Another Obama Federal Judge Forces NYPD to Open Files to Terrorists


This is what the Daily News wrote before Obama judge,  Pamela Chen ruled for the terrorists.

In Brooklyn Federal Court, a group of local Muslims has asked Judge Pamela Chen to open virtually every document in the files of the NYPD Intelligence Division to inspection on the claim that the cops have singled out members of their faith for undue investigation.

They are on a dangerous fishing expedition that could reveal how the division goes about business while also disclosing potential investigative targets and sources of information. Reverse-engineer the information and you’ve got a how-to-strike-New York training manual. Chen must shut them down.

Three Muslim men and three Muslim groups have accused the NYPD of violating their constitutional rights by taking an interest in their activities based solely on religion, while showing no equivalent interest in members of different faiths.

Adding to the insanity, the NYPD has clearly explained why cops took an interest in the plaintiffs. For example, cops looked at individuals associated with Brooklyn’s Masjid At Taqwa mosque “based upon information about their lengthy history of suspected criminal activity, some of it terroristic in nature,” including “illegal weapons trafficking . . . allegations that the mosque ran a ‘gun club’ and allegations that the assistant imam had earmarked portions of over $200,000 raised in the mosque to a number of U.S. government-designated terrorist organizations.”

Opening Intelligence Division files to anyone would be foolhardy in the extreme. Chen must bar these plaintiffs from rummaging through necessarily confidential documents in a case that appears primarily aimed at achieving just that end.

Except Judge Pamela Chen, an Obama appointee, did the exact opposite. Which is exactly what you would expect an Obama judge to do.

In order to tailor the request to specific information necessary to Plaintiffs’ claims and to minimize the potential burden on Defendants, the Court narrows the request as follows:

Request #4 Intelligence Division documents containing operational directives, presentations, memoranda, strategy initiatives, training procedures, and policies, concerning any of the following as a basis for, or a factor considered in, deciding to engage in Surveillance or Investigations:

a. Islam, its adherents, or its schools of thought, including but not limited to Salafis or Salafism;

b. Non-Islamic religions, their adherents, or their schools of thought with any alleged link or connection to terrorism;

Chen didn’t grant all their requests, but many of those requests were unserious to begin with. They would have allowed a complete rifling of all the NYPD’s files. Many of them didn’t exist. And it’s possible that at least some of the requests were about establishing just that as a way of gauging the NYPD’s intelligence capabilities.

  • kilfincelt

    At one point someone wrote a piece for the WH website that complained that Obama couldn’t get his nominees for various judicial positions approved and requested public assistance in getting his appointees through Congress. I wrote back that he could get his appointees through if the ones that he nominated weren’t so left of center. Of course, I never heard back although I, occasionally, get e-mails from the WH just because they now have my e-mail address. Unfortunately, this judge fits the standard mold of an Obama appointee.

  • Ed FDNYRetiree

    Because Mooslims ARE extreme, and Islam IS extreme, and both are the most dangerous and vile entities on the planet.

    The sooner Americans and the world understand that MOOSLIMS AND ISLAM want to destroy everything NOT Mooslim and Islam, the better the chance the world has to survive.

  • SoCalMike

    Democrats don’t feel right if they don’t help jihadis the same way they didn’t feel right if they weren’t morally and materially equivocating between thr USA and the USSR during the Cold War.
    History repeats!

    • Thomas Viveiros

      That is because the voters have installed a no good lazy smelly commie muzzie to run things as crazy as it sounds but I expect that from the communist scumbag DemocRATs as they are more of a danger to this once proud Republic as is Al Qaida . The proof is in the putting

  • Thomas Viveiros

    The NYPD intel gathered would give the terrorists here a huge win in hiding they terrorist work from the Police . OF course a scumbag commie skank Hussein OwebaMaobot judge will make this happen. Deport her back to Commie China who she probably works for .

  • ziggy zoggy

    The cops won’t turn over the files no matter what an America hating lunatic like Chen decrees. Ha ha.

    And did anybody else notice something odd about Chen and the two hatchet faced harridans sitting behind her? Is every single one of Obama’s female appointees an angry, misandrist lesbian? Seriously. Chen, Kathleen Sebelius, Lois Lerner, Samantha Power, Elana Kagan, Valerie Jarret, et al. Is being a man hating lesbian a prerequisite? Istn’t enough to just hate America and capitalism. They all have a female supremacist axe to grind. Too bad for them it looks like they were ground on their faces.

  • LogicNotHuff

    Bible says that those that act against Israel will have the servants takeover and make a spoils of the place [Zechariah 2:7-9]. The USA has extorted Israel starting in the 90’s with Clinton to give land to the PLO terrorists. With Obama’s innate Satanic nature, there is no telling how awful measures he is using to extort Israel; we know he regularly betrays their intelligence (see a pattern here?), but we know it is really really bad. So the USA has had the children of the servants takeover and they are plundering the USA, where they trash and vandalize national resource and wealth for a return of aiding their buddies, the enemies of the United States and of pennies on the dollar for gains for their fellow government dependents. Bible also says that the nation that sacrifices its sons and daughters (abortion) will be ruled by heathen [Psalm 106]. We are there, America. Bible also says that those who try to split the land of God’s Chosen People, The Jews, will have their land split, and the United States is on the verge of fracture. We are there America. We are being plundered by the children of the servants and are ruled by Muslim heathen and are about to be fractured. Turn to Jesus.

  • davienne

    cuz pisslam is a nation of peace, right ?… and muzscum are so noble…

  • lou hodges

    As a corporate paralegal, the NYPD has a claim of privilege on all their internal documents. I’ve seen corporations fight for 6 months about privilege. There are so many aspects to privilege, any decent corporate lawyer could tie up that case forever. Sounds like NYPD is being set up by their lawyers, who aren’t going to present a defense. That’s fairly common as well. Sounds to me as if the lawyers are in bed with the Muslims.

    • lou hodges

      I’m going to expand a little. In order for a plaintiff to get privileged documents, they have to prove a clear and pressing case that the documents are imperative to their case, and they can’t have all the documents they want. The Court can examine line by line. Since they seem to be pushing this case thru, I suspect the NYPD legal team is working with the Muslim lawyers, trying to swamp the Police commissioner. This is a “Rambo” tactic that is outlawed on the Denver Federal District, but allowed in most Federal Courts. This is the reason that Harry Reid removed the filibuster for Federal judge nominations. They are trying to stack the Federal courts, so when you come running about civil rights violations and the 2nd Amendment, these guys will dismiss your case. The Federal courts are already compromised, especially the AZ District and the 9th Circuit in San Francisco, commie central. They are stacking the courts with communist judges like Chen.