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Anthony “Huma” Weiner Preparing to Run for Mayor

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On April 10, 2013 @ 11:27 am In The Point | 24 Comments


Once upon a time, Weiner was a shoe-in to be the next mayor of New York City. But then he took a bit of a fall. And now the creepy couple of Huma and Anthony are plotting a comeback in celebrity profile style.

The New York Times Mag cover story is titled Huma and Anthony. The emphasis is Huma to act as the beard, even if some have speculated that Weiner is her beard. They’re just ordinary people. Weiner protects Huma against the Muslim Brotherhood links and lesbian rumors and Huma Abedin protects him against the whole out-of-control Twitter problem.

If Weiner pushes ahead, he will be going into a primary against the front-running lesbian, Christine Quinn,  Bill de Blasio [2], who is slightly to the left of Joseph Stalin [3], and John Liu, who may be an agent of Communist China and may be headed to jail over campaign finance fraud– the investigation is still running.

This entire mess gives you some idea of why Weiner may have a shot. Sure he messed around on Twitter, but the alternative is a woman who claims to be a 100 percent lesbian… and is accepted by most people because she seems reasonably competent.

Most of the bloggers writing angry pieces about Bloomberg don’t understand that he won 3 terms because the alternatives were so much worse. The Bloomberg effect is why Weiner may have a shot. Sure he’s bad, but it keeps Bill be Blasio from declaring the People’s Republic of Manhattazlan and prevents John Liu from putting the entire treasury into a briefcase and flying off to Dubai.

So Weiner is reinventing himself as a family man. As another Bill Clinton who screwed up but now his marriage is fixed. And you can’t count him out.

His advantages include being the best known candidate in the race and the one who has been piling up cash for a while. And his connections to the Clinton Mafia certainly don’t hurt. The Clintons have built up a power base in New York City and they reward loyalty and accept transgression. And after all that, the Democratic Party may believe that Weiner is the best choice to ward off a possible Ray Kelly run on the Republican line that is almost certain to squash a De Blasio or a Liu. And even Joe Lhota, with Giuliani campaigning for him non-stop, might be able to mount a formidable challenge.

So what do we learn from the Times profile. Huma Abedin doesn’t drink and initially had no interest whatsoever in Weiner. Some people choose not to drink. Others don’t do it for religious reasons. Maybe Huma just didn’t find Weiner interesting, or maybe there were obvious reasons why she wasn’t going to date him… until Hillary Clinton kept pushing them together.

Weiner says of Abedin “She is the most competent, graceful person I’ve met in all my years in politics. . . . And she’s the hatchet woman! The person at the side of the principal is usually the bad guy.”

Funny that.

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