Are You Ready for a Touching Movie about a Communist and his Wife Who Murdered a 14-Year-Old Boy?


Looking at the cast for Winnie Mandela the motion picture, I don’t see Stompie Moeketsi, the 14-year-old boy she murdered, when she was trying to frame a Methodist minister for sex abuse, listed. But no doubt that’s a minor oversight.

Renamed Winnie Mandela, from Winnie, perhaps on the assumption that when hearing the name Winnie, most Americans will think of an adorable bear, not an evil monster, the movie was apparently held over from 2011.

Nelson Mandela is played by Terrence Howard, who has serious domestic violence issues, making him the perfect choice for the role. During the filming of Winnie Mandela, Howard, who seems to have issues with white women, tried to murder his latest wife. This was probably not method acting because it seems to have happened before.

In July 2010, Michelle Ghent Howard traveled with her husband to South Africa when he was filming Winnie, and the couple had many problems while staying in a hotel in Johannesburg, including an incident that warranted calling a doctor to treat her for physical injuries. One day, they got into a fight, Michelle Ghent Howard says, so she moved into a different room, and her husband tried to push his way inside, so she unlocked the door. He grabbed her by the neck, threw her across the room, causing her head to hit the corner of the bed’s headboard. She says he then picked her up and took her to the balcony and said, “I’m gonna f–king throw you off this balcony.”

Maybe Terrence Howard should have been cast as Winnie Mandela instead? He seems to have the right mindset for it.

The release of a new trailer for Winnie Mandela does suggest the producers of this were trying to cash in on the attention surrounding Mandela’s medical condition, even though Nelson and Winnie ended it and she ended up going to jail.

In any case, prepare to enjoy Winnie Mandela, a cliched love story, produced by T.D. Jakes, one of Obama’s clergy backers,  and Ellen Wander, the producer of Beautiful Lies, about one of the more evil women in South Africa.

And if you need a palate cleanser after this, try the trailer for Winnie the Pooh instead. Winnie didn’t murder any 14-year-old boys so he’s a better role model than Winnie Mandela .

  • MarilynA

    Nelson Mandela was a Communist Terrorist who was resurrected as a saint by Bill Clinton who never met a communist terrorist he didn’t like. The Mandalas invented necklacing, the act of putting a tire around someone’s neck, filling it with gasoline and setting it on fire. He was in prison for years for a reason. Now he is hailed as a saint and his wife is credited with responsibility for all the atrocities committed by the movement he lead. Note how all these Mandela worshipers have turned a blind eye to the white genocide that is taking place in his country since he was installed in power by white hating bleeding hearts who have a death wish.

    • ziggy zoggy

      I know the Mandelas sanctioned necklacing but are you sure they devised it?

      • CowboyUp

        That’s like figuring out who invented the wheel.

    • Lillith

      Thanks for the truth Marilyn, unfortunately no one wants to hear it. I gave up a while ago. There is no reasoning with Ideologues! As you say Mandela was in jail for a reason, that being that he is a terrorist and a murderer.

  • Charles Martel

    I recently read that one of the most dangerous situations a white woman can place herself in is a marriage to a black man. I think the statistics show she is 21 times more likely to be beaten or murdered when in this relationship compared with a white spouse.

    • ziggy zoggy

      21 times more likely sounds lowball to me.

  • CowboyUp

    She’s a ‘romantic’ communist like che, she can do that. Just don’t expect it to approach reality.

  • bob e

    they should have had some hoodies in dis’ movie and
    a cameo appearence by sabrina fulton..

  • krmike

    Another movie that I won’t support nor see !!!!!

  • Sharelle Allen

    wow, this review is a disgrace! none of you probably never even did outside research on winnie mandela, and apartied, which was nothing but rutal and violent… No one would ever be able to walk to the mandelas shoes for just one hour! They did so much good despite the negativity surrounding the 14yearold boy, stompie.

  • Sharelle Allen

    wow, this review is a disgrace! sounds like none of you never even did any outside research on winnie mandela and Apartied. Apartied was nothing but brutal and violent. Not one person commenting on this post, would ever be able to walk in the Mandelas shoes for just one hour! They did so much good despite the negativity surrounding the 14 year old boy, Stompie. Stop being sheep and do some research!!