Are Muslim Lives Worth More Than Hindu or Christian Lives?

Lately you can’t help stumbling across an endless series of newspaper articles denouncing Sri Lanka for “persecuting” its Muslim minority. The latest horrifying act of persecution by the Buddhist country is a proposal to ban various Burka like arguments that oppress women and make any country a paradise for all sorts of criminals who can walk the streets in full body disguises.

Meanwhile when Bangladesh Islamists declare that their aim is a “Hinduless Bangladesh” and attack Hindu temples, no one notices or cares.

In Nigeria, Boko Haram, an Islamist group, has destroyed 50 of the 52 Catholic churches in a single diocese, has openly called for the ethnic cleansing of Christians and has killed thousands, but Obama Inc. has refused to add it to the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations allowing Muslims in America to continue subsidizing its atrocities.

The real question here is why are Muslim lives more important than the lives of everyone else?

Why are Muslim lives in Sri Lanka more important than the lives of the Buddhists they take in Thailand? Why are they more important in India than the lives of the Hindus they take in Bangladesh? Why are they more important than the Christian lives that Muslims take in Syria and Nigeria and Pakistan? Why is the left of a Muslim terrorist in Israel more important than the life of his Jewish victim?

Saudi Arabia placed a blood price of $80,000 on a Muslim man, $40,000 for a Muslim woman or Christian man. For a Hindu or Buddhist man, the price was less than $2000. For a Hindu or Buddhist woman, the price of their lives that their murderer could pay to be free of punishment was less than $1000.

Why has the civilized world accepted these barbaric Koranic definitions of Muslim worth?

Why does it accept the obscene Islamic idea that a Muslim life is worth more than any other life? Why does it display feverish outrage when a Muslim is killed, but shrugs its shoulders when a Muslim kills a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Jew or a Christian?

  • Mary Sue

    It's simple. Whether or not he's a Muslim, Obummer has somehow accepted the idea either implicitly or complicitly. Probably for no other reason than to speak out against what Muslims are doing would anger his Muslim buddies (and his Muslim family), and speaking out against "oppression" of Muslims shows him to be the Muslims' friend.

  • Indus Valley

    Its becoming easier for a person or a mob to get away from punishment after committing the worst crime, if the perpetrators were Muslims….This reminds me of how Mohamed their leader got away for all the crimes he committed….Not only that, he is even 'worshiped' till now along with their allah by his followers……

  • @nb2d

    Today I was reading an article in a liberal rag known as the Huffington Post. One must keep an eye on the other side even if it is dark. The comment… "Perhaps this is because every where Islam goes there always trouble, war and injustice following. Historically, every time that Islam has entered a culture it seldom leaves it intact. For the most part it destroys it leaving behind the chaos of hatred and intolerance that characterizes this religion, like so many others of the same nature. Look at the case of India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bosnia, Turkey, Nigeria, and even Mongolia during Genghis-khan time according to Marco Polo. That message of peace and tolerance is just a facade…".

  • AdinaK

    IN fact, Sri Lanka can teach a thing or two to westerners, showing them how to assert majority rights, and a spine as well. It is not for nothing that many are coming to the conclusion: Islam IS incompatible with freedom and liberty, thus, their adherents MUST be put in their places, as much as it offends leftist and Islamist sensitivities.

    There is NO middle ground with Islamists, NO give or take. It is ALL or nothing – in their favor! Therefore, whatever it takes, to pound them into their rightful place – leaving others to live in peace – must be done –

    Whatever works….
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • JacksonPearson

    All of mankind are God's children, and so is life. On the other hand, Muslims want to die for their Allah, but care little about, or have little or no respect for others lives. Judgment day's gonna be b***h. Just saying!

  • cxt

    I have no idea why….wish I did.

    I would suggest however that we treat the Islamic world EXACTLY as it treats us. Otherwise there is no motivation to treat us any better. Simply human nature–if you are allowed to LITTERALLY cost out a christian/hindu etc life at HALF or LOWER then you will keep doing so. As long as there are there are more advantages to me than disadvantages I'll keep doing what benefits me most.

    Just like any other bully.

    • JimJFox

      "I have no idea"

      Then read some of the koran or sunnah and bloody well find out!!

  • LindaRivera

    It is Western governments and media that ADORE Islam and ADORE Muslims. Western ruling elites regard the lives of non-Muslims as worthless and demonstrate it by their words and actions or by their SILENCE.

    Western ruling elites HATE God, the Bible, Judaism and Christianity. They prefer the god of Islam. Western elites call their god another name, but same god, different name.

  • ticksandleeches

    Unlike Infidelophobia (Quranically-inspired hatred and fear of non-Muslims – see 4:101), Islamophobia doesn't involve dead bodies, but rather bruised Muslim feelings, which – according to the teachings of the faith – are far more important than the lives of infidels.

  • shiva

    The answer lies with the nature of islam. Islamists can neither live in peace with kafirs nor with other islamists. In 1947, 25% of people in pakistan where hindus and now their percentage is only 3%. Now islamists are ethnically cleansing all hindus out of bangladesh. In India hindus avoid going to areas where muslims live in large numbers.

  • kaz

    why are muslim lives more valuable than infidel lives? simple. some muslims have a LARGE amount of oil, AND muslims are united against the infidel. to avoid getting their supply of oil restricted, our cowardly western "elite" have chosen to accept slave status. the thing that mystifies me is why do we call them our "elite". seems to me that our media, hollywood, government, and intelligencia are the scum of the earth.

  • azad

    dont judge islam by its follower ,but by its holy book quran &hadith……………..all humankind is banda of one god …………and whatever u are .muslim ,hindu,christian,jainism,buddhism,all reigious book says there is only one god and there is no any shape and size of god …then how can u pray jesus ,ram ,krishna ,gautam buddha,etc as a god,,tell me plzzzzzzz