserve.

    • UCSPanther

      Especially for those monsters…

  • Raymond_in_DC

    “Sending these four men to the gallows will accomplish nothing except short-term revenge.”

    Actually, execution: 1) sends a message that such behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated; and 2) makes certain these four animals (no offense to animals) can never commit such vile acts again.

    • Smoking Hamster

      I think the death penalty is extremely appropriate for the worst crimes.

      They can never commit those acts again which is especially important with a country like India with such a corrupt judicial system.

      Actually, the judicial system in some blue states is so corrupt that the death penalty is necessary to prevent people from getting out on parole. Honestly, when guilt is so obvious, why refuse? Remember the lesson of Willie Horton.

      • Gee

        All murderers should be executed period. Then they won’t do it again.

        All rapists should be executed – same reason.

        All child molesters should be executed – same reason.

  • Thomas

    waste of taxpayers money for keeping them alive

  • Tan

    “It stands for tolerance of evil.”

    Right on Greenfield. And as Pamela Geller once said, “Tolerance when applied to evil is a crime.” Whenever I see a “civil rights” organization telling the justice system to go easy on rapists and other heinous criminals, I see that as a slippery-slope for opportunities for criminals not only to have lesser punishment but also for opportunities to get them released back into society. I also see this kind of radical behavior as a form of collaboration with enemies (which is what it is). Amnesty International is guilty for all of its wrong doings whether it be their defense for these murderers or their bias against the only free country in the Middle East: Israel.

    Beware of false prophets and false teachers. Look at their fruit. That is what the Bible says in the Book of Matthew.

  • Justified

    Deep sympathy alone is not good enough by Amneasty International Director Tara Rao. If all criminals are let to languish in jails until they die of natural death, then tens of millions of convicts will occupy the jails, and more and more high tech security prisons are needed to be built. Good tax-payers money needed to feed, keep them medically fit, provide bedding and blankets, clothing, TV, reading pleasure, water to bathe and drink, talk and laugh in jails, etc., while many millions of poor innocent children, women and men, suffer without proper food and shelter in India. The would be billions of dollars needed to sustain these criminasl can laso be used to pay compensation to lessen the sufferings of the victims dependents and loved ones. Director Tara Rao does not seem to vision the hurt and pain gone through by the loved ones, ‘Soldiers go to war and get killed for not a crime commited by them, but Amnesty wants RAPISTS and murderers who kill their own people to laugh it out in jails’. WHAT A JOKE. Sending rapists and criminals, even corrupters to the gallows will understadably slowly but surely do a long term justice to India, to lessen the prevailing rapes, crimes and other evils. God Bless India.

  • j

    i ask imprisonment for life to rapist, not death sentence.

    • owl

      so, if you will be raped, will be beaten by rod till death– dont forget to remember what you were thinking !

  • jiho

    i ask education ministry of india to educate juvenile rapist until he know right to life and body and other basic rights of people.

    and i ask judge of india to imprison rapist for life.

    and i ask government of india to give a basic education to people about right to life and body and other basic rights of people.

    and i ask government of india to end capital punishment.

    i hope people to prevent rape at india.

  • wango

    hope tara rao of amnesty is raped and bled till she wants the death penalty; wango

    • J. C.

      You are sick! She is just wrong!

  • madan popuri

    I think that Amnesty doesn’t know the gravity of the crime, because of which they want the rapists to be set free to rape another Jyoti.

  • Niloufer Nishaan

    So the rapists torture the victim , tear up her insides with an iron rod , penetrates her vagina with a spike ,beats her up and her friend – you must be inhuman to not be able to estimate the amount of pain and suffering the victim went through. How is death punishment an ideal punishment for a crime of such proportions ? The rapist gets off easy – just suffer suffocation – they wouldnt have to feel an ounce of the pain the victim had to endure . Do not be mistaken – I DO NOT BELIEVE that violence is the answer for more violence or the solution even. This is a quick fix method to calm the furious crowds down. But is the scenario really changing ? Many cases go unreported. How many rapists is the country hanging ? How is the balance ever getting equal ? The mentality needs to change – the oppression needs to reduce , for all we know rape might just be a venting/revenge mechanism – a war b/w the haves and the have -nots – it can have many many underlying causes.

  • jiho

    hope to end death penalty at India. in this case, court can imprison for life to offender, not death penalty. hope basic rights of human including life, freedom of speech and expression, free to move and others. Thank you.