Another Day, Another Letter by American Jewish Leftists Pressuring Netanyahu

The Israel Policy Forum has a letterhead and a whole bunch of money and it is once again putting them to good use with a letter demanding that Israel make “painful territorial sacrifices for the sake of peace”.

I don’t know where the 100 signers have been, but Israel has been making painful territorial sacrifices for the sake of peace for a while now and the peace hasn’t shown up.

And who exactly is Israel supposed to make peace with? Hamas or the long unelected Fatah government which would lose any election to Hamas and insists that its policies are the same as those of Hamas?

The IPF letter is short on actual policies and long on praise for Obama. It’s ambiguous enough to maximize the list of signers, but the list mainly consists of the same lefty J Street types like Rick Jacobs and bland establishment figures like Charles Bronfman.

If you stopped the average American Jew on the street, the odds are bad that he would be able to recognize even one in ten of the names on the list.

IPF and the letter’s proponents are touting Dov Zakheim’s presence on the list, but while Zakheim was a Mitt Romney adviser, his views on Israel these days are in line with the left. His last Foreign Policy blog post gushed all over Obama’s visit to Israel and included this;

“Now comes the hard part. Obama’s soaring speeches tend to fall flatly to earth when he attempts to implement them. He needs to exploit Bibi Netanyahu’s political vulnerability to a cabinet that was not of his choosing and pressure the Israeli prime minister to negotiate with the Palestinians in good faith.”

If IPF’s big pro-Israel “get” is Zakheim, then its credentials really need work. The Israel Policy Forum was always anti-Israel. It still is anti-Israel. It may be trying to buy legitimacy with hedge fund money, but it’s still the same rotten creature underneath.

  • Elliott

    The IPF, irrationally, requests that Israel make concessions, in order to 'get the peace-process' back on track, or some similar meaningless drivel.
    To the IPF and the signers of this infamous and dangerous, anti-Israel letter: THERE IS NO PEACE PROCESS.
    There can't be a Peace Process, because the PA's Charter (and that of HAMAS) doesn't allow it.
    Both these Charters call for the destruction of Israel.
    By the way, here is a list of all the concessions the palestinians have made since 1993.

    Shabbat Shalom, Elliott

  • Ar'nun

    "We urge you, in particular, to work closely with Secretary of State John Kerry to devise pragmatic initiatives,"

    LOL!!!! John Kerry and "pragmatic" in the same sentence!!! No wonder these people think they are Jewish. They also think of John Kerry as a pragmatist. This whole thing is just one more bit of evidence the Liberals actually do live in an alternate universe where up is down, right is wrong, and Judaism is an ethnicity, and calling for Israel's destruction is good for the Jewish people.

  • BS77

    Leftist-liberalism is a mental disorder (Michael Savage)…..Liberalism makes seemingly intelligent people FOOLS. there is some kind of delusional wishfulness in liberalism….kind of a hope that terrorists and rocket firing thugs will be placated by scraps of paper (agreements), appeasement, surrendering land, making payments etc etc……all terrible delusions.

    • EarlyBird

      If right wing Israelis believe Israel's Palestinian enemies are simply intractable, and that there could never be peaceful co-existence with them, then Israel had better get on with the Zionist dream of purging the disputed territories of millions of Arabs, now.

      • gee59

        Sounds like a good idea and completely in line with international law

  • Larry S

    I wouldn't comment on the motives of the 100 signers of the letter. I do know that the agenda of a fair number of Arabs I've spoken with proceeds along these lines:

    1) Israel should pull back to the 1967 border;

    2) Israel should pull back to the 1948 border;

    3) Israel should cease to exist.

  • AdinaK

    To be sure, leftist dogma is the same world over, but Jewish leftists are a breed apart –

    And when dealing with rich and influential "peace" brigades, watch out –

    They are relentless, but they must be pushed back!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • EarlyBird

    Israel is damned if it does, and damned if it doesn't, "make peace" with Palestinians.

    When Israel has made concessions, Hamas has used them as an opening for more violence.

    Israel can't simply continue with the status quo as Palestinians out-populate them nearly two fold, and Arabs will be the majority in the next few decades.

    And if Israel goes forward with the extremist Zionist dream of purging the disputed territories by force, it will be the end of Israel as we know it.

    The only real chance at peace is to ensure the Palestinians have something to lose by constant warfare. If only their Arab "brothers," many of which are swimming in oil money, could help them build a functioning, thriving, de facto Palestinian state, the Pals would then have something to lose when their Hamas masters decide on another intifadah.

  • marios

    EarlyBird is so naive. "If only their Arab "brothers," many of which are swimming in oil money, could help them build a functioning, thriving, de facto Palestinian state" Invented people "Palestinians" were invented for only one goal: Israel destruction. That is why Arabs countries whose leaders ordered Arabs of Palestine left their houses and escape in 1948 did not accept them and grant them citizenship. Those 22 Arabs country treated those "Palestinians" as second sort of people, "Palestinians" deprived there by basis human rights: no work, no education for their children, no medical help, etc. They are hostages there.

  • marios

    Hungry people much easier can be convinced to be martyrs to blow up themselves with as many innocent, civilian Jews , including kids, as possible. Jewish leftists are black sheeps useful idiots: they are corrupted, greedy cowardices on their leftists in Power payroll, or on islamo-Nazis payroll. they are small % of all Jews but harm they make is non-proportionally high. Recently 3 leftists women supported Hamas were raped by Muslims. Couple year ago Italian pro-Palestinian leftist living years in PA was killed by some Palestinians, by Muslims as he was infidel . Leftists Jews expect another fate because they have mental disorder problem.

  • michaelharris99

    As a committed Jew, I am baffled by the blind analysis of the New York Times/Jewish left. I ask my kids why? I never get a rational answer.