Anthony Weiner Unqualified to be Mayor of New York, Qualified to be President of the United States


New York papers all agree. Anthony Weiner is unqualified to be the Mayor of New York City.

The New York Daily News tells Weiner to “Beat It”  “Enough of all the lies and salacious revelations, Weiner is not fit to lead America’s premier city,” the paper states.

Apparently lies about sex and salacious revelations qualify you to be President of the United States. But not for the much more important job of Mayor of New York.

“The serially evasive Mr. Weiner should take his marital troubles and personal compulsions out of the public eye, away from cameras, off the Web and out of the race for mayor of New York City,” the New York Times said.

If only it had said the same thing about President William Jefferson Clinton and his martial troubles and compulsions. Instead it called for Bill to accept censure and stay in office.

Is POTUS a job with lower standards than MOTCONY? Apparently it is.

It would be nice if we still had some kind of moral standard in politics. Unfortunately we do not. And it was the media’s endorsement of Clinton’s behavior that made it that way.

Bill Clinton presided over Weiner’s wedding. And Weiner is a chip off the old block. If the New York Times wants to be taken seriously when it calls for Weiner to get out of the public eye, it has to admit that it was wrong to give Bill Clinton a pass.

Instead the media is willing to condemn Democrats only when that condemnation helps fellow Democrats, not when Republicans stand to benefit. That’s not a moral standard, it’s the height of cynicism.


  • Charlotta Jones

    The NYT meant something else when said “Beat it!”But how about this combo running for orifice?

    • Rocky Mountain

      Very funny! You’re a bad person for sharing it!

  • Marlene

    And let’s not even go to the women who “stand by their man” while
    allowing and condoning unacceptable behavior which not only belittles
    the woman they engage in their perversions, but the wives who tolerate
    it. Rush had a great take on this including one female commentator who
    said (Paraphrase) “Huma did something exceptional, not by standing by
    Weiner’s side, but by actually going up to the mike and speaking…..she
    learned at the knee of Hillary.” This was said with admiration. I am
    sickened and disgusted with the Alice in Wonderland feeling I get from
    woman who scream about feminism yet are treated like trash…not to
    mention they go public and make it political. These two, Huma and
    Hillary, are so power hungry they don’t care how they get into positions
    of power, they will try to make us all believe that they are brave and
    courageous. Black is white, up is down.

  • Chris Behme

    Well, we now know what qualifications are needed to be a Democrat president.
    Proof: Barack Obama was elected twice.