Amnesty to Suspend Immigration Enforcement for 2.5 Years


In the larger sense it suspends immigration enforcement permanently, but in the practical sense, we get a state of lawlessness for 2.5 years.

A provision in the “Gang of Eight” bill would amount to a 2.5-year-long law enforcement holiday, during which time law enforcement will be forced to suspend deportation efforts against criminal illegal aliens and allow them to apply for legalization.

What that means is that while illegal immigrants “come out of the shadows,” as Gang of Eight members like to say, and fill out their applications for legalization or amnesty, enforcement of America’s interior immigration laws will be suspended completely. Essentially, the bill’s provisions create a few-year-long period of suspeneded immigration enforcement immigration while illegal aliens apply for legalization.

What could possibly go wrong from introducing a state of lawlessness while claiming to be fixing a broken immigration system by breaking in ten times as much?

“As both ICE and USCIS officers have warned us, this legislation will hamstring enforcement and provide immediate safe harbor to dangerous individuals.”

You can move a whole lot of drugs in 2.5 years.

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    So what is the betting money now that this legislation will disenfranchise blocks giving their jobs to immigrants and how much civil unrest will there be by 2014?

    Saying this legislation will make things better is a fools dream – unless “civil unrest” is the new definition of “better”.

    • Patriot

      I think that’s the reality… Unfortunately!

  • GSR

    All about creating a new class of peasants, ready-made for social spending programs that the lib/left/Democrats like to create.
    I still think this bill will die in the House. Hoping anyway.

    • Patriot

      My good GOD…. I sure hope so!

  • D. Francis Marks

    That leaves an open door for terrorists to enter our country, defeating even having borders in the first place.

    • Patriot

      Google ” George soros” find out about what this evil guy is trying to do.

  • DosDim

    Everybody who disagrees with this part of the Immigration (amnesty) Bill, please contact someone in the House of Representatives by phone, E mail, fax or snailmail that you oppose this amnesty provision. Please don’t think that it is offensive to you they will feel the same. They need to know!

    Once the House writes a companion bill to the one frpm the Senate, then the 2 bills must be “reconciled” into one final bill. Please make sure that Amnesty for 2
    5 years is non negotiable.

    • Patriot

      I have been in constant contact with ALL my reps!
      I live in Az. Paul Gosar is fighting what mclame, and flakey
      are trying to pull over our eyes! I’m on this crap daily!
      I pass conservative news to all my emailers. and try to make
      ” sheeple” understand….. Usually falls on deaf ears! Once it’s done
      We’re screwed!

  • Madfoxx

    There will be a lot of these illegals that will not want amnesty, they will not want to pay the fines and taxes, so there will still be millions of illegals in “the shadows” with no enforcement to rid the nation of them. How dumb do the morons think we are?

  • Patriot

    How asssanine!