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Anwar Al-Awlaki Split Time Between Al Qaeda and Hookers

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On July 3, 2013 @ 11:40 am In The Point | 2 Comments

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“I did not have sex with that infidel woman.”

Not exactly a major surprise [2]. Neither was Bin Laden’s domestic arrangements or the 9/11 hijackers going to a strip club. Not in a religion that rewards terrorists with 72 virgins in paradise or allows them to rape any married women they capture.

Islam was built to pander to the sort of bandits who wanted to mix their raids with a little promise of the good life in paradise if they happened to be killed by an angry husband or property owner. Officially Islamic clerics condemn loose Western morals, but they really only condemn women for being dishonorable… a position that has less to do with morality and more to do with the tribal “honor” code that requires that a man be certain of the lineage of his father and his son by controlling women.

Anwar Al-Awlaki wasn’t a hypocrite [3]. He was living the typical life that the terror and terror financing elite enjoy in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

On the eve of an infamous presentation Anwar al-Awlaki gave at the Pentagon in 2002, the Al Qaeda operative was busy preparing — with a prostitute he paid $400 for at a Washington hotel.

It was one of more than a half-dozen liaisons Awlaki had with prostitutes between late 2001 and early 2002, while he was under FBI surveillance, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch and reviewed exclusively by Fox News.

The real scandal is that Anwar Al-Awlaki was under extensive surveillance, yet remained untouched. If the government knew how many hookers he was visiting, did they really not know of his ties to the September 11 hijackers?

In the years before he became publicly associated with Al Qaeda and was targeted for death by the U.S. government, Awlaki was by turns welcomed and investigated by different arms of the government — not just over his radical ties, but his predilection for prostitutes.

Yet there is no indication he was ever brought up on charges, leading Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton to question why the cleric seemed to have a “protected status.”

That’s the real question. Who brought Anwar Al-Awlaki inside and why? Why was the FBI forced to resort to considering charging him for prostitution, rather than going after him for his Al Qaeda ties?

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